Tim Brando-isms

You know him, you love him.. he's Tim Brando.. one half of the Hawks broadcasting team on WATL 36 and SportSouth. If you have even watched one telecast.. you know of the silver toungued expressions of Mr Brando. Thats why we are here.. to document them for all of posterity.

This is a growing list.. so stay tuned.. and if I miss something..which is very possible.. let me have the ones that you have heard. Here are the ones that I have had the pleasure of hearing..

After a terrific Stacey Augmon slam over Scottie Pippen....

" The Plastic Man can-can! "

Alan Henderson driving the baseline..and sinks a tough shot....
Would you like a little Shake-n-Bake with that fake?

"Smitty..takin' it to the flo'..and sho em whatcha know!!!"

Folks, Steve faked out Stockton, then fake dish, then the sweet lay-in! It was beautiful.

" Hen-du cen do!! "

Mookie Blaylock steals a pass and then penatrates the T-Wolves defense...

" Mookie..the King of thieves..

Driving-spinning-teisting-scoring! "

I cant leave out a bank shot for 2 from Steve Smith....

" The bank is open for Smitty from the city!! "

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