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for the whole book of The Ezekiel Files
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  1     Newsletter 1: Wake Up to God's Urgent Call
            Letters to the Church
            A message on God's love
            The Secret Place
  2     Newsletter 2: Stay Alert...He Is Coming!
            Earthquakes to hit the Midwest
            The Rapture and Christ's Second Coming
            Religion compared to Relationship
            The false church and the true Church
            A vision...Coming to the Cross
            A Verse: The Last Trumpet
  3     Newsletter 3: The Dangers of Being Lukewarm
            Because you are lukewarm
            Beware of Apostasy
            Divination: A message for psychics and seekers
            The best kept secret in the world
            A small word to leaders and teachers of God
            To those who are not in a local church
            A personal message from a personal God
            A Verse: Climbing God's Mountains
  4     Newsletter 4: Enter through the Narrow Door
            Enter into the Ark
            Are there just a few being saved
            Religion: The big stumbling block
            Heavy judgement coming to the U.S.A.
            Another warning for the Midwest
            God's mercy and wrath
            The last phase before Christ's return
            Beware! My Word is free to My people
            A Verse: A Family Covenant Prayer
  5     Newsletter 5: The Upcoming Society
            The deception of seeking man instead of God
            To those who trample foot on God's holy ground
            The New World Order and the Upcoming Society
            A message on Macedonia
            A message on Y2K (the year 2000)
            A word about Germany, China, and the U.S.A.
            When a nation turns its back on God
            Begin to prepare your hearts and homes
            A message for you: An invitation from God
            Final words of encouragement
            In closing Part One of The Ezekiel Files
  6    The Process of Salvation
            Making sure your salvation is complete
            The seriousness of your salvation
            The best medicine in the world
            The 12 Commandments
  7    A Study on Nicodemus & Paul
            Nicodemus: Being set free from religion
            Paul: Giving up everything else...to know Christ
            A Verse: Judgement Day
  8    Waking Up the Church
            Could God really feel this way about His Church
            God's warnings continue...It's time to wake up
            More things to come - To watch out for
            How to recognize the wolf in sheep's clothing
            A list God gave me on what a true leader is
            The Apostle's Creed
  9    Know Who Your Teacher Is
            A study: How to identify false teachers
            A message: Why God wanted this study done
            Ten Characteristics of a false teacher
            Make yourself responsible for knowing the truth
            The Holy Spirit-Our Big Helper!
10    Preparing the Church in America to Go Underground
            Warning the Church to what's to come
            A message: Prepare to go underground
            Guidelines for going underground
            A Verse: Hearts (A Household Prayer)
11    Preparing Your Household
            Preparing for the impossible
            Prepare as you see these things coming
            When the U.S.Government changes hands
            Many will flee to the wilderness
            More signs to watch for...Airstrikes to hit the U.S.
            A small lesson in faith
12 Final Warnings to America! (NEW!)
            A Final Message to the Church!
            About Prayer: The Our Father
13    Learning How to Love through God
            To endure the days that lie ahead
            When you get serious with God...
            Let God begin with you!
            A Mother's Prayer
            In Closing Part Two of The Ezekiel Files
               The Garden of Light

PART THREE: The Story Behind The Ezekiel Files
One More Plea to an Unbeliever
Final Words of Closing
A Prayer to Receive Jesus Christ (A Sinner's Prayer)
A Listing of Christian Television & Radio Shows

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