Algo-rhythms, an early prototype - by Click Nilson
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In the late 1960s and early 70s I was experimenting at small obscure venues around Malmoe, Sweden with a group of musicians and artist friends who helped me explore what today I call algo-rhythms.

Each performer would be issued with a set of instructions, this would form a score but not in the traditional sense, since these instructions were altered as the performance began.

Each musician would be interpreting their own instructions individually, and yet changes to these instructions, issued by neighbouring musicians would constantly modify their behaviour. Each musician was asked to try to modify their neighbour's instructions so that they were more in harmony (be it structurally, tonally, rhythmically, etc) with themselves.

This naturally was no easy task, but our little group of musicians and the audiences we played to enjoyed themselves very much - the feedback we got from our early days were wonderful. Unfortunately we felt our performances might have been difficult to follow (and we were quite strange music!!) so we had the idea of putting a poster up of a score (maybe you can see this on this page as well) so that the audience can see it for themselves, even if they cannot follow it. Shortly after we came up with the plan to do this, by good friend Benne who played the violin for us, became ill and we had to stop.

We never got a chance to continue our work - However Benne recovered, but I grew older and moved away from Sweden. I'm now living in Shropshire, England. I've retired to playing my saxophone and guitar alone, although I would dearly love to explore these ideas again.

I hope to use this web page to tell people - if they are interested - about my ideas. If you would like to email me, my email address is [email protected]

Click Nilson (guitar), with Benne Acer (left), Jarl Høvnman and Jans Möller (right), playing at Hyllie Boställe, Malmö in 1972.

A modified score following a performance by Click Nilson and Benne Acer.

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Name: Click Nilson
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