Note: what is waiting to be written is an essay on the relation between this code and the old Hellenic dictates of "All things in moderation", and "Know thyself", as we put the material into a more specifically Hellenic context. Until then ...

Possible questions ...

  1. "In establishing such a code, aren't you trading freedom for peace?"

    Answer : No. Click here for an explanation as to why that is.
  2. "Isn't it hypocritical for you for you to speak of freedom of thought, and then have an ideological litmus test for your membership?

    Answer : No, again. What a surprise we'd say that, right? Click here for a defense of our actions, and a discussion of some of the issues surrounding them.
  3. "Could we skip all of this, and get to what it is, that you expect of us? Let's just jump to the code in question."

    Answer : Only too glad. Click here to enter.