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Welcome to Chris Marysz's Indiana Highways Information Center: Updates to this website will be happening in the future!!!

Welcome to Chris Marysz's Indiana Highways Information Center. This website will be devoted to the Highways of Indiana. In this website, there is a page where you can get links to free state maps. As time permits, I will add more information. I will also upload some pictures of highway signs too. Thank you for patronizing my website. I hope that you enjoy it very much!

To find the free state maps links, go to the links part of my page.

Indiana Highways

Interstate Highways

I-64 I-65 I-69 I-70 I-74 I-80 I-90 I-94 I-164 I-265 I-275 I-465 I-469 I-865

US Highways

US-6 US-12 US-20 US-24 US-27 US-30 US-31 US-33 US-35 US-36 US-40 US-41 US-50 US-52 US-131 US-136 US-150 US-224 US-231 US-421

State Highways

IN-1 IN-2 IN-3 IN-4 IN-5 IN-7 IN-8 IN-9 IN-10 IN-11 IN-13 IN-14 IN-15 IN-16 IN-17 IN-18 IN-19 IN-22 IN-23 IN-25 IN-26 IN-28 IN-29 IN-32 IN-33 IN-37 IN-38 IN-39 IN-42 IN-43 IN-44 IN-45 IN-46 IN-47 IN-48 IN-49 IN-53 IN-54 IN-55 IN-56 IN-57 IN-58 IN-59 IN-60 IN-61 IN-62 IN-63 IN-64 IN-65 IN-66 IN-67 IN-68 IN-69 IN-70 IN-71 IN-75 IN-101 IN-103 IN-104 IN-105 IN-106 IN-109 IN-110 IN-111 IN-114 IN-115 IN-116 IN-117 IN-119 IN-120 IN-121 IN-124 IN-126 IN-127 IN-129 IN-130 IN-131 IN-134 IN-135 IN-140 IN-142 IN-143 IN-144 IN-145 IN-148 IN-149 IN-152 IN-154 IN-156 IN-157 IN-159 IN-160 IN-161 IN-162 IN-163 IN-164 IN-165 IN-167 IN-168 IN-201 IN-203 IN-205 IN-211 IN-212 IN-213 IN-218 IN-227 IN-229 IN-232 IN-234 IN-235 IN-236 IN-237 IN-238 IN-240 IN-241 IN-243 IN-244 IN-245 IN-246 IN-249 IN-250 IN-252 IN-256 IN-257 IN-258 IN-261 IN-262 IN-264 IN-265 IN-267 IN-269 IN-301 IN-311 IN-312 IN-327 IN-331 IN-332 IN-334 IN-335 IN-337 IN-340 IN-341 IN-350 IN-352 IN-356 IN-357 IN-358 IN-362 IN-364 IN-403 IN-427 IN-431 IN-441 IN-443 IN-445 IN-446 IN-450 IN-458 IN-462 IN-520 IN-524 IN-526 IN-545 IN-550 IN-558 IN-645 IN-650 IN-662 IN-727 IN-827 IN-912 IN-930

Business Routes


Decommissioned Routes

***These are the only ones that I know about now.***

I-294 BYP-US-20 BUS-US-30 US-31A US-31E US-31W BUS-US-41 US-152 US-460 US-641 IN-6 IN-21 IN-33 IN-34 IN-35 IN-73 IN-79 IN-100 IN-102 IN-112 IN-113 IN-122 IN-123 IN-141 IN-202 IN-210 IN-219 IN-220 IN-223 IN-230 IN-266 IN-303 IN-313 IN-319 IN-329 IN-330 IN-343 IN-367 IN-434 IN-435 IN-513 IN-552 IN-555 IN-627 IN-762 IN-829

Future Routes

***These are the only ones that I know about now.***



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