utoz bottleUtoz is a fermented malt beverage made from the toz grain. It usually sells for 1 to 2 credits a bottle, depending on the particular brand and location of purchase. Utoz is popular throughout the galaxy, but particularly in the Elrood Sector where it is brewed on Merisee. The largest brewer of utoz on Merisee is UPB, the second largest brewer is Merisee South. In other parts of the galaxy it is sometimes known as 'utozz' or 'fozbeer'. Regardless of the name, they say that utoz is an acquired taste . . .

Intoxication is a very real possibility when consuming utoz. Every bottle requires a stamina roll to prevent the drinker from getting drunk. The first stamina difficulty is Easy, but the difficulty increases by one level per bottle drunk. The difficulty decreases one level per hour that passes without drinking another bottle of utoz. Utoz is discussed on pages 161-162 of The Star Wars Planets Collection, published by West End Games.

On Earth we know utoz as beer.

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