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A personal review from the Author

I am a housewife that lives in the Midwest; and I am the author of The Ezekiel Files. In it, I share my personal collection of messages and teachings from God that I received since 1987, as I warn about deception and changes coming to America and the World! Through the years, as I watched all the turmoil unfold in the U.S.S.R., Iraq, Yugoslavia, and other areas (as were foretold in these messages), I knew the other warnings I received could come to pass, as well--Including those for the United States of America! I've been told by God, "What we see to the East is coming to the West!" Overnight circumstances will rudely awaken many Americans to changes and chaos already seen in other parts of the world! And many hearts, homes and churches need to be made aware of these coming changes so they can begin to prepare! 

In The Ezekiel Files, you will read over 130 messages from God--As God warns of coming events around the world, calls on hearts for Salvation, and warns America to get prepared for: Deceptive changes in church and government, an increase in civil and social unrest, economic crisis, food and job shortages, unusual weather, natural disasters, riots, cities burning, tanks in the streets, locked church doors, and more. The messages begin with a shocking foreword to the U.S.A. on the September 11, 2001 tragedy, where God calls on the U.S.A. to repent; follows current situations, like the war in Iraq; and forewarned of such events as the devastation in Yugoslavia, changes in the U.S.S.R., sudden job closings in the U.S.A., and even air-strikes hitting U.S. soil. God also gives words of love and warnings in 'Letters to the Church', rebukes church and government leaders for not doing His will, and speaks of judgment coming to the U.S.A.; as He warns members in the Church to wake up--And pastors in America to prepare their churches to go underground!

The Ezekiel Files is shared in 3 Parts

Chapters 1-5 are derived from Newsletters that were previously shared with 70 Church Headquarters and Organizations (who were asked to share them with their church). This report includes most of the messages received, along with some teachings. Some messages and warnings received are dated as far back as December of 1989, to around December 2000--many that are now seen coming to light around the world today!

Chapters 6-12 include studies and reports-along with more messages and warnings-to help prepare Hearts, Homes, and Churches for eternity and the days that lie ahead--And includes the following:

6) An amazing study received from God on: The Process of Salvation (How to make sure your salvation is complete).
7) A Study on Nicodemus and Paul (Two examples God uses for the born again experience; the entire study is shared in messages received from God).
8) Waking Up The Church (How God may see His Church now, and why His children need to wake-up; also includes a list from God on what a true leader is).
9) Know Who Your Teacher Is (A study that warns about false teachers inside the Church, the part they play in end-time events, how the world is being set up today, what to beware of, and their characteristics. Also includes a message from God on "Why God wanted this study done!")
10) Preparing the Church in America to Go Underground (Includes a Special Message and Warning to the Church--As it warns of coming persecution to Christians in America; and gives guidelines for church leaders to seriously prepare their congregations for what lies ahead.)
11) Preparing Your Household (Warns of drastic, coming changes that could effect your household; and how you, as a Christian, should react to it and prepare. Includes warnings of impossible situations that will alert households ahead of time, so they will not be surprised or fearful--but will operate by faith!)
12) Final Warnings to America (Includes messages where God compares Judah to America's sins and coming judgment! It includes warnings to leaders, teachers, and all who live in the U.S.A.--And ends with a final message and warning to the Church!)

In Part Three, I share my personal story and how the messages began. It includes the first six messages I received, which began in December of 1987. I share my story so others will be encouraged to cry out to God and find out how real He is! And to show how supernaturally God can work in your life-home-and marriage, how He still makes house calls today, how He can place a protection over you-your children-your loved ones-and your home, how nothing is impossible with God, that prayer does work, and that God still makes covenants with families today! 

The Ezekiel Files is a book for both the Saved and Unsaved--And was written for all Hearts, Homes, Churches, Teachers and Leaders to get prepared!

Why should you read The Ezekiel Files?

The Ezekiel Files will alert and prepare Hearts and Homes for what's to come
Many go to church, but may not be saved (as these messages will reveal)! On the other hand, many do not attend church but want to know how to be saved. Some may also be angry with God; or were "turned-off" from God by what they saw, heard, or experienced in their life. "The Ezekiel Files" will bring your heart back to God. This information includes personal messages from God about His love and free gift of salvation--As He calls upon many hearts to return to Him, and receive Jesus Christ into your own heart and home!

The messages also alert many to what's going on in the world, and what changes are coming in religion, government, and society! With so much chaos and deception in the world today, the information shared in these messages and teachings will alert many hearts and homes--As it shows you how to be saved, how to prepare for the changes coming, what to beware of, and how not to be deceived! It will show how you can approach God yourself so you will know the truth inside your own heart!

All the information shared in "The Ezekiel Files" leads hearts and homes back to God and the Bible, and shows the importance of you making yourself responsible for staying alert, knowing the truth, and having a close walk with God-As it reveals both the grace and wrath of God, and warns about tough times that could lie ahead--Even in the U.S.A.!

The Ezekiel Files will alert and prepare Churches and Leaders for what's to come
We are living in a time where many churches and leaders are walking away from God's love and Truth. The messages, warnings, and teachings shared will bring many leaders and teachers back to God and His Word. It includes letters to the Church, personal encouragement to leaders and teachers in the Church to renew their own lives and calling with God, and words of warning--As God reminds the leaders in the Church of their responsibilities, and urges them to begin to prepare their own hearts and congregation for the changes coming--including persecution to Christians in the U.S.A.!

"Final Warnings to America"-in Chapter 12- also warns all leaders (both those in the Church and those who run the Country) to turn their hearts back to God, repent, and do God' will.

God is out to alert His Church--And I have seen enough to step out in faith to warn as many as possible to get prepared for serious and overnight changes I believe is coming to the whole world--And to American homes and churches! Though I share much about changes coming to the world, turning hearts back to God is the main purpose for writing The Ezekiel Files. For what's more important is Salvation and where we will spend our eternity! Therefore, it is my hope that this book will help many find true Salvation with God and get to know Him (the Father) and the one He sent (Jesus Christ).

                                                    Sincerely, C.M. Edwards

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