Margaret Howell Davis Hayes Chapter No. 2652
The Margaret Howell Davis Hayes Chapter (#2652) of the United Daughters of the Confederacy was officially chartered August 31, 2005.  The chapter's first organizational meeting was held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in the summer of 2003.  More than two years after that first meeting, members attended the charter luncheon September 24, 2005.  Click   HERE   to see photos and an overview of the luncheon.

It has been a long, but enjoyable, two years.  Long - in the respect that we all wanted to be chartered before now.  Enjoyable for many reasons but, most importantly, because we have formed close bonds with each other based on our common Confederate heritage.  We anticipate our Chapter's future with enthusiasm as we look forward to representing the UDC and honoring the memory and service of our Confederate ancestors.
Our chapter is named for Margaret Howell Davis Hayes, daughter of President Jefferson Davis and Varina Banks (Howell) Davis.  Margaret was the only one of Jefferson and Varina's children to marry, bear children and outlive her parents.

She married Joel Addison Hayes in Memphis on New Year's Day, 1876.  She, her husband and family moved to Colorado Springs in 1885, where they soon became leading members of local society.  Margaret is yet remembered and honored for her benevolent contributions to the community.  Many of J. Addison and Margaret Hayes' descendants still reside in the area.

Margaret passed away in 1909 and is buried with the Davis family at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.
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