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I created these sims for those who would like to have a heavier set man in their neighborhood.

Laurel and Hardy are here to help explore my site and to give you an example of my work.  Most of my sims that hang out here have an extra girth.  However, there are some that still have been diligently keeping their tummies within the Sims Surgeon General's guidelines.  Feel free to browse around, and enjoy your visit!

Mesh Award

Why Chubby Sims?

You might ask yourself what is a Chubby Sim. After I got the Sims I noticed that the Fat Sim was... well, not fat.  I myself am not on the light side and I wanted to be able to import a simulated self portrait  into the game.  So I spent a considerable amount of time (started in Oct. 2001) to learn how to make my own meshes and have them work in the game.   My task of using my meshes and skins in the game became much easier with the expansion pack "Hot Date".   My extra-large (XLG) mesh, designated with a 700 number, is what I developed first and now would like to share them with you.

To see a short animation showing the difference between the original Maxis "Fat Sim" and my Chubby Sims click here.

Although this site is primarily dedicated to chubby male sims, both the XLG and the XXL, I also created a plus size female sim after receiving many requests, so have fun with your new "well rounded" neighborhood :-)

Site News!

Oct 15, 2004

This is an archive of ChubbySims.com site which has moved here to Geocities.   It has been very fun but the cost and work to maintain the site and coming up with new things has worn me out.   Maybe in the future I will get back into creating mesh and skins again, but until then, please enjoy the free web site and hopefully it will be here for a very long time.

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Being an archived site, what you see is what you get.

Thanks for coming by!

My official policy on using my files.

Skins/Meshes:   Creators are free to use my meshes when creating skins but should direct people to my site to obtain them.

File Sharing:   File sharing is only allowed in the extreme instances that my site becomes unavailable in which case my files can only be redistributed via email. No uploading of my files to another site, egroup, etc.


Having a problem let me know, but request for sugestions have ended.   Thanks.

p.s. You will need to remove the "I-hate-spam-" from the "to address line" in your email.

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