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The following Regimental history is an except from the book "Alabama, Her History, Resources ,
War Record, and Public Men from 1540 to1872" by Willis Brewer (pages 604-606). The entire
section of all the regimental histories by Brewer are available online at the Alabama Department
of Archives and History.  To go to Brewer Book
click here
     This regiment was organized at Montgomery, June 4, 1861, and went to Virginia a month later. When it arrived
at Winchester it was brigaded under Gen. E.K. Smith, with the Ninth and Eleventh Alabama,  Nineteenth Mississippi,
and Thirty-eighth Virginia. It saw no active service for several months, and lay near Manassas and Centerville, with
Gen. Wilcox in command of the brigade. It was doing some detached duty when attacked at Drainsville,  where it lost
21 killed and 64 wounded.  The regiment marched to the peninsula, and was shelled at Yorktown. It fought at
Williamsburg, and there lost 85 killed and wounded. Held in reserve at Seven Pines, it suffered lightly.The Tenth took
a conspicuous part in the battles of  Gaines' Mill and  Frazier's Farm, and emerged from these terrible conflicts with a
loss of over 200 men killed and wounded. It was at the second battle of Manassas and about 30 of its men fell on that
sanguinary field. Under fire at  Harper's Ferry,  it marched rapidly to  Sharpsburg, and of the 200 men with which it
entered the battle, over half were left dead or wounded there. During the winter of 1862-'3, the Tenth was on the
Rappahannock, and saw some active duty, suffering lightly at Hazel River and Fredericksburg. It sustained the shock
of Sedgewick's corps at Salem, and of its 400 men engaged, 120 were killed and wounded while the brigade lost 441
casualties, and that exact number of the enemy's dead were counted in its front. In the harvest that death reaped at
Gettysburg were 175 of the men of this regiment killed or wounded, of 450 engaged. The Tenth spent the winter of
1863-'4 near Orange C.H.,  and was hotly engaged at the Wilderness and Spottsylvania, losing about 50 killed and
wounded in the former, and about 60 in the latter, battle. It participated at the second conflict at Cold Harbor, where
it lost about 20 killed and wounded. In the months of August and June, 1864,   the Tenth took part in the fierce
struggles around  Petersburg,  suffering severely in the majority of them. At Hatcher's Run it lost 15 or 20 disabled,
and about 30 at High Bridge and Farmville, on the retreat to Appomattox. There the regiment furled its colors forever,
ten commisioned officers and 208 men being present. Of 1429 names on its rolls, nearly 300 fell in battle or died of
wounds, about 180 died of disease, and 249 were discharged or transferred.
Field and Staff Officers
Colonels - John H. Forney of Calhoun; wounded at Drainesville; promoted.
                    John J. Woodward of Talladega; killed at Gaines' Mill.
                    Wm. H. Forney of Calhoun; wounded at Gettysburg; promoted.
                    Wm. T. Smith of St. Clair.
Lieutenant Colonels - James B. Martin of Talladega; killed at Drainesville.
                                        John J. Woodward; promoted.
                                        Wm. H. Forney; wounded and captured at Williamsburg; promoted.
                                        John H. Caldwell of St. Clair; resigned.
                                        James E. Shelley of Talladega; wounded at Spottsylvania; killed at Petersburg.
                                        Wm. T. Smith of St. Clair; promoted.
                                        Lewis W. Johnson.
Majors - Taul Bradford of Talladega; resigned.
                John W. Woodward; promoted.
                Wm. H. Forney; promoted.
                John H. Caldwell; promoted.
                James D. Truss of St. Clair; promoted.
                 L.W. Johnson; promoted.
Adjutants - James B. Martin of Talladega; wounded at Frazier's Farm; resigned.
                    James E. Shelley; transferred to line.
                    George P. Brown of Talladega; killed at Petersburg.
                    J.M. Renfro of Calhoun; transferred to line.
                    B.T. Sides of Talladega.
Captains, and Counties from Which the Companies Came.
St. Clair - John H. Caldwell; promoted.
                  Wilson L. Brewster; resigned.
                  Samuel A. Wyatt; resigned.
                  Leroy F. Box.
Jefferson - Alburto Martin; wounded at the second Manassas; resigned.
                    Wm. A. McMillion; wounded at Gettysburg; resigned.
                    Thomas J. Hickman; wounded at High Bridge.
Shelby - Rufus W. Cobb; resigned.
                William Lee; killed at Gaines' Mill.
                Lieut. J.T. Wilson commanded for some time.
Talladega - John J. Woodward; promoted.
                     Walter Cook; killed at Salem.
                     James E. Shelley; promoted.
                     W.W. Draper.
Calhoun - Franklin Woodruff; resigned.
                   Richard C. Ragan; killed at Spottsylvania.
                   Frank M. Allen; resigned.
                   Lieut. Thomas H. Martin commanded for some time.
St. Clair - James D. Truss; promoted.
                 Wm. T. Smith; wounded at Spottsylvania and Petersburg; promoted.
                 B.F. Sides.
Calhoun - Wm. H. Forney;  wounded at Drainesville; promoted.
                   George C. Whatley; killed at Sharpsburg.
                  Jas. B. Farmer; wounded at Gaines' Mill; resigned.
                  John A. Cobb; wounded at Wilderness; resigned.
                  James M. Renfro; wounded at Ream's Station.
                  Lieut. T.J. Walker command for some time.
Calhoun - Woodford R. Hanna; resigned.
                   Pickens W. Black; killed at first Cold Harbor.
                   A.T. Martin.
DeKalb - Abner A. Hughes; resigned.
                 Robert W. Cowan; killed at Gaines' Mill.
                 L.E. Hamlin; wounded at Sharpsburg; resigned.
                 Simeon G. Yeargin; wounded at Gettysburg.
                 Lieut. Thomas Christian commanded for some time.
Talladega - J.C. McKenzie; wounded at Frazier's Farm
                     John Oden; wounded at Sharpsburg; resigned.
                     Henry N. Coleman; killed at Petersburg. S.J. Morris.
end of history
William Jackson Breedlove - Private
born 15 October 1828 in Montgomery County, Alabama.
enlisted 24 January 1864 ny Lt. D Armon in Company K.
On 6 May 1864 in the Battle of the Wilderness he received
a head wound and was sent to the CSA General Hospital at
died 1 May 1902 in Talladega County, Alabama and is buried
at Tallasahatchie Methodist Church Cemtery.
courtesy of great-grand-daughter
D. M. Avery
Joseph Charles Taylor - Private - Company E.
Born December 13, 1835 at Double Bridge/Sand Town, Georgia
Enlisted June 4, 1861 at Talladega, Alabama
Wounded at Williamsburg, Virginia discharged April 9/13th 1865
Died Jan. 28, 1926 at Shady Grove in Etowah,Alabama
Buried along with his wife Sarah at Butler Baptist Church near
Shady Grove in Etowah County, Alabama

courtesy of Gr gr grandson
James M. Garrard
Jesse Madison Taylor -Private - Company K.
Jesse enlisted 20 June 1861 at Talladega, Alabama and was discharged
on 20 June 1865 at Talladega.  He served for four years in Co. K of the
10th Alabama, Wilcox Brigade. His widow Mary Elizabeth applied for
and recieved a pension in 1910.

courtsey of Gr grand-daughter
Pamela Taylor Moorman
Nathaniel Brown Linder - Private - Compamy E.
  Born 23 September 1822 in Spartanburg South Carolina. Nathaniel enlisted
in October 1864 at  Talladega, Alabama.  He participated in the the  Battle of
Hatchers Run Virginia and was discharged April 1865 at Richmond, Virginia
He died on 21 November 1908 in Alabama.
courtsey of great grandson
Charlie Vincent
James Hargrove Prickett
Buried at Alexandria Cemetery in Calhoun
County Alabama.
courtsey of
Dennis Ison
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