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Tatlin!  Six Stories. By Guy Davenport. New York: C. Scribner's Sons, 1974.


  • Tatlin!
  • The Aeroplanes at Brescia
  • Robot
  • Herakleitos
  • 1830
  • The Dawn in Erewhon

Acknowledgement (verso title page):

"Of these stories,

  • 'The Aeroplanes at Brescia' and 'Robot' first appeared in The Hudson Review, to whose editors I am grateful for permission to reprint.
  • 'Robot' has also appeared in Martha Foley's Best Short Stories of 1973 and O. Henry Prize Stories, 1974.
  • 'The Aeroplanes at Brescia' follows Franz Kafka's and Max Brod's account of an event.
  • 'Tatlin!' is indebted to Camilla Gray's pioneer work, The Great Experiment:  Russian Art 1863-1922.
  • Parts of 'The Dawn in Erewhon' are excerpts translated from Adriaan van Hovendaal's Het Erewhonisch Schetsboek and Higgs Reisen in Erewhonland."

Dedication:  "Ralph Eugene Meatyard  1925 -- 1972"

Photograph of GD is by Steven Diamant. (dust jacket, rear inner fold)

"Front Jacket:  The Face of the Moon, "painted from nature" by John Russell, c. 1795. Birmingham [UK], The City Museum and Art Gallery." (dust jacket, rear inner fold))

Note:  'The Dawn in Erewhon' is also the title of a Wyndham Lewis painting. This title alludes also to Samuel Butler's Erewhon and to Charles Montagu Doughty's The Dawn in Britain, both books mentioned often by GD in his classes.

Note:  GD in conversation (late summer 1974) said that the Danish National Library (Det Kongelige Bibliothek?) had received enquiries about books by an author named Adriaan van Hovendaal.

Note:  The Fourieriste escapes of Adriaan, Kaatje, Bruno, et al. are continued in "The Death of Picasso: Het Erewhonisch Schetboek: Germinal, Floréal, Prairial 1973" first published in The Kenyon Review (new series, 2:1, Winter 1980, pp. 40-58) and included in Eclogues (1980), pp. 13-34. 

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