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     The information contained on this page was extracted from the rolls of microfilm on
Palmers Company State Reserves published by the National Archives in  Washington
D.C.     Note; This book does not contain the complete record for any individual soldier.
However this information can be obtained by writing the State Archives in Montgomery,
Alabama or the National Archives in Washington, D.C.
Compiled by George B. Wright - November 1986.
This Company was made up of men from Fayette County Alabama and was Mustered
into the Service on June 22,1864. However it appears that it began as cavarly and was
dismounted July 24,1864.
*Officers of the Company
Palmer,Everett - Captain
Ogden,Franklin - Lieutenant
Waites,W.F. - Lieutenant
Collins,Jamos F.- 2Lieutenant
Moore,William O. - ?
*Muster in Roil:
Captain Palmers Company Alabama State Reserves:
Original Muster Roll of Captain Everett Palmers Company of Cavalry Reserves
Confederate States Army. Organized in the State of Alabama under General
Order 33 A& I.G.O. Richmond Series 1867.
I certify on Honor that this Muster is Correct,and is a true expostion of the names
and number of men this day inspected and mustered by me into the Confederate
States Service for the war. That I have carefully examined this muster roll and
have mustered and inspected the Companys condition of which is found to be
expressed in any remarks herewith annexed. That each member of the Company
has satisfactorily proven his age to be between __&age;__ and no person who has
been exempted from the Confederate States Service has bean mustered into the
service in this Company except by special permission from the Bureau of
Conscription as noted in the column of remarks.
Captain H. Hedden Local Enrollment Officer,
by Order of E.F Falconnett Major Inspecting and Mustering Officer.
Enrollment Office 2nd District Alabama
Station: Fayette Court House,Fayette County 2nd District Alabama Dated June 22,1864
*Record of Events;
There is only two entries that indicate where this Company was stationed.
* 15 June to 31 Oct. 1864
Station: Cababa, Alabama
* 31 Oct. to 31 Dec. 1864
Station: Cababa, Alaba

Atkins,Joel-47--Pvt.--15 June 64 --F.C.H.-- Capt.Hedden
Barnes,Edwin -47--Pvt.--15 June 64 --F.C.H.-- Capt.Hedden
Beasley,Robert --47--Pvt. --15 June 64 --F.C.H. -- Capt.Hedden
Berry.William --47--Pvt.---15 June 64 -- F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Blackwood,John--47--Pvt. --15 June 64 -- F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Brocks,Alfred--49--Pvt.--15 June 64-- F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Brown,Allen--??--Pvt.--15 Aug. 64 Selma --Capt.Palmer
Burke,Edward B.--47--Pvt. ---15 June 64 --- F.C.H --Capt.Hedden
Cash,William--47--Pvt.--15 June 64 --F.C .H. --Capt.Hedden
Cobb, George B.--49--Pvt.--15 June 64 -- F.C,H. --Capt.Hedden
Cockerham,John--??--1Sgt.-- 15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Collins,James F.--48-- 2Lt.-- 15 J.une 64 -- F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Colvin,C.J.--??---Pvt.-- 15 June 64 -- F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Crowley,Thomas --46--Pvt.-- 15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Dale,William --48-- Pvt.-- 15 June 64-- F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Dodson,Horace--48--Pvt.-- 15 June 64 -- F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Eason,Harrieon--48--Pvt --15 June 64 -- F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Eidson,Lewis--49--Pvt --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Ellis,Robert L.--49--Pvt --15 June 64  F.C.H. --Capt.Redden
Furguson,Howard A.--48--Sgt --15 June 64 -- F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Fondrin,John--47--Pvt --15 June 64 -- F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Foster,Isaac T. --47-- Pvt --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Fowler,William --49 --Pvt. --15 June 64  F.C.H. --Capt,Hedden
Giden,D.M. --48--Sgt.  --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Guin. Bartley --47--Pvt.--15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Hallman,William--47--Pvt.--15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Holliman,Elijah--49--Pvt.--15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Hollingsworth,Sam'l--47--Corp.--15 June 64 -- F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Hollingsworth,Thomas--46--Corp.--15 June 65 F.C.H. Capt.Hedden
Howard,Thomas J.--47-- Pvt.--15 June 64 -- F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Jeffers,William--??-- Pvt.--15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Jernigan, Charles--46--Pvt --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Johnson,Starlin--47--Pvt --15 june 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Jones. John.J.--48--Pvt --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Jones,R.A.--44--Pvt. --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Lanford,Daniel D.--46--Pvt --15 June 64 F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Lawrence,E.W.--49--Pvt. --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Lawrence,Martin--46--Pvt --15 June 64 F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Lee,William--48--Pvt. --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Redden
Low, Oharles B.--48--Pvt --15 June 64 --F.C.H, --Capt.Hedden
Maddox,William B.--??--Pvt ---15 June 64 -- F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Marshall,James A.--48--Pvt --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
McAdams,James --46--Pvt --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
McCaleb,James--48--Sgt. --15 June 64 --F.C.H.  --Capt.Hedden
McConnell,Thomas D.--49--Pvt. --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
McCool,Thomas--47--Pvt. --15 June 64 -- F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Moore,James R.--46----Pvt --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Moore,John S.--48--Pvt. --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Moore,W.H.--49--Pvt.--15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Moore,William O.--48--2Lt. --15 June 64 -- F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Neal,James--??--Pvt. --15 June 64 -- F.C.R. --Capt.Redden
Nichols,William--46--Pvt. --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Night.Davis--49--Pvt --15 Jane 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Norman,Isaac--48--Pvt --15 June 64 --F.C.H.--Capt.Hedden
Ogden.Franklin--??--1Lt. --28 July 64 --Selma --Capt.Palmer
Palmer,Everett--47--Capt.---15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Penley,Bennett.--47--Pvt --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Pennington. George--48--Pvt. --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Pennington,William--47--Pvt --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Puller,A.J.--47--Pvt. --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Rainwaters,Miles--49--Corp.--15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Reynolds.J.B.--47--Pvt --15 June 64 ---F.C.H, --Capt.Hedden
Roberts,Haywood--??--Pvt --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Roberts,James H--47--Pvt --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Robertson,Robert --46--Pvt --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Roycroft.H.D.--47--Corp--15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Scott,James H.--46--1Sgt.  --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Scott.John J.--47--Pvt --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Scott.J.M.--46--Pvt --15 June 64 ---F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Selman,Amos--48--Pvt -- 15 June 64 F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Smith.George W.--47--Pvt. --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Smith,H.H.--49--Pvt --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Smith,James A.--47--Pvt --15 June 64 --F.C.H, --Capt.Hedden
Smith,S.J.--46--Pvt.--15 June 1864 --F.C.H. --Capt. Hedden
Smith.Starling J.--46--Corp. --15 June 64 F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden.
Sockwell,E,B.--49--Pvt.--15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
South,Dilanson--47--Pvt--15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
South.B.A.--47--Pvt --15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Stokes.Felix W.--47--Sgt.--15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Story. O.J.--47--Sgt--15 June 64  --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Trawick.Henry--47--Pvt.--15 June. 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Waddle,Jesse--??--Pvt.-- 20 Aug 64 --Selma --Capt. Palmer
Wade, John H.--46--Pvt.-- 15  June 64 F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Waits,W.F.--46--1Lt.--15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Waldon,John --48--Pvt.--15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Ward.F.S. --48--Pvt.--15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Warren.J.H.--??--Pvt.--15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Webb,Jonas --47--Corp.--15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Wheeler,Andrew J.--49--Pvt.--15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt,Hedden
Wheeler,Peter C. --??--Pvt.---15 June 64 --F.C. H. --Capt,Hedden
Whitesides,Thomas--48--Pvt.--15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Whitson,Albert G.--47--Pvt.--15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Whitson,Samuel --48--Pvt.--15 June 64 --F.C.H. --C apt.Hedden
Wiggins.Hezekiah --48--Pvt.---15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Williams.Job --47--Pvt.--15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Winter,William --??--Pvt.--15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Worrell,A.W. --??--Pvt.--8 Aug. 64 Selma  --Capt.Palmer .....
Wrenn,Richmon --49--Pvt.--15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Yarbough,Willis --48--Pvt.--15 June 64 --F.C.H. --Capt.Hedden
Yateman,Samuel--49--Pvt.--15 June 64 --F.C.H.--Capt.He
Dedicated in Memory of Pvt. Peter C. Wheel
Everett Palmer - Captain
Everett move to Mississippi after the war where he
lived until his death. He is buried at Tula Mississippi
Cemetery in  Lafayette County.  Mississippi   He is
buried next to his wife Polly and his daughter in law
Elmyra C. Palmer.
courtsey of grgrgr grandson
Mark Beeler
G. W. Pennington
Old Pennington Cemetery Calhoun County, Mississippi

courtsey of grgrgr grandson
James M. Smith
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