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The Space Station

Located in a stationary orbit 22,000 miles above the Earth, the Space Station serves as a cosmic depot, refueling station and quarantine facility for passengers arriving from other worlds. The three spokes contain elevators for transferring passengers and cargo from the space dock located in the hub to the living quarters in the rim. Located in the rim are apartments and offices for station's staff as well as extensive laboratories, a hotel, restaurants, commissary, and a movie theater. The station rotates to produce near Earth-normal gravity in the outermost rim section. The station has a well-equipped hospital emergency room located in the hub to allow treatment of critically ill or injured patients in free fall. The station is not self-supporting and must import most of its food and supplies from Earth.

Space Station

About the model: The space station model featured on this page was built by modifying a Glencoe Models Nuclear Powered Space Station Kit. The photo was taken by Free Trader using a Nikon F2 Photomic SLR with Kodak Gold ASA 200 film in natural outdoor light, then the background was replaced with black "outer space" using Corel Photohouse.

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