Commodore Robotics Page
This is my attempt to interface the Commodore 64/128 with LEGO Mindstorms/Technic built robots.  I used a device called the B100 interface unit from a kit that was called the Robotic Workshop, which was manufactured circa 1986.  I wrote a program which reads a joystick and moves the arm in the direction that the joystick is pointing.  In addition the B100 unit has a built in infrared transmitter/receiver which I programmed to detect when an object is placed between them. Sort of like a motion dectection sensor.  When the beam is interrupted, the program signals that there is an object for the arm to pick up.
Screen display of the custom written program.
Another screen shot of the program.
This is the arm that I built with my Mindstorms Robotic Invention Kit 2.0.  It is from the LEGO Pro Challenges.  I disconnected it from the RCX and connected it to a B100 interface module for the Commodore computer. As will be seen in another photo.
The B100 interface unit plugged into the user port of my C128.
Top view of the robotic arm.
My C128 setup.
I used leads with alligator clips to attach the leads of the B100 unit to the Mindstorms motor leads.
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