Other Miniatures I've Made
Perfumes and candlesticks
Plants made of Masking Tape and floral wire. Painted and glazed.
Spider Plant
Polymer Clay Cakes w/ plates and stands. and Potatoes
The Calla Lilly was a collaboration of myself and a dear friend, Emily. She made the perfect blossoms of Polymer Clay for my leaves. Also pictured is the Spider plant hanging in a Macrame' hanger made by my friend Linda.
The Cacti were made using pods I found in a Potpourri Bag.
Emily's beautiful Polymer Clay flowers in the printable boxes I found online.
My Polymer Clay Vegitables I made. I even made the center Basket from clay. The Banana and Pear were from a swap I made years ago. I cant remember her name tho.
Polymer Clay Bread, Eclairs, and Chocolate Chip Cookies
Potato Chips and Dip, Easter Eggs, Neopolitan Cookies
Watermellon and Shishkabobs on the Hibachi
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