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Consolidated Astronautics VX-12 Astroclipper

VX-12 Spaceship Model by Free TraderWith a steadily increasing number of people leaving the Earth for the colonies on the Moon, Mars and Venus, the demand for spaceships capable of carrying larger numbers of passengers increased as well. Consolidated Astronautics' VX-12 Astroclipper was one of several spaceliners introduced in the mid-1980s to meet the increased demand. Powered by a high-temperature gaseous core fission engine, the Astroclipper is capable of transporting passengers and cargo over interplanetary distances. The sleek, 300 foot long spaceship takes off and lands vertically on its tail. Although production was halted in 1993, a large number of VX-12s remain in sevice.

Photo of VX-12 model by Free Trader.


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