(DISCLAIMER: Because of the content of this information, you are strongly advised to respond wisely to these messages and to seek God and His Word for direction before you act. Never respond quickly to something just because of something you were told, read, or heard. Always seek God's face first on what He wants YOU to do...Then proceed in faith with God's peace! Also, the information shared in "The Ezekiel Files" does not necessarily depict the current or future conditions of all churches, leaders, institutions, or government. Ask God for discernment when filtering out the information you are about to read and when viewing situations to arise in the future. Finally, this information in no way is to replace or even come close to the power and infallibility of God's Word, the Bible. Instead, this information is shared to lead you to God and His Word, and share it with you in the best way I know how (in other words, my work will not be perfect!). This whole disclaimer is included so you will use and react to this information in a balanced and responsible way. I share this information with you carefully, in faith, and in a close walk with God. Please be sure to respond to it in the same way. Thank you. - C.M.Edwards)

1 Wake Up to God's Urgent Call

"For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes." (Matthew 24:7)

Jesus' Soon Return
The following message was received in April of 1989
"I come to let My people know I am coming soon! Many hearts are not prepared for My journey and many shall never be. I come to warn those who shall open their heart to Me, their Lord, to do so now. For time does not permit to wait any longer. Tell all. Your loving Lord speaks."

Since the messages began in 1987 to this day, God has proven to me that they are from Him...and what He says does come to pass! God is not out to destroy, but to warn all that His day is near where His last trumpet will sound. His main concern is you, and that you will be a part of His plan He made long ago-and make it there in time! As you read the messages, pay special attention to the condition of your own heart with God, to what you see already taking place around you, and to the many warnings to what is coming!

The Messages Begin . . .

December 31, 1989
"Earthquakes shall be great and powerful like never seen before. They shall reach one continent to another and there shall be no place to run.
People's hearts shall grow cold like never before. They even know what they see comes from Me, their God, but their hearts refuse to listen. Their ways are too precious to leave behind. Anyone who tries to save their life shall lose it to the destruction that lies ahead...
Volcanoes shall erupt, many that have lied dormant for years back. New Zealand will disappear from the face of the earth. Many, many places of inhabitants shall become scarce, not to exist. Towns will be seen as left behind, for no one will be able to live there or provide for themselves-ghost towns, very prominent cities. Air forces, armies, etc., will become confused and belligerent to what they shall see. No one shall be able to fully comprehend My glory and My wrath." (Note the volcanoes that have erupted lately that have lied dormant for many years-one as many as 600 years in the Philippines. Also, know that New Zealand lies directly where two plates under the earth meet. Recently I heard a report that said that in the future ocean waters in this area are expected to rise and cover up certain areas due to effects from the ozone layer, and New Zealand was specifically mentioned in this report. Also, note the towns that are being abandoned due to flooding, storms and closing down of military bases.)
"My people have had much time to accept My love and kindness. Now their days are numbered, for My fury must come upon them. Oh, if ever My people are to come to Me, now is the time for their salvation. For once My wrath truly hits, hardened hearts that never knew My love shall not be able to turn to Me, their God.
Many leaders-political-shall be assassinated. Much country shall not be ruled over, leaving it in even worse turmoil than it stood before.
Rapists and all the other vultures shall arise and come out like there were no law and order. People will not leave their homes for fear of being assaulted or killed.
These things will not be far away, and everyone will be affected. My children will stay for a time, but I shall deliver them from the end destruction. My children need to reach out with all their hearts, time and money. My Spirit shall lift many hearts, but it is by preaching My Word and letting people know I am alive that shall open their hearts to Me and begin their search, and cry out to Me in true heart.
Not many shall ever know of the great deception. The one who shall try to take-or stand in-My place. Even the very elect. Some of whom have led many, many people to Me, their God, shall be deceived, for they lie in ignorance to the Spirit (the Holy Spirit) I provide. (Note: Talking here of the Antichrist mentioned in Revelation.-It is also interesting (and important) to note that the Antichrist is not just one person, but refers to many! It's a spirit that seeks to indwell as many hearts as it can. For "antichrist" refers to "anyone who denies that Jesus is the Christ" and to "anyone who denies the Father and the Son." Know that if this refers to you-you are playing right into the hands of the Devil's plan. See 1 John 2:18-22.)
I am the only one to trust-Me, your God. Let My Spirit guide your hearts and your days ahead. Unusual peace and comfort shall fall over My chosen. And they shall be of greater number than now, but still too few. (Note: "Chosen" here mean those that belong to Jesus Christ by receiving Him.)
I shall provide as I did in the past for My children. You shall see a God work and love His people like never before seen. For without My protection and love, no one shall survive the horror and destruction that shall occur. Do not be afraid, My children, for to you I come as a dove. My peace and love you shall know forever. And never, never shall I abandon My children-the beautiful children of I, your God. ("Dove" is figurative of the Holy Spirit.)
Do not expect changes (political, etc.) to be very noticeable. They shall happen fast, but very discreetly. Much lies shall be told by all governments. You will stand by and see a whole world deceived through the ones they put their trust and lives in.
Nothing you see now is as it is. Much truth is being kept from you. Oh, if you really could see what is or has taken place already. Much deception has covered the eyes of even My own, for they've believed lies in their providers.
Walk away from all organized power, political or religious, and stand by Me, your God. Trust no one that has a stand of power, for their own interest is at heart, and thus, their direction has been handed over into the hands of Satan/hell. I warn you now, keep your heart right with I, your God. Look to Me and I shall provide your way to My safe spot. Your loving Lord speaks to you forever." (Ezekiel 28:11-15; Deuteronomy 28:13-15, 8:13-15; Zechariah 14:3-17; Matthew 24)
(Note that God is not saying to become destructive here or to pack up and leave your church. We are to operate in faith and love. What He is saying is to stay alert and seek Him on where He wants you. Also, to trust in Him for your guidance and safe keeping, and not to believe everything you are told (by the government, media, teachers, etc.). Seek God's face and the truth in His Word for yourselves! Know what God's Word really says so you won't be fooled!)

July 12, 1989
"Listen, My people, to My cry for justice. Wake up My hearts to My cry. Be alert! Do not fall asleep! For the Lord thy God comes to awaken the tired hearts from destruction. Sleeping hearts shall be stomped on. For only My Spirit, the Spirit of I, your God, can awaken and keep alert My children-the children of I, your God. Stay alert! My warning reaches you ahead of time, for I come to warn all of the dangers that are to come. Your loving Lord speaks."

July 30, 1989
"Lands shall form (suggests change) and spirits shall fall (suggests deception), but the Word of God shall rule forever. Prepare for hardship. Much turmoil shall soon reach the continent (the U.S.A.) and all must be prepared. The strong shall help the weak carry through and many shall give their hearts to Me, their God, for the first time. Do not fear, for I come as a kind and good God. Take My words of caution and use it as strength, not fear. For the love of the Almighty God shall prevail. Your loving Lord speaks to you." (Ezekiel 14:4- )

September 21, 1989
"Much confusion will reveal a world of little faith and much hardening of the heart. My hope is for all to come into My Father's presence. Before many shall open their hearts to Me, their Lord, much destruction shall hit the homes and hearts of many who have fallen away or never knew My love. Deception shall be great because of the condition of their hearts. Now you see, My child, why I stress all to release their hearts unto Me, their King and Savior!
Never shall all hearts come to Me, but you shall see mighty unexplainable revivals. Many miracles shall flow from the pulpit. Grace shall remove many scars of My people. Hope shall once again fill the land, and it is here where Satan's powers shall increase to the fury end. I say to all to spend your time wisely in much prayer and dedication to I, your Lord, for much healing needs to take place. My children yet have to distinguish between My real love and that which could blind even more the hearts of many...(Many know My real love) and these are my true children of God, and they shall be the ones that I use for My glory alone!
Russia shall reveal a strategy that removes many from grips of Mine hands (Note: It says Russia, not the USSR). Her strength shall grow for a time, and much heartache and turmoil shall arise from her. Many things that occur during this time will be the start of much future turmoil. There will be a splitting of some nations and a forming of others. Much territorial claims will be made and broken. The U.S. will be on alert throughout much of this, but will no longer be in a position to restraint from the horror that does occur.
Very near, you shall hear of peace talks between Russia and� Hungary. Hungary plays a big role in what soon shall take place. (The following words, "Peace talks between Russia and Hungary," appeared in the front page of the newspaper in bold letters a short time later.)
Many shall scatter from country to country trying to find a safe place, but global upheaval will prevent them from doing so.
Nuclear disarmament shall be turned around and will again become the major spending of world dollars.
Millions shall die quickly due to an unusual increase of food shortages, and oil will be the only way out as seen in their eyes-the governments. (Notice the starvation in other countries mentioned in the past few years, and the oil situation during the Iraq War-one that still exists.)
There is much need for My children to stay alert and recognize these things, for though they shall be hidden by many (not covered by the media, etc.), I shall reveal these things to you and others that know Me, your Lord."

November 3, 1989
"Wake up, My children. Ye must abide by the Spirit of the living God. To please Me is to know your iniquities and release them unto Me, for My yoke is easy and My burden is light.
Write upon their hearts what I've taught you-My simple, but powerful love of I, your God. Listen to their cries and answer them in My love that I have given you, My child. Reach the ends of the world with My message to all: "I am a God that lives today. Never shall you find peace and rest until you seek My justice, the justice of your living God. Rebuke the sickness that lies deep within you, for your lips speak the very heart of the crime you have committed before the Almighty God. Release your thoughts unto Me and ask for forgiveness. Earnestly desire all that I have come to give a people-a hurting and suffering people. Your Lord cries out to you in earnest request that ye shall stop all your slanderous ways and come unto Me by way of the cross."
My wrath shall sweep across the plains and engulf the Mississippi in torment. Many eyes shall see an abominable people whose cares and thoughts have run dry and whose eyes are placed only upon themselves. (God wants you to trust Him and keep your eyes on Him! Also, note the flooding and storms that have taken place in the Midwest and in other areas.)
Reach out to Me and love Me! Acknowledge My life I come to give. Know that the time is near, My children, where My Spirit shall rule again. Your loving Lord speaks to all with great despair on My heart. For many shall find a hard road to travel for their hearts have hardened to My love. Ask for Me-just Me-and all shall live in perfect harmony with the Son of the living God. My peace and grace are upon many who seek My face. Jehovah Jireh." ("Jireh" means, "the Lord will provide.")

November 19, 1989
"Europe will begin its end-time product. Things and/or changes will move fast. No one will understand/comprehend what it will really stand for." (Note that Europe will start to use a common currency, the Euro-dollar, in January of 1999. Europe will lead the world in many changes to come, and use of a common currency is just the start. It will not be long before the whole world will have one currency.)

(It's important that we pay attention to the changes that occur in the world we live. Many changes we will see come to light in the very near future will affect every area of our lives, as we are prepared for the future One World Government and Religion to come. For instance, it is important you read and understand what is said about "the mark of the beast" in Revelation 13:16-18. It talks about a mark being placed on the forehead or right hand, and you will not be able to buy or sell without this mark. There is a computer chip that's already been experimented with animals to track them down when they become lost. They are now considering using it on people for identification purposes. This chip will hold all the information of a particular person needed to know all about them. Know that this mark represents your allegiance to the Antichrist, and if you take it-you will be cast into the lake of fire on the day of judgment! Whatever you do, do not take this mark! Receive Jesus Christ into your heart instead-no matter the price you may have to pay! Also make sure that you are not fooled by someone just because they perform miracles or claim to have spiritual gifts-nor allow anyone to encourage you to bow down to anyone but the Almighty God! (See Revelation, chapter 13!) Test the spirits, for ALL signs and wonders must glorify Jesus Christ! These precautions should be used even today, for there are many teachers and leaders who say they are of God-but are not! Now is the time for YOU to seek the truth yourself for you and your household, and receive guidance and protection from God in all things. If you do not, you will be deceived! Also keep in mind that there will not be "group" names written in the Book of Life-only individual names. So, if you think you are safe with God because of any denomination, church group, or any other organization you may belong to-know that you are not! Take up the matter of "salvation" with God yourself, for God seeks after individual hearts that seek after Him!)

November 30, 1989
"Watch ye over My sheep. Throw upon yourself a thanksgiving of all I shall give a people whose eyes are planted upon Me. Praise Me, all My people, for I am coming to collect My prize, the Holy Covenant I made long ago.
Many shall scramble to and fro. My heart shall go out to the lost and My glory shall behold a God that still lives and loves today.
Austria shall not follow suit, but shall come back with much rage. Watch a people overthrow much growth and pay attention to the steps she takes. They shall lead to much turmoil and confusion over all of Europe, but shall reveal much truth of current conditions. (Austria supposedly signed up with the European Community in January of 1995.)
Seek ye the gifts of God. Rely upon the Spirit and see not with the flesh (or your own understanding). Pay close attention to what shall take place. You shall see what I speak is truth. Your loving Lord speaks to all...
Ye must acknowledge I am there for you and My peace shall dwell amongst My Covenant with you. Pray earnestly, for I shall hear and answer all prayers that shall reach My throne. A holy people shall arise from crumbs, for My inheritance shall be spread over a Holy Covenant. Your loving Lord speaks."

December 26, 1989
"Earthquakes shall shatter the ends of the earth. Much death shall arise from this. Earthly disasters shall increase and many hearts shall become cold. My love shall sweep the universe to gather My true children that seek My face.
Stay close to My Word and love. Soon you shall hear of much changes in the European affairs/market. (See previous note on Europe.) Justify My word amongst My people. Send them My words to you. I shall provide your needs as they need to be met. Have faith in Me, your God, and you shall see a God that responds to the calls/cries of your heart." (Isaiah 51 & 53)

December 29, 1989
"Things must happen for My Father's plan to be complete. Rage shall sweep across the plains. Not much will move the hearts of many. But for those who will see and accept My light, the light of the living God, much glory shall arise!
You are living in a time, My child, where much shall happen to My people. Many hearts shall fall away and not come back, but only for those who never really served Me or loved Me in the start or beginning. However, you shall see many around you die for the faith in Me. I shall be there to reach out for them, and they shall walk with Me and see My splendor and glory..."

January 3, 1990
"Mountains shall split in two from the force I shall send down upon the earth. My people, wake up to My cry to you. Many hearts shall be destroyed from Satan unless you yield to Me, your Almighty God.
Perilous times lie ahead, My children. Nations shall become overwhelmed in their fight for power and greed. Where do I lie amongst their hearts? No where. Their lives have been handed over due to their own greed and choices made upon their hearts.
Not all shall be calamity, for My love and glory shall be seen by a few. Visions of My glory shall appear to the least of these. Signs and wonders shall occur day by day, as I comfort and let My people know I am by their side to protect and serve.
My angels have been sent out on My mission for My glory. All instructions are ready to dispense upon the earth of My ungodly chosen. Comprehend not My wrath and much fury/troubles shall be seen, for the voice of the Almighty God has spoken.
Seek ye all the things that come from Me, your God. Seek not the desires that wear down your heart, but overflow with My precious gifts and care I give to all who ask. (See Colossians 3:1-3) Your loving Lord speaks to all with discomfort and pain upon My heart, for so few see My ways. Seek ye My ways and you shall live forever with Me. (Isaiah 41 & 42)
Tension in Europe shall mount, followed by unusual peace soon to come. Watch for the signs. My people, know My Word and what I speak to you! Beware of your safety unless you look and come to Me daily. Your loving Lord speaks."

January 7, 1990
"The Persians shall attack/surround the borders of Mesopotamia. Their grief shall be plundered upon My people. Listen not to the cries of My children, but pray for the hearts of the unsaved. This shall happen very soon. All shall grieve to this occurrence of injustice as seen in the eyes of My people." (Note: Persians include Iran/Iraq and Mesopotamia is known as "the country between two rivers," the Euphrates and the Tigris. In August of 1990, Iraq attacked Kuwait (located just south of where the Tigris and Euphrates River ends, and along Iraq's southeast border). The U.N. sent troops over there to get Iraq out of Kuwait in the beginning of 1991, and many lost their lives in this war. During this time, Iraq also sent scud missiles over to Israel. You'll read more on Iraq in the messages to come.)
"Come out, for amongst you lie thieves to steal the fortune I have placed within you, My children. Come out and stand on My faith I give to you. Your loving Lord speaks."

January 9, 1990
"My people, watch the signs I give to you. Many shall not see the glory I shall behold upon the earth. My time is near/soon. Look upon thy hearts and seek Me, your Lord. Hamper not with the condition of other hearts until you've seen Me in your own. Cause My riches to overflow in your lives. Seek My face. Never has time allowed for My Spirit to arise as now. Take My love and freedom while it is at hand. I seek all hearts that seek Me, your living God. Praise Me and walk with Me. Your loving Lord speaks." (Matthew 13:12)

January 16, 1990
"Awaken, Oh Spirit. In the palms of Mine hands I shall place My beloved people/chosen. Hark to My cry to you and lift up thine hearts unto the Most High One, I, your God. Speak My truth over the lands and rejoice in My Spirit, the Spirit of the living God.
Lithuania shall overcome. My hand is upon them, a chosen nation of Mine. Lift up Thine rod against their rulers and bring them down. Beware of the tactics taken over the Baltic States. Much heroism shall take place, but to whom she belongs remains a secret.
Be cautious in My calling for you. Awaken the hearts to My love and seek ye the Kingdom of God. Your loving Lord speaks to you."
(Note: The Baltic States include Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. For some reason, God shared a special interest with Lithuania in these messages. You will hear the Lord mention Lithuania a few more times.) IF YOU CLICKED BACK TO THIS MESSAGE FROM CHAPTER 4...TO RETURN BACK TO CHAPTER 4 - CLICK HERE.)

January 20, 1990
"Many hearts have become concerned. My love shall inherit their hearts and homes, and many shall come home to Me, their God.
Alaska has seen but a small portion of what is to come. Pray for a removal of all, for the island is to become devastated/destroyed. My warnings reach My people, but none see nor do they hear My cry for justice unto Me, their God. I shall reveal unto all hearts that I am God-No one else! (Note: I found it hard to understand why Alaska was called an 'island', until I found out later that it has islands that surround it; island also means 'isolation'. Alaska is always experiencing volcanoes and earthquakes, and another and more specific warning is given in a later message.)
Lithuania has come under My protection. Soon you shall hear of My words to you. Though small, they shall set the standard for much to come. Look close at this situation/circumstances and you shall reveal much truth of conditions that now stand. (Note: In looking back, it's interesting to note that after Lithuania started her move toward freedom, the other Baltic states followed.)
Keep your heart on Me, your God, and prepare for much time/growth with Me, your God. Your loving Lord speaks."

January 24, 1990
I was told this night while watching the news: "We would continue to see much unusual, destructive weather, and this would increase."

January 27, 1990
"Macedonia shall fall. (A region in the south central part of the Balkan Peninsula that includes the lower parts of Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, and the upper portion of Greece. A little later, you will read where the Lord warns of Yugoslavia's desolation.)
In Louisiana, much rioting shall break out. Racial tensions shall create an atmosphere not seen for some time back. This shall spread to other parts of the country. Warn ahead of time loved ones." (In May of 1992, riots broke out in Los Angeles. It's quite possible I made a mistake. I'm not sure if I heard "LA" and thought of Louisiana-it's abbreviation for the state being LA., or if this word was meant for the city, Los Angeles (L.A.). I know I am not infallible. However, I am leaving it the way I have it here because I'm not sure. I also do not change the words in these messages, but will note mistakes I might have made.)

Letters to the Church

�In 1989 the Lord instructed me to send to the Church messages I had received for them. These letters (and newsletters) were sent to 70 main church agencies and organizations, and were asked to share them with their church members. Please share them with your church. God is out to wake up His Church-those that belong to Jesus Christ. Take His warnings as love and heed your heart to God's, so that you may know the true love and power of God and be used to lead others to Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

May 14, 1989 First Letter to the Church
"You have fallen away from My teachings, the true Word of I, your God. Listen. May your heart be humble enough to accept My words to you as truth-to take My warnings seriously! Let your ears hear what I say, for the Lord comes before you with harshness/sternness to awaken the hearts of My children. Now is the time to behold the holiness of I, your God, and demand true fellowship amongst your congregation. For, I come to warn all of the deception that lies amongst you. I am the Church, the Church of Jesus Christ. Your doctrine suffers malice with provocative ears that hear not the truth, My truth. I hold all leaders and teachers responsible, for you are given the care of My children to guide them to Me. Put aside all of your useless and selfish purposes and abide by My rules, not those of the doctrine you teach. My curse shall lie upon all churches that do not seek My truth, My true Gospel. You, yourselves, have lost all hope due to your own selfish needs and ignorance. Get right with I, your God. Allow Me to implant in your hearts first My cry for My people, the children of God. I speak to those whom themselves claim to preach My truth, but speak only the doctrine handed down to them. Not for My glory, but to man's do you bow. This must stop now, for My wrath shall bestow the troubles you have caused. Open your hearts to Me, your God. For I shall renew your hearts with My Spirit, and I shall put you on the path of righteousness where all My children should stand. I give you the Rock, the Rock of Jesus Christ. Stand on this precious Rock and never allow your feet to leave. Allow no place for the evil one to pull you off, for I shall uphold to My promise of deliverance for all. Now is the time to answer to My call. Cast aside the call you received from man. For no man shall save you from what lies ahead. Your loving Lord speaks to you." (Isaiah 40:3-17 and Matthew 7:14-15)

September 17, 1989 Second Letter to the Church
"To you who seek the grace of God, let your hearts and homes of God be open. Seek not that which shall perish, but accept food for your soul. Come back to Me. Repent of your self-indulgence and reunite in My Spirit, the Spirit of the Almighty God. Let your ears hear My words to you. Open up thine heart and reveal to My people My love for them. Time does not permit an abominable people, for Mine must follow by My rules and time. I call you forth by name, for My Spirit shall arise in hope for all to return to Me. Your loving Lord speaks. Send to the churches. I shall reveal My realness unto all!" (Malachi 2)

October 28, 1989 Third Letter to the Church
"Tell the churches to bring forth My offering and fill the warehouse. Splendor is seen in Mine eyes only. Never will My children see My glory until they seek My face, the face of the Almighty God. Lift up your hands and hearts unto Me and receive My glory and riches, for no one shall inherit Mine gifts of glory until all is seen through Mine eyes and heart. Recall the splendor that lies amongst you now. Little is given unto My people. Remember Thine words to you, "Ye shall reap what you have sown." Hesitate no longer and seek the riches that flow from My throne. And bear false witness no more. Your loving Lord speaks to you." (Isaiah 5:13-15)

June 14, 1990 Fourth Letter to the Church
"Behold the righteousness of your God who stands before you. Seek what comes from Me, your God. For I come to warn all of My return-the return of Jesus Christ. Many shall mock My ways and My time, but I shall uphold to what God the Almighty puts upon thine own heart. Hark to the cries of My children and stay alert, for My time is nigh. Your loving Lord speaks to you." (Colossians 3:24)

�Renew your relationship with Jesus Christ and ask for the filling of the Holy Spirit. God is urgently calling for all to know Him and His will for you, and to be aware of the season which is close at hand-the Second Coming of Jesus Christ!

A message on God's love
On December 29, 1989, I asked the Lord in faith, "If you had only one message to give your people, what would it be?" I received the following response: "One of love, My love. If My people could grasp hold of even a small portion of My love I have for them, their hearts would be filled with the peace and joy I bring. Satan could not influence their hearts. If they even knew My love, the mighty love of their powerful God!"
All throughout God's Word, He cries out to all for salvation and encourages all to seek out His love. For instance: Romans 10:13 says, "Whoever will call upon the name of the Lord will be saved." Jesus said, in John 3:16-17, "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world should be saved through Him." Jesus said, in John 5:24, "Truly, truly, I say to you, he who hears My Word, and believes Him who sent Me, has eternal life, and does not come into judgement, but has passed out of death into life." Jesus said, in Matthew 7:7-8, "Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be open to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it shall be opened." 2 Peter 3:9 says, "The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance." Romans 10:9-10 says, "That if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved; for with the heart man believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation."
God has provided the sacrifice, Jesus Christ, to give you eternal life with Him, and His love and protection here on earth. You will not know He lives today until you call on His name and begin your search for God's truth today!

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