Name: Tobias
Date: Sat Sep 21 03:46:34 MDT 2002

Antistoicus, nobody asked YOU to attack this site yet you have just admitted that you don't even know anything about LORD ALTON and the site's content This proves that you love blowing out hot air without checking out all the facts. The fundie danger is cleary displayed on this site and also that of the CCLF. However, you simply regard these type of sites as being biased and uninformative. Like all troublemakers you ignore 99% of factual evidence. Still, what do you care about SRAM.

Antistoicus, your clear ignorance of the anti-defamation situation is unbelievable and your answer to the problem is to either dismiss it or attack those good folk that report on it. Gotta be more evidence that you are an evangelical crusader who's been caught out, as no pagan could so stupid to ignore the numerous reports freely given on CHU and CCLF sites?

Rev. Antistoicus, Amazing how you hate wiccans yet welcome Catholics into your biased little world! Have you forgotten about the way that the Vatican recently blamed pagans for the HOLOCAUST? maybe you were too busy vilifying witches to catch the story though eh? Wiccans "vicious and closed minded" are they? Try looking in the mirror pal.

Name: Antistoicus
Date: Sat Sep 21 05:21:34 MDT 2002

Tobias, try to understand this. In your little parochial world, your Lord Alton probably seems quite important, but on a global scale, he's nobody. Great Britain just isn't that important, any more, as much as you seem to want to think that it is. There is no more reason for me to concern myself with what goes on in your parliament than there is for me to worry about, say, Poland's legislature, and considerably less reason than there is for me to concern myself with the news from Japan.

Did the Vatican blame "Pagans" for the Holocaust? Good, because that's historically accurate, whether you like it or not. Hitler was a worshipper of the Norse Gods, who made an unsuccessful attempt to abolish Christianity in Germany, hoping to replace it with an "Aryan church". The Vatican isn't doing anything but repeating well documented history that just doesn't happen to suit your prejudices, and as a former Jew, (*) I say "good for them". As usual, the truth hurts, huh?

Now, Toby, let us explore this a little more, because your thought process are just so (deleted) interesting. Because SOME Christians have behaved in a hateful, bigoted and intolerant manner toward some Pagans, you feel that all Pagans should be hostile and abusive toward ALL Christians. Let's say we accept that principle, just for the sake of discussion. Then, since a number of the people responsible for the Holocaust were pure, non-synchretic Pagans, ... see where I'm going with this, Toby?

I'd have to say that killing somebody for being Jewish is pretty (deleted) hateful, bigoted and intolerant, and so using Toby's "logic", wouldn't that mean that all Jews should be hostile and abusive toward all non-synchretic Pagans, like Toby, here? No wonder Tobomas is in such a rush to portray an accurate telling of history as an act of anti-Pagan bigotry. He just figured out what the implications of what he was saying were, and he doesn't like them.

Now, Tobias, before I go for the day, and gosh it's been riveting, here are a few things for you to keep in mind:

  1. The Nazis killed ex-Jewish converts to other religions, not just practicing Jews, so if you think that my current status gets you out of the corner that I just boxed you into, think again.

  2. I've been saving copies of these pages, so if you think that you can save face by having this book cleared, you're in for a tragic disappointment

But this all pales beside the real point :

What do you hope for this hate campaign to accomplish? Any war between Christendom and Pagandom would be a ten minute long affair, given how thoroughly outnumbered the Pagans are. You know it, and they know it. So, are you hoping to intimidate them? They'll laugh in your face. Are you hoping to mobilize Pagans to fight against them, when they launch some future attack which will only exist in your diseased, paranoid mind? You would have no chance of victory.

About all that you can realistically hope to accomplish by picking this unwinnable fight with Christendom, is that you'll antagonize the (overwhelmingly Christian) general population, promote hatred against Pagans who will be seen as belligerent lunatics, and worsen the status of Pagans everywhere. All so that you can act like an undersocialized, mentally unbalanced child. The same can be said of C.H.U. in general. That's your idea of serving the Pagan community?!

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(*) "as a former Jew"

In the interest of being forthcoming ... in order to make this into a readable narrative, I had to do a lot of cutting and rearranging, as the original guestbook' entries were in reverse chronological order, as guestbook entries tend to be. Along the way, I deleted the original phrase between those commas. It read "as a former Jew", or something very similar to that. But as it took me over one hour to get through that guestbook, owing to server speed, I didn't feel up to going fishing again.

Forgive me. Whether you'll be doing that for my little blunder, or for being anal retentive enough to write a footnote like this, I leave up to you.

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