While looking at one of my recent book finds, Bill Landis' SLEAZOID EXPRESS, I was reminded of a great company that presented some of the best Adult films in the Golden Era of Sleaze, Cambist. This was a company that had Lee Hessel as a major player and several films that are now known to many DVD followers of Something Weird who actually find out about where the interesting ads come from. As someone who loved the recent issue of NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES, which had a second feature of THE DEADLY ORGAN, or FEAST OF FLESH (The title presented on the disc as was presented at theatres when playing in The 70's with the main feature), I was inspired to type out a list of their films from The 60's.
   In The 70's, Cambist continued in the Adult Film scene with class with films like RELATIONS, BORDELLO (1971), and VAMPYRES (1974), CRY UNCLE!, and even the New York distribution of the infamous ILSA, following up on the greatness of their offerings of the Pre-Ratings era.
  A good start to understinding why I like this company would be to get the Something Weird DVD to FUEGO, which has several Cambist features in the ads section, as well as having a second feature called THE WOMAN 70x7 that was picked up by the company around 1968.
Nov. 1962 (US playdate) Max Pecas
A film picked up for Audubon Films, noted by some to also have been distributed through Cambist. This film was originally from 1961 and features Elke Sommer, a well respected name.


Nov. 1964
Featured ad on a couple of Something
Weird DVDs

This is the film from Spain in the Argentina Ads feature, but it is still pretty vicious and wild as it's a tale of a girl who gets caught up in the world of card sharks that is killed at the instigation of Wilma (The featured Rita Cadillac), and the search for the one who did it, with some leads to the gang who guard a leading cardshark who runs parties at his castle.


August 18, 1965
Featured ad on FUGEO

One of the few films that was altered a bit for The US, but in a good way (rare case, but true!). This was a film by Albert Dubois that had a color sequence that was the basis for the ad for the otherwise black and white import. Three criminals on the run hide out in a shack, with one inquireing about the action to be had in the area, leading to the color sequence of the tale of "The Naked Flower" that has been used to promote it.


October 15, 1965

One of the few US productions here, William Rose directs some of Barry Mahon's cuties (Darline Bennett, Gigi Darliene amongst them) in a tale of a woman caught in a prostitution ring of wealthy and sadistic people disguised as a modeling agency.


Janurary, 1966

Anton Holden directs this New York Roughie about the investigation of a murder of a Call Girl, with one of her friends aiming to "Roughie Revenge" the one who did it. This leads into a look into the life of a very sad and sadistic bartender. It's on DVD now along with RENT A GIRL.


June 1, 1966
Featured ad on FUEGO DVD

Another altered import for The US (See LOVE HUNGER) which is about a rather "Special" nightclub. Libertad Leblanc stars as Mara, the dancer who is caught in a White Slavery ring centered around the club in Caracas who gets saved by Ernist, another perfomer who is fired after the jealousy of the owner rises. The title of this Albert Dubois film was altered depending on the theatre.


November, 1967
Second Feature on NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES DVD as well as a featured ad on FUGEO

A classic Horror based on hypnotisim and a Phantom of the Club story that includes a bit of Heroin thrown into the tale. Was it the music, or the drugs? A great film by Emilio (DR. HUMPP) Vieyra.

THE WOMAN 70x7 (1962)

March 3, 1968
Second Feature on FUEGO DVD

Although not a film by Armando Bo (Haven International usually carried them), this is a good film with Isabel Sarli that could be called a Western. Directed by Leopoldo Torre Nilsson.


August 14, 1968
Also known as POSITIONS OF LOVE and PUT UP OR SHUT UP- featured ad on FUEGO DVD

This, however, is an Armando Bo-Isabel Sarli film that was played in it's original version in The US in 1962 as an import. A woman is caught between her love for a good guy, her corrupt father, and the mistress who takes over his place after he is killed.


december 15, 1968

Albert Zugsmith is behind this Growing Up tale that has some Rough edges! It features some of the most over-played dramtic scenes as well.


September, 1969

New York corruption in the business world tale directed by Raymond Jacobs. The soundtrack featured the two-hit Pop group The Cyrkle and is seen as one of the company's lesser efforts.


September, 1970

Hans Abramson directs this Wild Woman film from Denmark based on Johannes Allen's story  NU from 1967. A prostitute (Gertie Jung) falls for a businessman (Bjorn Puggard-Muller), although many interesting factors end it including peeping toms and a blackmailing housekeeper.
Another interesting promoter was Gerald Intrator, who was behind the US release of NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES as well as a number of great films for Haven International and Unicorn, the later having the legendary THE CURIOUS DOCTOR HUMPP.
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