A Word From The Author . . .

Jesus Christ became real to me after He saved me in 1981. After this, I began to spend much quiet time with Him in the Bible. It amazed me as to the reality of His life and how He let me know He was there by my side. Through the next six years I watched the Bible come alive, as God began to intervene supernaturally with the turmoil in my heart, home and marriage.
 In 1987 I had another experience with God in my home, and I began to hear the voice of the Lord inside me. Much of what He said came as messages, and I began to write down everything I heard. The messages were at first to me, family members and to others we knew. However, the messages later began to talk about "changes coming to America and the world," and I called this part of the messages "The Ezekiel Files." ("Ezekiel" in the Bible means "God strengthens.")
 The messages expose much deception in the world, and urges everyone to wake up, stay alert and prepare for what is coming! In this book, you will read about: 1) Warnings to individuals, families and churches; 2) How the world is being "set up" for end-time events; 3) What sudden and drastic changes are coming to the U.S.A. and the world; 4) How these changes will effect you; 5) How to prepare for these changes; 6) Truth and lies about church, religion and your salvation; and 7) Reports and Biblical teachings to help you prepare, so you will find salvation and come under God's protection!
 God is sending a wake up call to every household and church! He makes it clear that very soon He will send His Son, Jesus Christ, back to earth - and many are not ready! He makes an urgent call to all for salvation! Sudden and drastic changes are coming - even to the U.S.A. - that will throw the whole world into chaos! And if you are not ready, you will be deceived by what is already in the world - and from the deception to come!
 In the best way I know how, I share with you what I believe God shared with me. Throughout this book, God warns of drastic changes to come so the world will turn to Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. He shows the love He has for the unsaved and for the saved-His Church, as He calls upon many, many hearts to quickly and seriously respond to a living and faithful God. The seriousness of God's call and plan for salvation, the relationship He longs to have with His children, the awesome job and responsibility of His teachers, and the urgency of the times we live are all strongly shared within the pages of this book.
 It is easy to tell the world only what they want to hear - not caring where they'll spend their eternity! However, on the contrary, I urge all to stop and seek God's face today! If you don't, you could be sitting in a church pew every Sunday morning (like I did), thinking you are saved - later to find out you were not! Now is the time to get serious with God, and make yourself responsible for your relationship with Him! Make sure you know the truth and are doing the Father's will! For one day, ALL will stand before Jesus Christ - whether you are saved or not! And YOU will have to give an account to your life down here on earth, and live an eternity based upon whether or not YOU received Jesus as your Lord and Savior! Take care of your salvation today!


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