Boys Wetting/Desperation Movie List

*A Perfect Spy (UK, 1987, mini-series): The main character in the first part, a boy of about 10, asks his nanny what will happen if he continues to wet the bed, and she replies that he will be put in nappies (diapers) and that he won't like that. Rating: 1

*Abraxas: Guardian of the Universe (Canada/USA, 1991): A boy with mysterious powers gets back at a bully by using these powers to make the other boy wet his pants. You see the wet spot spread over his crotch. Rating: 3 Pictures: 1

L' Albero Degli Zoccoli or The Tree of Wooden Clogs (Italy/France, 1978): "Another son, 15-year-old Secondo (Pierangelo Bertoli), still wets his bed."

*Allumettes Suédoises, Les (France, 1996, TV): Olivier has just arrived at boarding school and is desperate for a pee while his uncle is talking to the director. When he finally dares to ask for the toilet they tell him to wait, and he pees in his pants. You see several shots of his extreme desperation and a puddle on the floor. (This scene is in Part 2 of the miniseries.) Rating: 4

*American Pie (USA, 1999): Sherman is a nerdy high school boy who claims to have lost his virginity to a particular girl. At the high school prom, she instead announces to everyone that he is actually still a virgin, and that he confided in her that he still wets his pants when he gets nervous. At this point he wets his pants on camera. Rating: 2

The Amityville Horror (USA, 2005): A young boy (Michael, played by Jimmy Bennett) holds his crotch in desperation, then pees into the toilet (shown from behind).

*Angel (USA, 1984): A group of boys discover the lead character's private life as a hooker, and she threatens one of them with a gun. The boy wets his pants (shown close-up) and she says "Maybe we can go out sometime...when you're toilet-trained!" Rating: 1

*Angela's Ashes (USA/Ireland, 1999): The younger brother of the main character is shown twice very desperate to pee. Rating: 3

*Anton (Denmark, 1996): Ten-year-old Anton wakes up in the night at the sound of his bedwetting alarm two times during the film. He gets out of bed the first time and takes a shower. Rating: 2

L' Arbre de Noel or The Christmas Tree or When Wolves Cry (France/Italy 1969): A 10-year old boy gets radation poisoning and starts to wet his bed because of it. From a visitor to the site: "The boy does wet his bed near the end of the movie it shows him getting out of bed then taking off his wet pjs or under wear and walking into his dads bed room he gets in bed then his dad goes and looks in his room and sees the sheets he then goes back to bed."

Are We There Yes? (USA, 2005): Kevin (a 7-year-old boy played by Philip Bolden) is desperate to pee while on a road trip. The men's room toilet is disgusting, so Nick (Ice Cube) takes him into the women's room but finds the stall occupied. Nick holds him to the sink to pee, but when the woman comes out of the stall and complains, Nick spins around and causes Kevin to pee all over her.

*At Play in the Fields of the Lord (USA, 1991): The young son of the missionaries wets his bed when he becomes ill. The parents are shown discovering the puddle. Rating: 2

*Au revoir les enfants or Goodbye, Children (France/West Germany, 1987): The main character (an 11-year-old boy) wets his bed twice while at boarding school. One of the scenes shows him trying to dry the wet spot on his sheet with a towel afterwards. Later he tells a friend how it feels when this happens. Rating: 4

*Baby-Sitters Club, The (USA, 1995): The port-a-potties aren't delivered on time to the summer camp, and so the kids (boys and girls) must line up in desperation to use the one toilet in the house. There is some dialogue and some nice dancing around. Rating: 2

*Barn of the Naked Dead or Terror Circus or Nightmare Circus (USA, 1973): A killer chases a boy and girl (both apx. 12 years old) around a farm and they both wet themselves. The boy is wearing overalls and the girl is wearing jeans. I have seen this film, and the scene is not there.

Basketball Diaries, The (USA, 1995): Leonardo DiCaprio gets messed up on drugs and passes out face up in the snow. The crotch of his blue jeans is wet (clearly seen on camera) and the surrounding snow is yellow. A good Samaritan picks him up and pulls a journal from the back pocket of Leo's pants, and it is wet as well. Leo asks how his journal got wet, and the other guy says "You pissed on it!"

*Being John Malkovich (USA, 1999): In a flashback scene, other kids make fun of the young John Malkovich when he wets his pants on the school bus. Rating: 2

*Big Daddy (USA, 1999): Five-year-old Julian wets the bed. The wet sheets are shown. The boy needs to use the bathroom while out in public, so Sonny teaches him the art of public urination. Both of them are shown (from behind) peeing on a wall. Julian pees on Sonny while being carried. You see the wet spot on Sonny's sweatshirt. Rating: 4 Pictures: 1

*Billy Madison (USA, 1995): A boy of about 9 wets his pants while on a school field trip. Sandler feels sorry for him and splashes water on his own pants and tells the kids that adults think pants-peeing is cool. A number of kids (all boys) are then shown boarding a bus with wet pants. Rating: 4 Pictures: 1

Bless the Beasts & Children (USA, 1971): References are made to several campers having problems with bedwetting.

*Blob, The (USA, 1988): This movie contains a possible actual wetting. Early in the film when the younger boys are leaving for a sleepover, one of them has a very wet-looking spot on the front of his jeans. Rating: 2

*Captive (USA, 1998, TV): A young boy (about 11) is kidnapped and tied to a chair for a long time. When one of his kidnappers is making some food for him there are several shots of the boy's desperate face. Eventually he starts crying and wets his pants. Rating: 5 Pictures: 1 2

Carpool (USA, 1996): Daniel's (David Paymer's) young son Andrew (Mikey Kovar) is desperate to pee, so they stop at a hair salon where he pees audibly for a long time in a stall.

*Cellar, The (USA, 1990): A pre-teen boy almost gets pulled underwater by a monster, and when he runs to tell his dad, the boy has wet his pants. He is teased about this by another man and his father defends him. Rating: 4

*Cement Garden, The (France/Germany/UK, 1993): The older boy has a nightmare and pees his jeans while sleeping. You see him wash his clothes in a bathtub when he wakes up and his little sister says "I know that you wet your bed this morning." Rating: 3

*Christmas Every Day (USA, 1996, TV): This movie contains a possible actual wetting. A young boy is coming out of a store with his mother and there is a very wet-looking patch on the front of his blue jeans. Rating: 3 Pictures: 1

Classe de Neige, La or Class Trip (France, 1998): "On his way to join his class at a skiing camp, an 12 yo boy (Clement van den Bergh) talks to his father about his concern that he might wet the bed, and about some plastic sheets in his luggage. Later, he mentions the same concern towards his lady teacher. He forgot his pyjamas, and as the teacher asks the other boys if someone could lend him a pair, one boy asks jokingly: what if he wets them? During the first night, the boy wakes up and checks his bed about wetness. The result remains uncertain. In the morning, after some horrible dream, he checks again. And again the result is left unclear. From how he looks he may even have found wetness, but nothing of it is shown next morning. Neither does he try to hide anything, nor does he get found out, and there is no teasing or mentioning whatsoever. In another night, the same happens again. He falls asleep again, and after a wild dream wakes up and checks again. This time he leaves his bed and examines the front of his pyjamas with a torch, finding a wet spot, which he touches. Then we see something on his hands that looks like sperm. Altoghether I think he has not wet, only in the last situation had his first ejaculation." -Thanks to Adrian

*Clownhouse (USA, 1988): In the opening scene a boy is dreaming about being frightened by a clown. He wets his pants and then it is shown that he actually wet his bed. The bedwetting is referred to by his brothers and mother during the film. Rating: 5

Crazy (Germany, 2000): A teen boy (Can Taylanlar) at a boarding school is caught by a friend when tending to his wet mattress, and confesses that he wets the bed regularly.

Dennis (USA, 2001): Dennis tells the trial and tribulations of an 11 year old boy who is still wetting his bed during the night. His parents experience the anger and stress caused by this challenging condition. They go from doctor to therapist, try prescription drugs, psychology, bedwetting alarms, and finally threats. Nothing seems to work. A resourceful Dennis finds a temporary solution: deceipt. But he's soon discovered and his father reacts violently. Dennis runs away from home and seeks refuge with a friend. An unexpected discovery brings the family back together. Dennis may - or may not stop bedwetting, but the experience has left the family stronger, and wiser. This was a short independent film. If anyone has ever seen it, or heard of a way to get a copy, please let me know.

*Devil's Playground, The (Australia, 1976): The main character is an adolescent boy at a Catholic boarding school. He has a chronic bed-wetting problem and is shown washing his sheets in at least 3 different scenes, but the actual wet sheets are not shown. The other boys nickname him "Piss-The-Bed." Rating: 4 Pictures: 1

Die Geschichte des Thomas B (Germany?, late 1970's?): A bedwetting boy in an orphanage waiting for an adoption. A rich family adopts him and he stops bed wetting after a long period. The adoption worked out well.

Dort oben im Wald bei diesen Leuten (Germany, 1990, TV): A nine-year-old boy wets himself after being threatened by his father. The pee comes out at his ankles and makes a puddle on the floor.

*Down or The Shaft(USA, 2001): This is a horror movie about malfunctioning elevators. In one scene a young boy (maybe 6 to 8 years old), trapped in the elevator as it ascends uncontrollably, pees his pants. You can see the puddle and hear the sound. Rating: 2

E No Naka No Boku No Mura or Village of Dreams (Japan, 1996): Two 9-year-old twin boys (Keigo & Shogo Matsuyama) have dreams about water, and when they wake up they both find that their futons are wet.

Elisabeths Kind (Germany, 1981, TV): A preschool boy wets his pants in fear when hiding in a wicker basket. You can see a growing puddle running from the basket.

Fanny and Alexander (Sweden/France/West Germany, 1982): Alexander is a guest in someone else's house, and he can't find the toilet in the middle of the night so he pisses into a vase.

*Fast Times at Ridgemont High (USA, 1982): A boy pees his pants while sitting on Santa's lap. Rating: 1

*First Do No Harm (USA, 1997, TV): This is a made-for-TV movie about a five-year-old boy with epilepsy. While having one of his seizures, he wets his pants. The camera pans across his body from head to toe, showinga glistening wet spot on the front of his trousers. Rating: 2

*Flight of the Navigator (Norway/USA, 1986): The boy needs to relieve himself while riding aboard the alien spacecraft, so it lands and he is shown standing next to a bush. Rating: 1

Fortress (Australia, 1986, TV): The main character is a teacher whose class (ranging in age from about 6 to 14) is kidnapped and driven to the outback. One of the girls says she's going to wet her pants, so the kidnappers agree to stop. The whole class runs to the bushes, and one of the kidnappers takes a leak as well (shown from behind). The class is walking through the woods when one of the girls asks to be excused. Again, the class scatters into the bushes.

*Funeral Home (Canada, 1980): A boy wets his pants in fear when trapped down in a cellar. The film is very dark and it is hard to see, but there is pee trickling down his legs. Rating: 2

*Funny Games (Austria, 1997): A 10-year-old boy who has been taken hostage (along with his family) pees in his blue jeans. The kidnappers make fun of him for this. Rating: 3 Pictures: 1 2

Garbage Pail Kids Movie, The (USA, 1987): One of the Garbage Pail kids repeatedly wets his pants because he thinks it's funny.

*Génial, mes parents divorcent! (France, 1991): A schoolboy wets his sweatpants, making a puddle on the floor, when he is denied permission to use the bathroom. Rating: 5

*Goodnight Mister Tom (UK, 1998, TV): A young boy who has been sent to live in the country during WWII wets his bed several times. The wet stain and his wet pajamas are shown. Rating: 4

*The Grandmother (USA, 1970): Short film by David Lynch in which the main charater, a young boy, wets the bed. Surreal film. Rating: 2

*Henry V (UK, 1989): According to a source who claims to be familiar with the making of this film, actor Christian Bale wet his pants while filming his last scene. After he is killed and King Henry is carrying him away, you can indeed see that his pants are wet. Christian reportedly wet himself while filming Treasure Island as well, angering co-star Charlton Heston, but apparently no wet scenes in that film made it to the final cut. Rating: 2

*Helgu vé, Hin or The Sacred Mound (Iceland/Sweden, 1993): The main character, a boy of about 8, drinks a lot of soda on a long bus trip and ends up desperate to pee. Later in the film, he wets his bed. Rating: 5

*Hideaways, The or From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler (USA, 1973): This movie contains a possible actual wetting. In the opening scene of the film a young boy runs across a field and his pants are quite obviously wet. Rating: 5

If You Were Me (Korea, 2003): Series of six indepent short films from Korea, one of which is described as such: "There is a very stylish film set in a futuristic Korean apartment block (although since Korea changes so quickly, it may be a period drama by the time you read this). A boy is sent out from his home to collect salt from neighbours as a traditional punishment for persistent bed-wetting. Neighbours unanimously pile the pressure on him and refuse to contribute, except for one man who rebels against the system. But the application of the traditional punishment in this hyper-modern environment has an unintended consequence."

*Intimacy or Intimidad or Intimité (France/UK/Germany/Spain, 2001): Has a scene where one of the sons tries to get into the bathroom after having wet his bed, but his father is locked inside masturbating. The father then proceeds to chang the son's wet pj's. Rating: 2

*Josh and S.A.M. (USA, 1993): This movie contains a possible actual wetting. There is a boy hanging off of some playground equipment with very wet-looking (soaked really) jeans. Rating: 3

Julian H. entführt - Qualen einer Mutter (Germany, 1993): A kidnapped schoolboy is kept tied with a rope, lying on a mattress for many hours, and finally wets himself. The wet patches on the front of his jeans and on the mattress are shown. This scene is shown again later in a flashback after a friend spills water on the front of his jeans, reminding him of how humiliated he had been classmates asked him about how he had used the bathroom while he was tied up.

*Kådisbellan or The Slingshot (Denmark/Sweden, 1993): Roland, a 12-year old boy, is beaten by one of his schoolmasters. When this painful experience is over, the boy desperately needs to pee. However, the teacher will not let Roland use the faculty toilet right next door and makes the boy go outside to the student facilities. After several shots of his desperation as he tries to get there, Roland eventually pees his pants. We see it coming out of the bottom of his pants leg. Rating: 4

Kamchatka (Argentina/Spain, 2002): "Marcelo Pineyro's film gives a broad view of the troubles in Argentina by focusing on a single family. The terror they feel is shown in little vignettes of family life. There is intentionally a lack of discussion about politics, but, for example, how the youngest son is stressed is shown by his return to bedwetting."

*Knafayim Shvurot or Broken Wings (Israel, 2002): "The boy played by Daniel Hagon is unable to face up to the fact that he is wetting the bed. So every day he wets his sleeping five-year-old sister and puts the blame on her." Rating: 3

*Lamb (UK, 1986): A young boy in a Catholic boarding school frequently wets the bed, and and one of the teachers helps him conceal his problem. This continues when the teacher takes the boy away from the school. The wet sheets are shown. Rating: 4

Lazarus (Poland, 1994): A 10-year-old boy pees his pants while playing hide-and-seek. You can clearly see a wet streak down his light blue jeans, but the wetness abruptly disappears in a subsequent scene.

*Left Luggage (USA/Netherlands/Belgium/UK, 1998): The oddball five year old son, Simcha Kalman, has a pants wetting problem. This is seen several times and his brothers mention it to their new babysitter. Rating: 3

*Lengua de las Mariposas, La or Butterfly (Spain, 1999): A young boy wets his pants on his first day of school. Rating: 2

*Little Kidnappers, The (Canada, 1990, TV): This movie contains a scene of actual desperation. According to one of the adult actors in the film, there is a place when they are standing on a bridge and the older of the two boys is jittering around a lot. They all thought that he was just cold, but found out later that he apparently had to pee really badly. Rating: 1

*Loneliest Runner, The (USA, 1976, TV): In the opening scene, the main character, a teenage boy, gets out of bed with wet pajamas. His mother then hangs his wet sheets on the clothesline for the whole neighborhood to see. His bedwetting is the central plot element of the film. Rating: 5

*Long Kiss Goodnight, The (USA, 1996): A boy wets his pants after the main character, a female CIA assassin, tells him she'll "blow his fucking head off" if she catches him smoking again (she was his teacher in an earlier undercover role). Rating: 3

*Look Who's Talking Too (USA, 1990): Much of this film is about toilet training. The main character (a young boy) pees his pants in one scene. Rating: 2

*Loose Shoes (): This movie is a collection of spoofs on the movie-making business. The intermission features a request for support for S.T.O.P.I.T., an organization dedicated to curing bedwetting in youngsters. At one point, a pre-teen boy who has suppsedly been "cured" wets his pants. Rating: 3

Lyubovni sanishta or Love Dreams (Bulgaria, 1994): "Edgar M. and his mother come abroad a small ship to Eden Sanatorium spa. It is here that the wife, wronged by her husband, will seek a cure for her bad headache, while the 13-year-old Edgar M. is fighting his first male impulses as well as "enoresis nocturna", the prettier word for wetting one's bed. The boy's amazed gaze hungrily devours the diverse hotel guests, their love joys and sorrows, while passion lustfully penetrates the walls, carried by the voice of the enchanting opera singer."

*Magnolia (USA, 1999): The main character is a 12-year-old genius who needs to pee while on a quiz show. No one lets him, so he winds up wetting his pants after many shots of his extreme desperation. Rating: 5

*Major Payne (USA, 1995): The Major denies a 6-year-old boy's request to use the bathroom, causing the kid to wet his gray sweatpants. Rating: 3

Mendel (Norway, 1997): "Near the end, the star is trying to get away from an older boy who is bullying him, and he ends up hanging out a window, or going on a roof, or something, but it scares him into wetting his pants."

Mich will ja keiner (Germany?, 1989, TV): A boy wets his bed, and his grandmother disgustedly puts the sheets in the washing machine. The boy then drags his mattress outside to dry.

*Miraklet i Valby or The Miracle in Valby (Denmark/Sweden, 1989): A 14-year old boy wets his pants after being threatened by a medieval warrior. Rating: 2

*Mischief (Italy?, ?): The youngest boy in the family has a bedwetting problem which the new housekeeper solves. Rating: 2

*Mitt Liv Som Hund or My Life as a Dog (Sweden, 1985): A young boy pees his pajamas and bed when his older brother aims a toy gun at him. Their mother then finds the wet sheets in the garbage can. Rating: 4

*My Dog Skip (USA, 2000): There are several references made to the main character having wet his pants out of fear but nothing is ever seen. Rating: 1

My Father's House (?, ?): The movie contains a possible actual wetting. "A boy of about 10 was jogging with his dad in the woods and as the boy was jogging he "REALLY" wet his sweat pants. You could tell as he was running the wet spot was growing and growing." Anyone who can confirm this or tell me which version of the movie it was in, please tell me!

Nagaya Shinshiroku or Record of a Tenement Gentleman (Japan, 1947): The boy in the film is a habitual bedwetter.

*Name der Rose, Der or The Name of the Rose (France/Italy/West Germany, 1986): Adso, the teenage assistant to the main character, is desperate to pee, so his master tells him where he can go to do this. Rating: 1

*Nonnie & Alex (USA, 1995, short): The boy in the film wets his bed. A girl who is a friend helps him to hide it. There is another boy in the film who constantly has to pee. Rating: 3

*Norma Rae (USA, 1979): There's one scene where her 4-5 year-old son has wet his bed and he's running by in wet pj bottoms. In another scene, she takes the boy on her lap to tell him and her other children about her involvement with a union rep. You can see plastic backing sticking up from the boy's pj bottoms. "Either the script called for him to be diapered or he wore one so they could do the entire scene in one take with stopping for a "potty break" or because of an accident. I heard this used to be a common practice with child models years ago." Rating: 3

*Olivier, Olivier (France, 1992): A young boy needs to pee, so Oliver takes him to the bathroom and opens his fly for him, then leaves him alone. Rating: 1

*Omen IV: The Awakening (USA, 1991, TV): The main character, a young girl, gets back at a boy in her class by making him chase her up a ladder. He is afraid of heights, so once up there, he wets his pants. Rating: 4

*One Magic Christmas (Canada/USA, 1985): A brother and sister are playing in the snow, then they run inside to use the bathroom. They argue over who has to go worse then the sister goes in and leaves the brother outside dancing around in utter desperation. Rating: 4

*Padre Padrone (Italy, 1977): A boy wets his pants in front of his class at school when his father comes in to pick him up. You see the pee trickling through the boy's folded hands (which are at his crotch) and onto the floor. The other kids make fun of him until the teacher tells them to be quiet. Rating: 3

Pardon My Pups (USA, 1934, short): "The opening gag - dealing with bedwetting - is in poor taste, but is quickly forgotten."

*Perfect World, A (USA, 1993): The young boy who is taken hostage in this film has to pee really badly at one point and there several scenes of his desperation. Rating: 3

*Pink Floyd The Wall (UK, 1982): Pink wets his shorts in the park as a young lad. I have seen this film and cannot see where this scene comes from -- any confirmation would be appreciated. Rating: 1

*Pixote: A Lei do Mais Fraco or Pixote (Brazil, 1981): Pixote's mother at one point mentions that he wets the bed. Rating: 1

*Please Sir! (UK, 1971): A young boy who wets himself in assembly. You see the puddle on the floor after he asks to be excused. Rating: 1

*Power of One, The (Australia/France/USA, 1992): Three bullies take the 7-year-old PK into the shower room and piss on him near the start of the film. They tell him that his name stands for "PissKopf." After this incident, PK begins to wet the bed. A wet spot on his sheets is shown. He goes home from shool and tells his nanny about his bedwetting so she enlists the help of a tribal medicine man who cures the problem. Rating: 3

*Rage (USA, 1972): The main character's son wets his sleeping bag while out camping. You see his wet pants afterwards as he is wheeled through a hospital. Rating: 4

*Ransom (USA, 1996):The main character's son who had been kidnapped later wets his pants when confronted by the kidnapper. Pee is shown running from his pants leg. Rating: 3

*Red Dragon (USA, 2002): The eight-year-old son of the FBI agent wets his pants at the end of the movie, and this turns into a minor plot element. You see the wet stain on his jeans and the puddle on the floor. There is also mention briefly that the serial killer wet his bed as a child. Rating: 5

*Reflecting Skin, The (UK/Canada, 1990): A 9-year-old boy is forced to drink a lot of water as a punishment for playing with fire. He tries to go and pee, but a visitor insists on asking him questions. Eventually he pees and it is shown dripping down his legs and off of his feet. Rating: 4

*River Wild, The (USA, 1994): A family is kidnapped while on a rafting trip. The boy says he is "hungry," actually a code for needing to pee. Rating: 1

*Savrseni Krug or The Perfect Circle (Bosnia-Herzegovina/France, 1996): The younger of the two brothers is a bedwetter. Rating: 2

*Schatjes! or Darlings! or Army Brats (Netherlands, 1984): This movie contains a possible actual wetting. At one point, the father is angry at his two young sons and he grabs them and carries them to the bookshelf. One of the two boys has a pretty obvious wet spot on the front of his pants. Rating: 4 Pictures: 1

Schöne Tage (Austria, 1981, TV): A boy has a chronic bedwetting problem that is depicted in two scenes showing his wet pajamas and bed, and mentioned at other times. "A farm boy of about 7 (Andreas Umnig) wets his bed. His stepmother discovers his soaked sheet and pyjamas when she pulls away his blanket in the morning. In another scene, he wakes up in his wet bed and rearranges his blanket and pillow so he need not lie on the wet mattress. There is a short view of his back side, his pyjamas are all wet almost up to his shoulders. His bedwetting problem keeps chronic throughout the movie, and is mentioned several more times. At the age of 17 he is at a clothes shop with his stepmother to buy a new suit, and he threatens to pee in the suit pants he is trying on if she denied him to get this particular suit." -Thanks to Adrian

*Second Best (UK/USA, 1994): A man (Keith Allen) kidnaps his three-year-old son James. While driving away, he stops to take a leak on a tree (shown from behind at a distance). At this time his son feels his pants and then pulls his shirt down over the wet spot. At a later point, a social worker reminds James of a pants-wetting incident that occurred when he was six. Rating: 3

Seed of Chucky (USA, 2004): A boy wets himself in fear, and the pee is shown on the ground.

*Sixth Sense, The (USA, 1999): The 8-year-old main character needs to pee badly in the middle of the night, and he is shown at the door to his room dancing from one foot to the other. Rating: 3

Sleep Over (USA, 2003, short): "The story of a 10-year-old boy who wets his bed while spending the night at a friend's house. The mother of the friend is very displeased with this accident." Directed by John Benner. Anyone have more information?

Son's Promise, A (USA, 1990, TV): There are references made to bedwetting episodes by several of the brothers.

Speak Like A Child (UK, 1998): "Bernie, the bully of the children's home, persecutes new boy Sammy, destroying his possessions and taunting him about his bedwetting."

*Summer Camp Nightmare (USA, 1987): A boy needs to pee during the bus trip to summer camp. They have already stopped form him before, and they tell him to wait so wets his shorts. During a later scene he says that he wet them again, though they are not shown. Rating: 4

Sunday Drive (USA, 1986, TV): According to information that I can't locate on the web anymore, the boy in this movie both wets his pants and his bed. If anyone has seen the film and can confirm this, please let me know.

The Tale of the Three Lost Jewels (Belgium/Spain/Palestine/UK, 1994): Possible pants-wetting of a boy about 9/10 years old.

Taking of Pelham One Two Three, The (USA, 1998, TV): Kidnappers seize a subway train, and one of the victims (a 9-year-old boy) needs to pee. After some talk about letting him pee in his pants, he is permitted to open the door and pee out of it. This is shown from behind. This is a U.S. remake of a German film that does not contain the pee scene. Made for television.

Think Big (USA, 1990): "The Barbarian Brothers are back, this time as truckers trying to deliver some toxic waste on time so they can keep their beloved semi. Scene with the little kid with the bed-wetting problem (he's soooo precious)." Anyone have more information?"

*3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain (USA, 1998): A boy (apx. 13 years old) wets his pants after being yelled at by another boy. His friend says, "Bummer, dude, you wet your pants," and the camera shows his soaked pants leg. There is also talk at one point that Rocky (the main character) probably "wussed out" and wet his pants. Rating: 2

Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveller (Canana, 1988): Young Ralph travels from China to Australia inside the stamp of a letter. When he arrives and returns to human size, he needs to pee! He is so desperate that he can merely waddle to the toilet.

Torniamo A Casa (Italy, 1999, TV): An adopted orphan (Cristian Craciunescu), apx. 8 years old, wets his bed in his first night at his new house. The wet sheet is shown.

*Torzok or Abandoned (Hungary, 2001): A father is taking his son to an orphanage because he doesn't want to take care of him anymore. The son (about 11) pees his pants on the train, and the father scolds him for it. Nothing is seen. Rating: 1

Tribulation (Canada, 2000): "The story opens with young Eileen Canboro (Rebecca Henderson) and her younger brothers Tom (Erik Knudsen) and Calvin (Nicholas Swan) many years in the past marking a "safe tree." To address their mother's concerns about their safety as the trio play in the woods, they decide, or rather Eileen decides, that if ever they become separated they are to meet at that tree. Eileen marked the tree by carving their names into the flat of a sawed-off limb. Tom and Calvin keep trying to rush Eileen because Calvin is close to wetting himself. Tom would say something to Eileen such as "Can we go now" and Calvin would repeat it -- until Tom said "Well, hurry up. Calvin looks like he's about to wet himself if we don't go soon" But older sister Eileen is not to be rushed. Eileen also seals the "pact" with a prayer that God would keep the tree standing forever, but it is too late for Calvin who becomes "bladder boy" for Tom. The tree and "bladder boy" are key points in the story." He is shown with wet shorts, and it looks like one of his socks is wet as well.

Tsatsiki: Vanner For Alltid or Tsatsiki: Friends Forever (Sweden, 2001): "A fifth-grader gets embarrassed when his friend tells a girl and she then tells the other classmates that he still wets the bed." -Thanks to Adrian

Tumble Dry (USA, 2003, short): "Tumble Dry" is the story of a father who is unforgiving and a son who fears his anger. David, 8, has a bedwetting problem. One night, his father, Karl, sends him outside in the cold as punishment. His mother, Nora, offers sympathy, but it is of little help until she finally challenges Karl.

*Unfaithful or Untreu (USA/Germany, 2002): When Connie’s little boy, Charlie, played by Erik Per Sullivan from “Malcolm in the Middle,” wets his bed, she comforts him by saying: “It's OK, honey. It's an accident. Everybody has accidents." We see the wet spot on the front of his pj's. Rating: 4

*Uroki w konce vecnoi or Lessons at the End of Spring (Soviet Union, 1989): A boy of about 12 is wrongly sent to prison during a demonstration. During a riot of the prisoners he wets his pants. This is discussed by his new cellmates and the wetness on his pants is visible. Rating: 3

Vanished Without A Trace or They've Taken Our Children: The Chowchilla Kidnapping (USA, 1993, TV): Kidnappers seize a school bus full of kids. One boy needs to pee, and other kids chime in with the same request. The kidnappers tell them to go in their pants.

Verschwinde von Hier (Germany, 1999, TV): A little boy wets his pajamas while in bed. His stepfather discovers this upon lifting the sheet. The boy's mother leaves the house, telling him to wait for her. She returns hours later to find him standing in the same spot with his jeans soaked. The boy (now a 12-year-old) locks himself in the bathroom prior to his mother's wedding because he dislikes the groom. When he comes out, his tan jeans are completely peed in. His grandmother tries to rub out the wetness with a cloth, but gives up and makes him close his jacket over the wet area.

Vildbassen (Denmark, 1994): Three teenage boys are threatened with a gun. One of them wets himself in fear. You see a small wet patch and some trickles appearing on the front of his pants.

*Voor een verloren soldaat or For a Lost Soldier (Netherlands, 1992): A boy (about 12) is evacuated during WWII and wets his bed the first night at his new home. The older son of his host teases him about it the next morning. Rating: 2

*Vor or The Thief (France/Russia, 1997): A 6-year-old boy wets his pants after his stepfather yells at him. You see it running down his leg and the puddle on the floor, and he is shown wringing out the wet pants. The sight of the former stepfather causes him to wet his pants again when he is 12 years old. Rating: 4

We Don't Live Here Anymore (USA, 2004): Supposedly the son Sean (Sam Charles), wets the bed at one point.

*White Squall (USA, 1996): A teenage boy who is afraid of heights wets his pants after being forced to climb the rigging of a schooner. The stream is shown pouring down his legs and onto his sneakers. Rating: 1

*Willies, The (USA, 1991): A fourth grade boy asks his teacher if he can use the bathroom. She asks the class, and they say no, let him wet his pants, but she lets him go anyway. In the bathroom, he sees a monster, and wets his pants while running back to the classroom. The teacher makes fun of him and makes him go back to the bathroom to clean himself up. Later on, some bullies are trapped in the bathroom with the monster, and the lead bully pees his pants. You see the stream going down his leg. Rating: 4

Wind River (USA, 1998): Blake Heron supposedly he has to pee badly at one point in the movie. Anyone have more information?

The Year My Voice Broke (Australia, 1987): "The kid gets startled by another guy, who points out that the kid wet himself. Just a short spurt."

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