A Foreword On New York City
(And A Warning to the U.S.A.)

Shortly before printing began on this book, I made the decision to include this foreword. God had been tugging at my heart earlier to do so, but I didn't want to include anything about the New York incident because it was so tragic. No one ever thought such a crisis could happen in the U.S.A.! America always seemed to be protected by God. But on that day, things changed.
My heart and prayers go out to all who were affected from this tragedy that took place in New York City and Washington, D.C., on September 11, 2001. There were so many innocent lives lost, and this was definitely a very sad day for America. It's also a scary thing to watch America experience, once again, something that we only thought could take place in other parts of the world. But when I watched our symbols of wealth and freedom being attacked, I couldn't help but also think we, as a nation, were in big trouble--with God!
This is a book of warnings. It was written to encourage others to stop what they're doing, and find their safe place with God while they still have time to do so. I believe there are many changes coming! We live in a great nation. But, as you will read, even the U.S.A. might change in the days that lie ahead. And what God began to show me about the September 11 tragedy was nothing close to the message of "peace and safety" I was hearing from others that were speaking out to America . . .

 I first go back to a message I received on November 9, 1997, which included the following statement: "An unexpected air strike(s) aimed at the U.S.A.--and it does hit U.S.A. soil--will immediately change the whole outlay of the U.S.A. strategic planning and arms defense."
I couldn't help but wonder if this statement was referring to what happened to the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. While searching for answers, God led me back to a chapter in the Bible he took me to many times in the previous months before the September 11 tragedy. The chapter was Isaiah 23, "The Fall of Tyre." (Tyre is an ancient city located on the Mediterranean.) I didn't understand why God kept taking me back to this chapter. So I finally began to search for other Scriptures that referred to Tyre in the Bible. In doing so, I came upon Ezekiel 26, where the heading read, "The Judgment of Tyre." (The whole word about Tyre actually includes Chapters 26-28.)
I encourage you to read these Scriptures. For, after I read especially Ezekiel 26, I was amazed to find out how close it described the picture of what happened in New York City. I also went back to read Isaiah 23 again, and in verse 9, was surprised to find out "Who" planned Tyre's fall, and why. After I did some research on Tyre, I also noticed the following similarities between Tyre and New York: It was a city known for its beauty and economic wealth, it was a maritime center and important seaport for world commerce and trade, and it was a city greatly admired and visited by many nations around the world. I suddenly realized that God could be using Tyre as an example to what occurred in New York City when the twin towers crashed to the ground! I especially believed this after He gave me the following warning to the United States of America: "Follow the path Tyre took, from beginning to end. Thus, you will see what's coming to the U.S.A.--If she does not repent."

 The Bible supplies us with many examples, and warnings to heed, so we will take God serious and turn our hearts back to Him. Is Tyre being used as an example from God to America? What if America turned its back on God?And God turned His back on America for just a second? Is there something America is doing that God doesn't approve of? Would God allow this tragedy to happen to wake America up and get her to turn back to Him? Is it an example to be shared with others around the world?
God is shaking all the nations! What He is looking for is hearts! Thus, I believe even America must get prepared for some difficult times ahead. I have seen God warn of impossible situations in this book--Some that are coming to pass! And I encourage you to turn your hearts back to God, as you take this foreword and the other information shared in this book serious. I share it to both America and the world, knowing one day I will have to stand before God and give an account. I hope you will read it with the same seriousness to prepare you and your loved ones for that day, as well.

 (Though this book is filled with warnings to the U.S.A., Chapter 12 Final Warnings to America might help you better understand this foreword.)

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