Central idea of the poems


1. The Voice of God


          This poem has been written by Louis I. Newman . This poem tells us that God is omnipresent. He lives among the people. So love to the mankind is the love to God.



2. Little things


         This poem has been written by Julia Carney . It teaches us that minor and ordinary things are not useless. They are very important to make our lives happy in this world. For example, as tiny drops of water and grains of sand make big oceans and pleasant land, in the same way our little deeds of kindness and small words of love can make our world a beautiful place to live.


3. From the Railway carriage


      This poem is written by Robert Louis Stevenson. This poem tells us about the fast speed of the railway train . The railway train runs very fast and it is a very useful invention.


4. A Nationís strength


     Ralph Waldo Emerson is the writer of this poem. It tell us that wealth cannot make a nation great and strong. Only brave and courageous men of high moral character can do it by hard work and sacrifice.


5. Beautiful Hands


       This is a very beautiful poem written by Ellen M. H. Gates. It tells us that motherís hands are  a great blessing. They are the symbol of beauty, love and labour. In spite of being old and weak, mother uses her hands to work hard for the happiness of her children.



6. Speak Gently


      The main idea of this poem is that we should speak very gently with everyone. By using sweet and kind words we can win the hearts of the people. Harsh words spoil our relations with others.



7. The Hand that  Rocks the Cradle is the hand that rules the world.


      This poem is written by William Ross Wallace. It tells us that hands of women are a  great blessing. These hands look after the children and guide them. The same hands make great and famous persons.


8. King Bruce and the Spider


      Eliza Cook is the writer of this poem. It tells us that we should never be dishearted and must keep on trying again and again. And those who try get honour and success.


9. Casabianca


      This poem is written by Felicia Dorothea Hemans . The poem tells us that we should obey our elders ; we should be loyal to our duty and lay down our lives to live for ever.


10. The Minstrel Boy


       Thomas Moore is the writer of this poem. This poem teaches us that we should be loyal and patriotic to our country and we should sacrifice everything of  ours for this noble cause.


11. The uses of Adversity


       This poem tells us that adversity is also a blessing. It makes us able to face the challenges of life. It polishes a person and makes him a complete and perfect man. So to be successful in life we should work hard and never be disappointed.


12. Thereís a good time coming


       This poem has been written by Charles Mackay . In this poem the writer tells us that a good time is coming in the near future. There will be justice and happiness in this world. We should always be hopeful . We should keep on working hard and wait for that good time.


13. The Man who Wins


        In this poem, the writer tells us that the people who have strong will-power and self-confidence are always the winner. So, what ever we do should be supported with our strong will-power and we shall surely be successful.


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