August 22, 2002:
Hey, Whats up? Welcome to the new site of the uss serenity. This site was created (as of today) for the uss serenity. In the forums of Go to They have a great forum where you can chat to your hearts content!

August 24, 2002:
I just made some minor adjustments to the site, now in the ships section there's about 10 ship .gifs. Very cool I suggest you check it out. I also plan to make some LCARS buttons for the decks of the serenity. I just added a download section, i already have a program that tells you what stardate it is, super cool! oh and plus I changed the pic on this page.
Well thats all for now.

August 25, 2002:
Yeah I know I updated yesterday but, I just got some real cool pics of the nova class. So I started a new section: Gallery, Its got some really cool pics. Oh and the cutpics page is back up.

September 6, 2002:
Just added those lcars button's I was thinking about doing. They are not perfect but, I cant remember what I did differently with the first ones, anyways enjoy.
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The U.S.S. Serenity
           Here are two banners I made for Dobberman's Virtual Enterprise MOD.
  And I just noticed that they have no distinction from my black background.
   Maybe i'll fix that later.
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