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Canton:   show 3
Cry Baby Bridge, Full Moon
Canton:   Pictures are up!
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Canton, Cry Baby Bridge......

East on Cypress St, past the gravel road.  A long time ago, around the 1900's, there was a family of 3 living
in the woods near what today is Canton, Illinois. One day while picking flowers, a young girl drowned in the river, (       ). The family grieved her death, abandoned their house and burnt it to the ground. About 25 years ago, strange occurences started to happen......... Usually around midnight....... people reported seeing a white transparent figure walking through the river in the area where the young girl drowned. History states that every Halloween the house is "rebuilt and burned to the ground"...

Another story includes hearing a baby crying near the first bridge on the road. If you turn your lights off and lock the car doors, roll the windows up, you can hear a baby crying.......


lol, We shall see......... Your friendly neighborhood Paranormal Investigative Team
well....... where shall I start....... Lets start with Amanda first. When we approached the first bridge, and I started walking over to the bridge I felt a tightening in my chest when I was on the right hand side of the bridge. After a little while we left the bridge to head up the road to the second bridge. When we got there I started walking over the bridge on the grassy area. I was just looking around. I didn't feel anything when we were walking around the area. When we were on the bridge I looked up the bank of the creek and noticed something like wooden steps that went from the high side of the bank down to the water.

We then approached a road the locals called Monster Lane. Once we were there we got out of the cars and started down the lane to where several years ago a car with 2 teens were makin out. They were found the next day with the roof torn off and the 2 heads. The roof and the heads were never found. Anyway, I was walking down to the area, I felt the tightening of my chest again. But as I kept on walking towards the wooden area, the tightening was getting worse. The further I walked toward the center of the grassy area, the tighter my chest got. The tightening got so bad that I had to take deep breathes to feel like I was breathing. When I started walking past that area again the tightening started to loosen up. After that we headed back to the cars and headed home.
Amanda K

now from Kaye.
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