3 The Dangers of Being Lukewarm!

"So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth." (Revelation 3:16)

Many of us attend church because we were taught to do so. We go to the same denominational church that our parents went to because that was the tradition in the family. We sort of go through the motions-not really getting serious with God-until one day our life hits bottom. After I got saved, I took a look back to see what it was that I missed while attending all those church services. Was there a teaching about God I didn't understand? Maybe I wasn't paying attention? How did I miss the opportunity to ask Jesus into my own heart? Maybe I was not in church that day? My conclusion was that my life-like many-had to hit bottom before I finally cried out to God and decided to get serious with Him!
The purpose of this book is to encourage hearts to get serious with God and to make sure you are safe with God. It is meant to get you, the reader, to really think about where you stand spiritually with God. For it is a strong statement for God to say, "So because you are lukewarm...I will spit you out of my mouth." When God talks of "lukewarmness" in His Word, He is talking of the poor spiritual condition of the Church and the hearts that fill that church. In Revelation 3, He makes it clear that He is still standing on the outside of the church doors waiting to get in (both into the church building and into the hearts that attend). He also makes it clear that though they may think they're okay with God-they're not!
When you look up the word "lukewarm" in the Bible index, it says, "neither hot or cold." In the dictionary it means, "lacking warmth of feeling or enthusiasm"-in this case-for God. In addition to this, the word "spit," as used here, is symbolic of "rejection" (which means, "to refuse; to disown"). Jesus talks of turning many away who even attended church because He did not know them and they were not doing the Father's will (see Matthew 7:21-23)! (I heard a story once where a Pastor saw a vision of rapture occur. He was looking down upon his church, and after the rapture, many were still there sitting in the pews. They were "left behind!" Why? Could this happen to you?)
Pay attention to what the Spirit is saying to the Church. In fact, be sure to read all of the letters to the Seven Churches in Revelation-and learn from them. For, though they were written to actual churches during that time, they still are for the Church today-to prepare its members and to wake them up!

Because you are lukewarm...
In Revelation 3:15-22, Jesus said: "I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot; I would that you were cold or hot. So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth. Because you say, "I am rich, and have become wealthy, and have need of nothing," and you do not know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked, I advise you to buy from Me gold refined by fire, that you may become rich, and white garments, that you may clothe yourself, and that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and eyesalve to anoint your eyes, that you may see. (Jesus is talking here about the poor spiritual condition of the heart-hearts that may not be saved.) Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline; be zealous therefore, and repent. Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him, and will dine with him, and he with Me. (Jesus is telling you here to open up your heart to Him so that He can come in!) He who overcomes, I will grant to him to sit down with Me and My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.'"

The word "overcome" means, "to conquer; to be victorious; to win." Paul (Saul of Tarsus in Acts) talked of "running the race." He is known for the "zeal" He had for Jesus Christ, the work he was called to do for the Church, and the lengths he went through to protect, prepare and "keep alert" the hearts inside the Church. Paul had a spiritual awakening on the road to Damascus and received a "revelation of Jesus Christ!" And this is what many in the church need today-a revelation of Jesus Christ within their own heart! And this happens when you take God's offer of salvation serious, personally ask Jesus into your own heart and ask for the filling of the Holy Spirit...and spend serious time with God!
If you are cold, you outright reject God and anything He stands for, including Jesus Christ. You know the position you take and choose to stand in. However, being "lukewarm" is the most dangerous position to be in, for one thinks they are in good standing with God when they are not! You have to ask yourself, "Where is YOUR heart with God? Are YOU Saved?"
The Lord takes how we feel about Him very serious and wants us to have zeal for Him along with a relationship. Even though many of us sit quietly in the pews of our local church, God is letting us know that it's time to get serious with Him. He warns in the following message that, in the days that lie ahead, there will no longer be a middle ground to take when it comes to Him. You will either be for Him (hot) or against Him (cold)...

Received December 27, 1990
" ... Speak My words to all My people. Hearts I have called shall awaken in the Spirit I provide to all that ask and seek of Me, your living God.
Much lies ahead. Unquestionable acts of God shall be seen and noticed-not to be forgotten. The world shall see My likeness come and fall upon a world that has become dead to My ways-dead to Me, your God. They shall see by My acts that I do still live today; more important, they will see that I did live before! Their hearts shall be awakened. The trumpet shall call many forth! Those who do not respond to My calling during these last days in which you live shall have no choice but to fight against Me. There shall be no longer an easy position to take. For they shall either be for Me or against Me. There will be no room or time for "lukewarmness."
Reach out and accomplish what I put on each individual heart. You shall see My Spirit move as it did in the days of Noah. Likewise, many shall laugh and ignore the last trumpet that shall be sounded. But to those who take My Word and day serious and fall upon their knees to repent in true heart, there shall be such victory as never before seen. Faith shall fill the lands in these last days. You shall know who is a true Christian, a child of Mine called and saved by My grace, and who is not.
These are days to beware. Know your teachings I speak of in My Word well. Allow the Spirit, My Holy Spirit, to guide your hearts and your minds. Never, never take anything for granted without first seeking My face and approval. Your mighty Lord speaks."

Beware of Apostasy: Falling away from God's truth!
In the days that lie ahead, many changes will occur within the church (and outside the church). Some will follow God's truth, and others will stray away-Apostasy! (See 1 Timothy 4:1) Both of these churches are growing very fast even today! Be aware of this! Be sure you obey and listen to God's Word, and be sure you are in the church God wants you to be in-no matter what anyone tells you! Learn to make yourself responsible for your own relationship with God, and then go where He calls you to go and do what He tells you to do. Read His Word and find out what the truth really says! Then keep your spiritual eyes and ears opened, for out there are false teachers (and prophets) that are both inside and outside of the church. Their goal is to guide you away from God's truth-or not take you all the way into it! If someone's teaching does not guide you to Jesus Christ as the only Son of God, who died and rose again from the dead, and into ALL of God's Word-BEWARE!
Make sure you stay spiritually awake and have a close relationship and dependency upon Jesus Christ through the power of God's Holy Spirit. For out there is a false religious system that is being prepared right now, and it will be used by the Antichrist in the end days. Its victims will be those who have not confessed Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior! They did not take personal responsibility for their own walk with God. Whether you are in a church or not, if you do not have a personal relationship with God and are being led by His Spirit, you will be misled in the days that lie ahead! Ask God to wake you up!
I think we forget that when it's time for us to go home, there will be only two standing there-Jesus Christ and you! Many forget that God will have the final say about everything-ESPECIALLY ON THE DAY WE DIE! Those who pay attention to the warning signs He is sending even today know He is saying to wake up and get spiritually ready-for eternity and for what's coming!

If they don't preach the truth...get out!
I use to think that if a building had a cross on it, or someone mentioned Jesus' name in their teaching, then it must be okay. But God surprisedly showed me that this is not the case! In fact, these can be the most deceiving! Only when you belong to Jesus Christ and have the power of the Holy Spirit (who is the Spirit of truth) living within you can you discern (be able to tell the difference) what is of the Father's truth and what is not. You could be deceived and not know it!
I heard a story where this man was taken to hell (either in a dream or in a vision). In this dream or vision, this man stood by a lake of fire that had heads bobbing up and down in it. As he stood there, he watched an angry man go from body to body, lifting up each head and then putting it back down in the lake of fire. He asked someone what this man was doing, and was told that he was looking for the pastor or priest that he followed that did not teach him the truth so that he might have been saved. He was deceived for an eternity!
The Bible warns you to beware of all deceit, and says it is done to MANY by flattering words (Romans 16:18), by false report (2 Thessalonians 2:3) and by false reasoning (Colossians 2:4). The word "deceive" means: 1) to make a person believe what is not true; to delude (to fool someone so completely that what is false is accepted as being true); to mislead (cause to go the wrong way), 2) to be false to; to betray. DO NOT GAMBLE WITH GOD'S WORD! The Bible says it is up to YOU to see that you are not deceived...

Colossians 2:8 says, "See to it that no one takes you captive through Philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ."

The world is full of deception-both inside and outside of the church building! If you are not firmly planted in Jesus Christ and in God's Word, and being guided by the Holy Spirit, you will be deceived. When one receives Jesus into their heart and asks God to fill them with the Holy Spirit, God will do so no matter who or where you are! (See Luke 11:13) If you are being guided by any other spirit-beware! Know you are being deceived-no matter how real or good or "of God" it may seem. THE ONLY SPIRIT THAT SHOULD BE "GUIDING" YOU IS THE HOLY SPIRIT. Know that God also has His angels and does use them to minister to His children. However, there is a spiritual world out there, and Satan also has his helpers-called demons! If you are not led by the Holy Spirit (again...God's Only Spirit) you are being deceived! Be careful here, "...FOR EVEN SATAN DISGUISES HIMSELF AS AN ANGEL OF LIGHT." ( See 2 Corinthians 11:14) Again, the Bible warns you how to make sure you are not deceived...

"Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God; and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; and this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now it is already in the world." (1 John 4:1-3)

Below is the harshest message I received. It refers to any person, church, group, or organization that deceives and encourages anyone to stray from God's Word and from God's side through false teachings or practices! False teachers promote idolatry and immorality (Revelation 2:14), and will lead you AWAY FROM THE CROSS. The warning to anyone following them is to get out now!

January 27, 1988
"Your God comes before you, My people, and I stand here in truth to say, "out of thee!" For whoever stands on her stones and breeds off her lustful sins shall burn with all. For I, thy Lord, comes to you with My truth. Whosoever breathes her air shall spoil with the rot, for she is unclean and unholy. She despises everything I, the Almighty God, stands for. ("She" being the Harlot of immorality and false teaching. See Revelation 17.)
Be clean and get out of her. Leave her now! For I shall ruin the walls for which she stands. For I, the Lord, have spoken. Be rid of her. Run to where the fruit grows, for there you shall find My truth and rewards. I tell you now-"leave your church of sin, for its sins are well hidden."
I come to you with truth, for the Lord thy God speaks to all. Once My truth is spoken, no bonds shall hold you any longer. For I send My army of angels to all corners to rescue My children, My beautiful children of I, your God. For you have been misled and mistreated. Let her harm you no more! Run from her, for I shall be waiting to save thee from her wicked ways. I, the Lord, have spoken!
Be not hesitant to obey I, your God, for I come before you with sternness. For I have tolerated the sins of this holy city long enough and I shall tolerate no more. It is the Lord thy God that speaks to you all. Be gone with your lustful and sinful ways. It is time to start praising I, your God, that comes before you with My truth, for My truth stands to be seen. I, the Lord, have spoken. Praise My holy name, for there the truth lies and there the fruit does grow." (The "truth" is God's Word; and "fruit" is "the fruit of the Spirit.")

Divination (The attempt to foretell the unknown by occult means)
Below is a message to those who practice in and to those who seek the guidance of: Astrologers, mediums, diviners, omen interpreters, false prophets, magicians, one who calls up the dead, soothsayers, sorcerers, sorceresses, spiritist and the like... (See the Bible index under "divination.")

(No date) "Do not let others fool you into seeking other gods. The lies told by many psychics shall be revealed to many; and many, many people shall turn to Me, their Lord, for the first time! Lift up My name against all soothsayers, and My Spirit shall move over the land to collect Mine own! In Jesus' mighty name! Know you have a choice on whom you choose to serve. Know that when you seek the wisdom of man, you are cursed, says the Lord. Seek the wisdom of Me, your God, and choose life this day. (See Jeremiah 17:5)
All soothsayers (and the like)...you shall be destroyed, all who turn their back on the living God of Israel! I do not change, says the Lord. I AM the same yesterday, today and forever! I hold the keys to the Kingdom! All who choose Me shall live. All who reject Me shall live a life to eternal damnation. Know this and choose this day whom you shall serve. Your mighty God speaks.
Sin is only fun for a season. Know that you shall all reap what you have sown, spiritually and physically. But, know that I turn no one away. All who choose to turn to Me today shall be delivered, says the Lord of Hosts. For, I turn no one away!"

The best kept secret in the world!
Jesus said, in John 3:3, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God."

Everyone needs to open up their own heart to Jesus Christ and let Him in! Jesus is the only means to "the new birth," and believers are those who have received Christ. It is a personal decision that must be made by each individual. (Also, John 3:16 says, "For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life." The word "believe" in the dictionary means, "to have trust or confidence in someone who is real.")
The fact that "YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN" is the best kept secret in the whole world! I come from a family that was brought up going to church every Sunday! However, we never took God serious, but just went through the motions. We also did not know that we must be born again! All we had was our religion! Now, one by one, we are coming to Jesus Christ. We are finding out the SECRET of not just believing, but also "confessing" Him with our mouths and asking Him into our hearts because we know we are sinners, we know we need Him, and we know He is the only way! We began to get "serious" with a living God and we are finding new lives with Him. He has become real to us! We thought we always believed, but then we were taught to take it one step further! We got serious with a living God and confessed Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of our lives, and we made Him our best friend! Romans 10:9-10 says, "If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved; for with the heart man believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation."
I urge every church to offer people the opportunity to come to Jesus Christ to receive Him personally. Teach your congregation that it requires the blood of Jesus to be saved, and a personal commitment on their part to ask Him into their own hearts to make Him Lord and Savior of their lives. Take them through Romans 10:9-10. Make sure they know they are saved! Let them know what Jesus really did when He died on the cross and rose from the dead, and what it means to them. I'm telling you this because these are things we didn't know. We heard the story every Easter, but we never knew what it meant for us! We did not realize the big difference it makes when you finally get serious with God and personally receive and confess Jesus Christ as YOUR Lord and Savior!
Then have them ask for the filling of the Holy Spirit so He (the Holy Spirit) can teach them the Word of God and give them the power and discernment to follow God; for many are following the "group" or "the leader," but not Jesus Christ. In John 14:16-17, and 26, Jesus said to His disciples, "And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever; that is the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it does not behold Him or know Him, but you know Him because He abides with you, and will be in you...But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you."
Acts 4:12 says, "And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men, by which we must be saved." Jesus is the only way to the Father-the only way to salvation! He is the ONLY door. What many of us don't realize is that we have to walk through that door ourselves by personally receiving Jesus into OUR OWN HEART!

A small word to the leaders and teachers of God:
When John the Baptist had his ministry, many began to leave and walk with Jesus. John the Baptist knew that he had to "decrease" and Jesus must "increase." This is what God wants His leaders to do today. You must decrease and Jesus must increase. Please lead others to Jesus Christ and encourage them to "follow" Him-and get to "know" Him and become "dependent" on Him!

To those who are not in a local church:
Know that you can receive Jesus Christ into your own heart right where you are-even if it's in your own home, for salvation is a free (but serious) gift from God to you! At the end of this book is a prayer to ask Jesus into your heart, and some information on Christian TV shows so you can bring God's truth into your own heart and home. There are also churches that preach God's truth and are led by God's Spirit, and they lead many people to Jesus Christ. Know that God not only wants you saved, but daily fed in His Word. Seek God on what He wants you to do and where He wants you to go. And whether you go to a church, watch Christian television, or do both, always be discerning on who you listen to! And do not allow the fact that you do not attend a local church stop you from getting saved today! Receive Jesus into your heart right where you are...and let God guide you the rest of the way!


The Messages Continue

September 15, 1990 (Includes another important message to the Church!) "And I will bring about the end of the end. For nation will come against nation, and a mighty foothold shall show its strength.
Uphold to the wishes of I, your God, for the Almighty stands before you. See not with your flesh (your own eyes), but seek that of I, your God. I provide My Spirit unto all who ask, and I shall uphold to My promises sent upon all who know Me as their Lord of lords and King of kings.
We believe with what our own eyes can see, but I say to you to see through Mine eyes and heart. Many shall not see what I bring, for they have lost all hope and refuse to turn again back to I, their God. But I say, "Stand before Me, your God, and repent. Seek My love. Seek My face. Seek My will and protection for you now. For now is the time for your salvation to be implanted upon your heart. Thus, no man can take it away!"
I am the living God that stands before you all! Hear My words to you and come to Me, for time does not permit to put off your day of salvation to tomorrow. I am a God of today. I see all things past, present and future, and I know where you should run for your safe keeping. Seek Me now! Your loving Lord speaks.
Watch for the signs, for I come ahead of time to call upon all hearts. Know that all who turn their back on Me, their Lord, may do so for eternity. Your decision must be made now! Either you walk with Me or you walk with the evil one. Your loving Lord speaks with much fervent request upon thine own heart. Seek me now while seeking can still be fulfilled!
Your loving Lord speaks to My Church. Make My plans well known, My child, to My people. For there are many who stand in fire now as I speak, FOR GOD THEY DO NOT KNOW! Uphold to the promises of I, your God, and come to Me. Know My calling is strong upon your lives for a reason. For soon all shall know I do live today and do hold the keys to all eternity and all damnation. In Jesus' name.
Reach out and touch My people. I shall shake hearts and homes until they seek My face, the face of your loving God. Wake up and be alert! Stand up and be noticed! Put upon yourself the pride of belonging to the King of kings and Lord of lords. Let all know of the peace I send to all who surrender their all to Me, their God. Never shall you be disappointed in following My ways. I live today! Try me so you shall see I am alive!
Soon My day of judgement shall arrive. No one that walks by can say, "I never knew," for all are given fair chance to acknowledge Me, your Lord, Jesus Christ.
My peace and love I send unto all who love Me. My grace I send unto all who seek Me. Let not your hearts be troubled. Come to Me as you are. I shall do the cleaning and preparing necessary. But you must allow Me into your hearts. I ask permission to let Me in. Let me in now-today! Your loving Lord speaks to you, My children. Open your hearts to Me today and live forever with the living God of Jerusalem. For My cry shall be heard in the wilderness, and many, many, many hearts shall arise and be counted! Praise My holy name, for I do live today, and I AM." ("Wilderness" in the Bible index means, "a desolate (or lonely) place.")

September 29, 1990
"You shall hear of many troubles, but be alert! For I shall warn ahead of time My loved ones.
Bulgaria shall become a hidden nation (means much she does will be done quietly, not noticed). Under her shall arise much of what's to come. Be alert of what shall occur, for I have offset the offspring of her predecessor. In God's name there shall arise one whom is greater than all before him. Under his rule shall fall many from total grace of God. (Please note the May 10th, 1990 message on Bulgaria mentioned earlier.)
Notice what I speak shall occur within a short time. I come to say, "Stay alert and be My shepherd" (one who cares for the sheep), for through you shall flow My many blessings of love. Your loving Lord speaks."
(Note: As mentioned earlier in this section, Bulgaria did begin to go through much political change and upheaval after this message was received (including having a new leader/president). Although they were hidden, whereby they were not mentioned much in the news, etc., they are now beginning to be noticed again because of the situation still going on in Yugoslavia and the surrounding Macedonian area. Also, about one year after this message, I picked up a European paper which happened to mention that Bulgaria was one of the countries getting ready to sign up with the European Community (the EC). I was quite surprised to run across this, and it happened to be the only European paper I ever picked up! Again, keep your eyes on this situation, for many believe that the Antichrist will come out of the European Community, also known as the European Union.)

October 6, 1990
"My people, I come to stand before you. I am your Lord of lords and Host of hosts. Lift up your hands and praise My Holy Name, for My glory ye shall behold in the days that lie ahead.
Destruction of My people shall be great, for their hearts are no where to be found! I say to My children to seek Me now! Not with your lips, but with thine own heart! Come unto Me and put upon Me the blessings that praise gives Me, your God. Follow carefully in these next days that follow. Keep your eyes on Me and don't allow your thoughts and actions to wonder. You are in a time where only by My guidance of My spirit shall you live the life I have for you-one of abundance. None of My children have yet experienced all that I truly come to give a people called My own.
Yugoslavia shall become desolated. I told you earlier that Macedonia shall fall and her time is ahead in short time. Watch all that happens. For from this point on, all shall be significant to My calling for all to come forward and proclaim My glory and praises found upon a God that rules over all! (Note: Although this particular message on Yugoslavia was received in October of 1990, there were news headlines already referring to this in December of 1990. Today we see a devastated nation. Although I believe many of these messages refer to years that could lie ahead, this message began to occur so close after the date it was received. This is why I decided to include the dates to when these messages were received. Also, I was surprised to find out how Yugoslavia and Macedonia are related geographically. Although Yugoslavia is considered part of the Macedonian region that existed in earlier times and may still exist today, there is also a separate republic called Macedonia which refers to this same area. The message continues...)
Your loving Lord says to remember Me and My ways. Learn to love Me as I love you, and together we shall conquer as one.
Your loving Lord speaks to My people and says, "Out of thee, for I shall destroy the walls of Babylon!" (Again, see Revelation 17.)
Test your own hearts before judging, for hidden truths I shall reveal to all who seek Me, the living God of Jerusalem. Praise My name and proclaim to all that I am God! I am the only way! Your loving Lord speaks." (Ezekiel 32:11)

October 19, 1990 "There is a name above all names. Praise I, your God, for I stand before you. Reach out into My gifts that I give, for I shall tend to the alliances I have and shall make with My chosen people.
Australia has become desolated. Her treasures are no longer and I come to say, "Watch." (Note: I was also informed that Australia will have much trouble with fires. Like New Zealand, Australia also lies where two plates beneath the earth meet, and is in the same area that could someday be covered by water because of the ozone effect. Also note that the message says "watch," which implies it's to happen in the future.)
My people, hear the word of the Lord your God. Come and prepare the final table with Me, your Savior and Lord. I shall uphold to My promises to you, a chosen nation of Mine, your God...
Praises sent forth shall be counted, and My blessings shall flow down like doves. Rejoice, for My time is very close! Your loving Lord speaks to you."

November 10, 1990
"Wake up Oh My Spirit, and hear the trumpets sound. Hark to the cries of all hearts that shall come to Me, your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. You shall behold a Spirit that can and shall do all things! My Holy Spirit, saith the Lord your God. Ye shall know of the miracles I can and do perform, and ye eyes shall awaken to the times in which ye now live.
Be aware of what surrounds My children. A dark cloud is flowing over My land and much prayer is needed to cover the sins of My people who have not come to Me, your living God. Bring down the dark and uphold to My Word-the Word of the Living Testament. For My blood shall be poured over all that yield to a mighty God that lives today.
Now is the time to seek Me with all thine hearts. Pray earnestly, all who can pray. For as I move over the land, I shall hear your voice and I shall recognize it is that of Mine own sheep, saith the Lord your God, from up high. Acknowledge Me, for I shall pour upon you a blessing that shall mount to 100-fold. Yes, it shall be upheld in your Spirit. It shall be spoken and done. This is My word to you, says the Lord thy God.
Speak My righteousness throughout the land. DO NOT GIVE UP! For I shall hear Thy words and I shall come running from all directions. My will ye all shall know, and My will shall burn in thine hearts. Raise up a voice. Raise up My voice and pronounce the coming of the Lord! Your loving Lord speaks to you."

December 29, 1990
"Listen. May your hearts be awakened by fear, but comforted with My love, the love of your Almighty God who lives and reigns above.
I have looked over the land of My chosen people and it lies desolate. But I, their God, shall bring forth a mighty voice, a mighty trumpet, and the soldiers shall come forth in My mighty name.
You shall hear of wars and rumors of wars. Soldiers shall line up against the walls of My holy city. I see but a small fragment of My people, but I shall call out more. Out of the lands shall they come, bearing My Name-THE KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS! Victory shall ring in the hill sides and mourners shall mourn no more. Your loving Lord speaks to you.
Unto you shall come great victory, for you are My chosen few. My hand shall cover the blood of the guilty and sin shall be no more.
I have called out their names. And together hand-in-hand they shall awaken to My call-THE CALL OF THE 144,000. (See Revelation 7:1-8)
Listen, for My time is near. Soon you shall see history be rewritten and the final judgement to come. Awaken, Oh hearts of Mine! BRING IN THE HARVEST FOR IT IS WHITE AND IT IS FULL! Acknowledge My voice and know I call an urgent blast to awaken all minds and hearts to the time that is at hand. Your loving Lord speaks.
Be gentle, but firm; cunning, but wholehearted. For I have called out My special people, and you shall bring in those who have wandered, those who have strayed away from Me, your God.
THE TRUMPETS SHALL BEGIN TO BLOW! Ease up on your daily activities and refine your time with Me, your God, for your time has come to be made known. All you I have called-be mine-all mine, and seek My face! Your loving Lord speaks to you and I say, "Stand up!" Come forth with My Spirit, the Spirit only I, your God, can provide to all who seek Me, your living God. Be done with your useless worship services and praise your God with your hearts. Be gone with your slander, but speak words of love. Remember the commandment I left with you, "TO LOVE YOUR NEIGHBORS AS I HAVE LOVED YOU."
BRING YOUR HEARTS BACK TO ME! Let me show you how real and how powerful I am. Do so now and see My glory, so you can and will praise My Holy Name. In God's name there lies a secret, and within these walls all shall find eternal life! In Jesus' Name. Amen." (Note: "Trumpets" as used at Christ's return, signal prophetic events. See Revelation 8:2,6,13, and 9:14.)

That extra reassurance
One of the most fascinating things I found out about receiving these messages is how fast the Lord can get your head not only into a Bible, but also into a History and Geography book. Not knowing these subjects well, I have learned much about all three these past few years. Words like Macedonia, the Persians, Mesopotamia, the Baltic States and the like, had me searching for information to see what they meant, who they were and where they are on the globe. To watch these words come alive in these messages and gradually take shape and have meaning still amazes me!
Still, no matter what the Lord may have shown me earlier, sometimes I needed that extra reassurance that I was doing the right thing-and that I really did hear Him right (even though I knew that all of the messages had to be shared in faith). The message below is one I could share only after I took a look back on all that God had shared with me and taught me...

October 23, 1990
"My child, listen to Me. In the end there shall arise many rulers. All shall be under one or two who shall control the armies. When Israel attacks the fortress of Lebanon (referring possibly to Syria, as seen below), know that somewhere out there sits the one whom shall be hated by all Christians. And they shall know what he stands for.
Much shall happen within the end of this year you live in. You must reach all with My words to you, for I come before you. I am your God. (Note: The Iraq War broke out at the end of 1990, beginning of 1991.)
Terrible news shall soon reach your ears on what's to occur in Syria. (I know there is something very important to this message, for I had no idea the relationship between Lebanon and Syria until sometime later!)
(Circumstances shall arise in Iraq that shall remove (their leader) from leadership.) (This sentence was paraphrased for certain reasons.) After him there shall step in his place the one I spoke of. He shall cross the borders of Bulgaria and he shall be a stranger of peace; handsome and debonair to the fullest. No one shall know why he comes until it is too late to turn back.
It is here where everything shall be total chaos around you. Nation will come against nation and bodies will drop dead like flies. Listen carefully, for My plan is close-so very close! Keep My children's eyes on what shall occur each day, and encourage the hearts to come to Me for their peace and safety. I shall be seen as the only way out to many, many hearts in the days that lie ahead. Your loving Lord speaks.
You will be astonished at how fast the times will move. My clock has started and it shall not be stopped until the day of My glorious return. your Lord, Jesus Christ."
(Know that the situation in Iraq is not over yet and that it plays a big role in the times we live. What happens there in the near future will start a chain reaction of events to come that will effect possibly the whole world.)

A personal message from a personal God
I end this chapter with a personal message I received for me and my family. I removed it from this book while editing, but put it back in after God asked me to do so. May it encourage you to reach out to the personal God He is...

November 5, 1990
"Prepare yourselves, My children, as a mother cares for her children. Put your treasures into a safe place where no one can steal or destroy them; where moths cannot reach them. Put them into My gifts-from all that comes from My Kingdom, the Kingdom of your Almighty Father in heaven, for I stand before you. Be cautious in My calling to all of you. Know I come to each of you as your personal God. Only through this kind of relationship with Me shall you know Me and My ways. (Colossians 3:4-5)
Be aware of the times in which you live. Alert all neighbors of what's to come. Leave the world behind you and learn to walk with Me, your loving God. Your loving Lord speaks to My people and I command you to love and watch thy lips. What you speak must come from what I put in your heart, not of the old which is past away. My children must grow. They must know Me by spending time with Me; by letting Me control their lives one day at a time. Be rid of your long-term plans that do not involve Me, your God. For you cannot have it both ways and yet live under the peace and protection that only I can provide.
You will be seeing much news come to pass. Much that seemed at one time impossible will stand proven before your eyes; and you will know that My time does lie nigh. If you remember the times in which you are living, it will not be so hard to keep your eyes and heart on Me, your God. Reach out to Me with your heart, not your lips. Expect nothing but the impossible and the best I give unto all who call upon My name in great expectation...
I have made a covenant with you, My children, as a family. I have watched over you and nurtured you without you even knowing it. You have blossomed; but where are the thanks to I, your God? Learn to praise Me even when I do say no. Know all things go My way when given a chance to prove My love is real and My ways really do work the best after all! Keep walking toward Me, but don't walk alone. Always be looking for someone to walk with you in My splendor. For if you keep your heart and eyes on Me, they shall stay off of oneself and one's own selfishness.
Know what it means to serve Me, your God. Not as a servant that feels he or she has to do this to please Me, your God, but let me bring you to a point of growth where it becomes a burden (not something hard to bear, but a repeated central idea) on your heart to serve Me-where it becomes the only important chore for you to accomplish each day. For I have come so you may enjoy your journey with Me.
I am quite a God to get to know. My splendor and glory can never be measured, and My love would be impossible for you, My children, to endure if I were to share it all with you as you are right now. But one day we shall be able to walk truly as one and I can release all My love upon you. But that day has not yet come-but is coming soon!
Reach out and love. Beware of how you spend your spare time and with whom you are spending it with-and for what purpose. Is it for Me? Is it to reach others so they too may share in the same love and truth I have taken the time to share with you? If you put me on your heart early each morning, I shall walk with you throughout the day. If you put me aside, I can do nothing for you. It must be your choice. I must be your choice. Not just for your day of salvation, but for each day that follows.
Put me into your heart. Make My love and ways simple to those who are watching you. Make Me a prize that others would want as well. For it has to be a big enough prize to give up one's own selfish desires. Following Me is easy if you do just that-follow Me. Know I am aware of all, and know I am a God that controls all. My times shall reveal this to you. I come with love for those who both reject Me and accept Me. Treat your brothers the same as well. Your loving Lord speaks to you."

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