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I�m Scarlett Sheen, and I�m the head of Assistant I.T. The Buttoncare team (G2). Today, I will introduce you to the quick checkout process when purchasing on the Colorsnaps official store, and how to simplify the quick purchase product selection process on the Buttoncare SME website.

Snap Buttons involve various types, sizes, and colors. Sometimes, customers may not be clear about the items they want to correct. Therefore, we have simplified the product quick selection process, allowing customers to easily select their favorite buttons and effectively view the final purchase list in the one-stop process to the checkout page.

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In Colorsnaps, We cover the product line includes Ring Prong Snaps, Capped Snaps and Pearl Snaps with variety of different enamel colored and shapes such as No Sew Pearl Snaps, Square Pearl Snaps and Decorative Pearl Snaps. Moreover, we created the world�s first interchangeable dies SNAP PLUS Snap Attachment Tool, which is a unique, ergonomic and innovative design of patented Snap Setter. We also provide a tutorial on How to Attach Snaps and how to install snaps on fabric so that everyone can learn about using our Snap Plus tool.


Know what happens; When it happens!

Most metal product fastener manufacturers may be one of the more challenges facing small batch manufacturing. In mass production, more products equal more income. In a market that focuses on mass production, small-batch manufacturing is very different. For small batch production, the cost of the factory may exceed the cost of your mold, so the response speed of manufacturers to small batch orders is often very slow. To keep pace with the changing needs of different buyers, our team has launched its Small-Order Zone. The new initiative to facilitate starters to order quality products in small quantity, was launched at December 2013. Our team has launched a small order area called Buttoncare SME for Small Business.

In panel, customers can select the correct option through the order and fill in the information there. It is very effective and they will not waste time waiting for email to reply to the quote. Most of the products have been classified into this category, including all traditional metal clothing accessories with LOGO Custom Grommets, Denim Buttons, Snap Buttons, Denim Jeans Rivets, Snap Fasteners and Metal Buttons.