Website Idea - Colorful Creations

Summary - I enjoy bringing happiness into others lives through my art.

Content - Tie Dye by Morning Dove from clothing to home decor.

Competition - There are very few websites of people directly listing their tie dye for sale without having a third party involved such as Etsy. One website I did find is called the I think the website is set up well. It is easy to navigate. I was able to refine my search through drop down tabs to find exactly what I was looking for.

Purpose - My hope is to bring joy and a smile to other's.To always uplift and support people with different style choices from clothing to home decor.

Desired Results - To purchase hand crafted tie dye.

Target Audience - My target demographic would be anyone that has an interest in sporting tie dye or someone that is looking for something different that you can not purchase in your typical chain shoppping center.