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If you have a Singer sewing machine that you would like to find more info on, call Singer toll-free at 1-800-474-6437. If you provide them with the machine's serial number (which is usually stamped on the right side of the machine bed and often begins with one or two letters) they can provide you with the machine's model number and it's date of manufacture. Singer also has copies of manuals available for $10 each (unfortunately, they are no longer free.)

If you have a White sewing machine, call the White toll-free number at 1-800-446-2333. If you provide them with a serial number (for White Rotary machines, the serial number begins with an 'FR' and is stamped on the back right hand side of the machine bed), they should be able to provide you with an approximate date of manufacture.

If you have a non-Singer sewing machine that you have had a hard time identifying or finding information on, feel free to mail a photo (or photos) of it to me, and either myself or one of the page's visitors should be able to figure out what you have. With permission, the photo(s) will be added to the page with the proper credits.

To find more information on older sewing machines, or if you did not find what you were looking for at this site, refer to the Featherweight Fanatics Home Page.

For a bit of humor, did you know that a sewing machine can be converted into a Jig Saw to cut wood? It's outlined (complete with diagrams) in the 1949 edition of Popular Mechanics 'Home Repair and Improvements' book...

If you have a sewing machine which you are having a hard time identifying or getting information on, feel free to email or mail a photo of it-- I can post at the beginning of the page requesting any info about it from our visitors...

One major aspect that will determine the value and collectibility of a sewing machine is what condition it is in. A numerical system of grading was developed by Mr. Graham Forsdyke of the International Sewing Machine Collectors Society so that sewing machine collectors can more easily describe their machines to fellow collectors and potential buyers.

Below, you will find links to data, diagrams, illustrations, and photos of sewing machines sorted by manufacturer. At the bottom of the page I have listed some other internet sites with info or photos of antique and collectible machines. If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to email.

Names of Parts of a Sewing Machine Stand

General Vibrating Shuttle Diagrams

Boat-shaped shuttle used in all vibrating machines
Method of ejecting a vibrating shuttle
Method of threading a vibrating shuttle
Method of replacing a vibrating shuttle

General Oiling Diagrams

General position of oil cups on vibrating machines
General position of oil cups under vibrating machines
General position of oil cups on rotary machines
General position of oil cups under rotary machines
General position of oil cups on all treadle bases

Click on the buttons below to view information, photographs, and illustrations of various sewing machines. They have been sorted by manufacturer.

Featherweight Fanatics
Archive of Antique Sewing Machines
Campbell's Guide to Toy Sewing Machines
Doing the Block- Antique Sewing Machine Photos (Photos of White, Ward Bros, Singer machines, etc.)
Gailee's Singer Sewing Machine-- Featherweight Home Page
Gallery of Sewing Machines (Photos of Singer, Free, W&G machines, etc.)
International Sewing Machine Collectors' Society
Jean's Antique Sewing Machine Collection
Jim's Sewing Page (Singer Model Descriptions & Info)
Katy's Korner (Photos of the Singer I.F., Model 28, Model 66-1, etc)
Magsrags' Home Page (Photos of Wheeler & Wilson No. 8, Singer Model 24, W&G, etc)
MaRS Toys Sewing Machine Page (Photos of a 200 TSM Collection Online!)
Restoring Antique Sewing Machines
Sharon Reese's Sewing Machine Page
Stepping Stones Singer Sewing Machine Gallery
Ugly Quilts Project - Quilts for the Homeless

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