Yes, he's gorgeous. Truly. Gorgeous. LOOK!

See that brunette stood next to him looking at him like that?  That's me.  Really.

He is. He REALLY IS! One of these days I'll find that bloody Mike D'Abo picture and you can make comparisons. Until then, I'm afraid, you'll have to take my word on it that they are both highly delicious! Anyway, enough of that. Here's the low down on *squeaks* Paul Jones, er, *clears throat* I mean, Paul Jones.

Real Name: Paul Pond (I see why he changed it...)

DoB: 24th February 1942. He's a weeny bit older than my mum. She thinks he's totally gorgeous... See, just cos she fancies Roger Daltrey, loads of other butt ugly celebs and my dad, doesn't mean she's TOTALLY lacking in all taste!

Place of Birth: Portsmouth, Hampshire

Plays: Sings and plays harmonica. So whenever you listen to an early Manfred Mann song and firstly you nearly faint when Paul starts singing and THEN you properly faint when he does a bit of sexy harmonica playing, we all know who to blame...

Role in the Band: The first lead singer. Apparently he was called in just until they found someone better! They didn't because, quite obviously, Paul was the best. And the cutest.

After leaving the Manfreds, he had a short spell as an actor, starring in films like Privilege. Paul left the band on 31st July 1966, to be replaced by the utterly divine Mike D'Abo (really!). He started to want to quit the band when Cliff Richard introduced him to Christianity. DAMN YOU, RICHARD! THEY HAD A BLOODY GOOD VOCALIST TILL YOU CAME ALONG! What was the matter? Worried that everyone'd stop buying your records and start listening to a guy with real TALENT?!

Of course I am not knocking Paul's religious beliefs, just the fact he had to leave the Manfreds to continue with them!

And of course I know for a fact you want to see how the dear boy hasn't changed at all. He's now, what? 59, and he looks in his 30s. And he's STILL gorgeous. Look!

Taken from his stint on 'This is Your Life', from April 21st 2001

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