10 Preparing the Church in America
       to Go Underground!

"And you will be hated by all on account of My name, but it is the one who has endured to the end who will be saved." (Matthew 10:22)

Warning the Church to what's to come...
God has put it on my heart to warn the Church of what's to come, and to tell them to begin to prepare today! The "upcoming society" will force a world government and religion upon all of us-even in America! Overnight circumstances will bring about changes that will surprise and frighten many! The Church needs to be made aware of this and begin to plan ahead. They need to make plans to go underground so that its members will be prepared and know what to do if and when these overnight changes occur!
I was watching a Christian television show during the "International Day of Prayer" week, which aired at the beginning of December in 1998, and they had a special on "the persecution of Christians around the world." They had a speaker on who made the following comment: "Many of the Jewish leaders in Israel are warning the Christian leaders in America that they now see the same signs of persecution toward the Christians in America that they saw happen to the Jews right before the Jewish Holocaust-and told them to beware!" Drastic changes are coming to the Church even in America! And God is warning the leaders, teachers and its members of the local church to begin to prepare for it today!
Many churches operate underground to the east of us. Their church doors have been locked, and so they meet in homes (which, by the way, is what the early Church did) and in other hidden places to worship God. Going underground does not mean the Church is out of operation. What is done away with is the freedom of religion whereby church doors are locked and those found worshipping the real God are persecuted. We've been warned in these messages (and I've heard it from others as well) that what you see to the east is coming to the west-and one of the things we see is the increased persecution of Christians.
One night I had the following dream: The Lord took me inside this huge cathedral and told me to stand in the entrance and watch the doors. I did as I was told. Suddenly the double-doors swung open, and in ran soldiers carrying guns. They threw open the second set of double-doors that led into the sanctuary where church service was going on, and I knew they were there to harm those inside who were worshipping God. I became frightened and ran down a hallway that led to several offices toward the back of the church. I ran into some people in one of the offices. They began to shake me and told me to calm down. They then tried to convince me to just accept what was going on and not try to fight it (like they knew it was going to happen)! I broke away and ran back into the front entrance of the church, where I watched soldiers taking away God's people. I then woke up from this dream...trembling!
The Lord said to me one day, "If you wonder what it's going to be like in America-think of Communism." Just look to the east and realize what they are going through, and then it is not so hard to think of what it could be like over here-again, in the very near future! The harsh persecution of Christians and underground churches is not a new thing in some countries of the world-but it will be to America! If you remember that the goal of this New World Order (which has been planned for years) is to achieve a One World Government and Religion that will be forced upon you (and will have nothing to do with God-even though they may make it sound like it does), it is not so hard to believe and prepare for the rest of it!
What would your church do if one day you woke up and saw soldiers and tanks in your streets, city blocks closed off, your leaders of God arrested (or even killed), and your church doors locked? This report is to help you prepare for such a day. The Church needs a plan that will be ready to put into action! For though it may seem impossible, what we see to the east of us will one day be upon us-even in the United States of America! May the following message and guidelines help you begin to prepare!

To the Church: Prepare to go underground...
Received August of 1998
"I come to let My people know of the harm that is coming your way! Listen to Me, all ye churches that love Me, that are ruled by My Name, by My Spirit, says the Lord God.
Be ye of one Spirit, one Baptism, one Lord. Are ye not all bought by the blood I shed for you? Then walk as one, says the Lord.
There is a church not of Me, says the Lord. I come to warn you. It is a church of this world-not of My Spirit nor of Me-but of this world. It is a counterfeit church. This church is your enemy, and you are to beware of her!
I call all teachers and leaders of God to seek My face. Spend much quiet time with Me to be led of My Spirit, says the Lord, and He shall tell you which way to go. He shall alert you of danger that lies ahead and guide you and My Church to your safe spot. Listen carefully and obey. It could save your life and the lives of others. Your mighty God speaks.
Church doors will become locked and city streets blocked off. Plan ahead for this. Have meeting places-underground churches. Beware of all the information you behold that could put others in harms way. Begin now to plan. Discard of all data you no longer need that contains pertinent information of members of your congregation. Hold all necessary data on removable disks, always taking it home with you at the end of the day. For what's to come shall happen quickly and overnight. Begin this day to prepare.
Meet with other members. Discuss what you should do when this occurs. Create a buddy system to check on each other, and begin to stock up-but not at your church location but in meeting homes. And keep your plans within your congregation. Help other churches do the same.
What you see to the east is coming to the west! So prepare accordingly. Your mighty God speaks.
Your faith shall be strong. Just depend on Me, your Lord, every day and learn-discern My voice. For My sheep know My voice, says the Lord. And I am their Shepherd.
I will guide all who look to me and I will help your church prepare if you seek My face, fast and pray, and turn your whole lives over to Me, says the Lord. Together as one we'll conquer all things. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all things shall be given unto you. Your mighty God speaks.
Do not procrastinate. Begin today. Take each step as a step of faith-a step I shall honor, says the Lord. Amen.
Remember, I am with you even to the ends of the earth. Begin to prepare hearts for Me. Preach salvation brought about only through the blood of Jesus Christ. Then preach My Resurrection Life unto all! In Jesus' name. Amen and Amen. Walk in faith. Your mighty God speaks.
Read Exodus to study and learn from it, for it shall be much like this-all led of My Spirit."

Guidelines for going underground:
Below are some guidelines to help you prepare to go underground. Some are repeated from above only because I received these guidelines a few months before I received the previous message. Some of them may seem unnecessary due to the peace we now experience. However, God has revealed enough to me to urge you to take these guidelines serious, as you seek the face of God and ask Him to show you what you should do...


1.Decide as a church who you really belong to. If your church is already a worldly church-not led of God's Spirit, you will not go underground but will continue to feed off of and be led by man, the government and their changes to come. Your congregation will not be made aware of what is happening and will be silently led into harms way. However, if your church is led of the Spirit-God's Holy Spirit-and those who belong know the signs of the times, they will be determined to continue to live and work for Jesus Christ no matter the cost! They will go underground to continue to work and walk in God's Spirit.

This teaching is to help guide you and prepare you for (what I believe will be) one of the largest revivals ever to hit America-and it will be done through the underground church! If you are a church leader that has not allowed the Holy Spirit to come in and take control of you and your church, I suggest you begin to seek the face of God today and allow Him in. For, as a spiritual leader of God, you will be held responsible for all God has placed under your care.

2.Churches are being tracked already. Considered enemies of the New World Order are believers led of God's Spirit and anyone who will rebel against the upcoming system. Although the United States has slowed down this process so hungered after by other countries, it has been shockingly said by others that in order for this New World Order to be effective, serious Christians and rebels will have to be removed or quieted. As impossible as this sounds, be aware that there are systems that are already taking notice of the true believers in Jesus Christ because they are seen as a threat to the success of the new order soon to be put in place!

3.As a true leader of God, protect God's flock. This especially involves protecting any information you may have on the members of your congregation. Have all information at hands reach in a moments notice, and begin today to destroy all information you no longer need. Do not store your information on the hard drive, but have all church lists on diskettes ready to destroy if necessary, always to take this information with you when you leave to go home at night. And do not share your lists with others. If you have additional information at home, do the same, keeping all the data in one safe spot, again ready to destroy quickly if needed. And stay off of big systems where you have no control over the data or any idea how that data may be used.

 4.Have an underground church plan. Discuss with your members what you would do as a church if this would occur. Again, set up home churches or locations where people should meet, and discuss with them all that is shared here.

 5.Begin to stock up. Stock up on Bibles, food, water-anything the Lord tells you to stock up on! And always plan for others the Lord will lead to you as well. Again, do this at home locations, not at the church!

 6.Teach dependency on God. Teach members and families to become dependent on God in their own homes and hearts-to begin to prepare and learn to listen to God's voice and instructions today so when it is really needed they will know what to do. Many could be alone during this time and will need to hear from God themselves.

 7.Beware of all information you share. In the telecommunication age we live in, much data is collected on us daily. Since we do not know how this data is being used, avoid telephone surveys, sharing private information on the internet and the like. Especially avoid handing out any information on others, no matter how small or innocent it may seem, and teach others to do the same. While doing this, teach others how to be discerning in all things they do and to speak only as the Spirit leads them. Let them realize how even the smallest information given on someone to the wrong person (or group) could be devastating for that person, or even whole families or congregations. Remember, we are planning for the worst scenario-one of a governmental take over in which there is a one-world government and religion "forced" upon you-where your freedoms no longer exist! If you are a true believer in Jesus Christ and serving Him, you and all believers could be searched out and persecuted-again, no matter how impossible this sounds now!

 8.Beware who you put your trust in. Again, many cannot be trusted-even those who you think you can trust! Here is where you need the discerning of the Spirit and to closely listen to what God tells you to do-or not to do! Listen to God! The fact that you may not be able to trust other churches will give you some idea on how important this is-and how bad it will get! It will be important to be able to discern whether a certain church or church member really is of God or not! (Even Paul in the Bible warned of infiltration within the Church! It's time to realize that the best place to put a false teacher or member is inside the church itself-and there are many! See Acts 20:29-30.)

 9.Develop a wilderness plan? Don't think it strange if God even tells you to plan by going into the wilderness, possibly due to social distress. There is much talk about this happening, especially in the inner city. (This was also one of the concerns with the Y2K problem that you read about earlier.) If God is leading you this way to help provide a safe spot away from city locations, etc., listen to Him and let Him guide you. He may even be guiding you and your congregation to wilderness location spots already being prepared (as you will see in the next chapter). You just never know. So, listen to God and trust in Him! (WARNING: Be careful that you do not allow what you may have seen others do keep you from doing what God is telling you to do. There is a difference between running scared and acting on what God tells you to do in faith. This doesn't mean it will be easy, but you will have a peace about it inside. With God there is supernatural peace, security, protection and guidance if you do what He says. You may even see a few angels along the way!)

 10.Expect God to work supernaturally. As told above, study and learn from "Exodus." Members need to know that God will be working the same way during the hard times soon to hit America. The book of Acts will also be a good study to help prepare members to expect God to work as He did with the disciples through the power of the Holy Spirit, and to note that there were specific instructions given to them by the Holy Spirit-things to do and not to do.

 11.Plan for simple transportation. Tracking systems over streets, freeways and highways are already being used. Likewise, gasoline for cars, etc., will be limited if there is any available at all. Plan for simple transportation such as bicycles, horses if you're in a rural area and the like, to get around.

 12.Begin to get your finances under control. The word is out to get out of debt, use cash as much as possible, and begin to live as simple as possible. Ask God to help you do this and to show you certain areas you need to change in the way you live as a church and as a family. Keep in mind that any possession you might have to give up during this time is only material and will one day be burned up anyway. Ask God to begin to put on your heart those things that matter. And don't put your trust in material things but in God!

 13.Plan for all communications to be down. Again, plan a buddy system and other ways to check up on each other. And if communications are up, beware of using them!

 14.Find ways to hide your personal belongings. Because we can expect homes, churches and the like to be inspected or infiltrated, you need to find hiding places for even your Bible! Remember, this is already happening to the east of us-and will one day be here as well.

15.Be cunning-wise-clever in your actions. Know that you will not be able to fight the world system that is coming. Listen to God and He will guide you daily on how to continue to do His work. Act with a quiet Spirit, being sure not to respond by fear but by faith through God's Spirit.

16.Begin to redefine your inner circle. Ask God to put you with whom and where He wants you (such as your friends, the right church, job, location, etc.). God may want you to stop all association with someone close to you that could lead you into harms way in the future, or put you in contact with someone else for some special purpose He may have for you. Be open to what God leads you to do, trusting in Him. And don't be afraid to ask God questions.

 17.Be alert to change of any kind. If you're walking in the Spirit (talking and walking closely with God with your heart) God will alert you to upcoming dangers. For instance, take note of any changes handed down from your denominational headquarters that seems strange or not right to you. Nothing is impossible! As far as a possible enemy to you, no one is eliminated when it comes to a New World Order and religious system that's in process of becoming a reality even today! Trust God and pay attention if He draws your attention to anything strange or out of the ordinary. And, again, beware of who you put your trust in. Pay special attention to what God's Spirit is saying inside of you! And again, be sure not to act in fear-but in faith!

 This report is shared to warn you ahead of time so you can prepare. Although preparing for such a thing in the United States of America may seem ridiculous to many, ask God to show you the reality of this report-just in case such a thing could happen...even in the U.S.A.!


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