Date: Sun Sep 22 13:35:47 MDT 2002

Crafty the way in which Rev. Antistoicus evades the questions put before him re: Dickens and the start of SRAM. How convenient that he brushes over the misery created 'worldwide' by fundamemtalist Christians hunting for nonexistent Satanic adversaries. Funny how he readily agrees with the CHURCH that the holocaust was the work of nothing but paganism.

I repeat the previous question for the 'hard-of thinking' (i.e. antistoicus) "Interesting that you love to vilify CHU and CCLF for simply warning people about what fundies in high places are up to!"


Your shallow and indoctrinated thinking re: the Holocaust is unbelievable. It was BIBLICAL CHRISTIANITY that has for 'centuries' vilified, stereotyped and murdered the jews for allegedly slaying its messiah 'not' paganism. Hiltler just promoted this Xtian hate - concept to further his evil racial policies. The Vatican shifted the blame onto pagans and YOU agree with them. More evidence methinks of your Christian loyalties. It is YOU that is after a divisive anti-wiccan war not pagans.

Quote: "Pagans in the West are free to worship as they please because, by and large with but a few loud-mouthed exceptions, Western Christians want them to be." You cannot be serious Antistoicus - The 'Christian majority' does as its leaders say and were quick to condemn EVERTHING connected with paganism/the occult during the SRAM. Xtian leaders (who you call the 'loud-mouthed' ) call the shots and press the buttons to motivate the majority. Shame on you for being so silly (or acting so).

Name: Antistoicus
Web Site: The Cauldron and Cross Webring (just a member)
Date: Sun Sep 22 14:30:52 MDT 2002

Funny how you continually misrepresent what I say, and then complain about my alleged sneakiness, Tobias. To respond to your earlier comment about nobody having asked me to attack this site, I beg to differ. CHU hasn't simply attacked Christian fundamentalists, it has specifically attacked Christo-Pagans, and those Pagans who won't join in on your hysterical brand of bigotry.

Web Site: Pagans for Jesus (another ring, not mine)

By attacking me and mine, as it attacks Christo-Pagans in general with absolutely no provocation, CHU hasn't merely asked me to "attack this website" by calmly posting reasonable criticism of its actions, it has begged for me to do so. Now, there's a word for you and Gertrude to think long and hard about. "Calm". I would ask the reader to ask himself if he could ever picture you two being anything other than a disruptive presence.

There is nothing "bigoted" about wanting to get away from people who, like you and Gertrude, think that personal attacks and ranting and raving are good substitutes for reasonable discussion and who will make a scene if they aren't given what they want. Face it, Tobias - the only thing that you're a victim of is your own loud-mouthed obnoxious personality. Like most hate-mongers, you seek a scapegoat so you won't have to face your own failings like a man.

Web Site: Jewish Pagan webring (not mine)

Now, back to you, "Gertrude". In exactly what manner have you been "suppressed" (sic) by the Catholic Church, and its recognition that a number of Pagans played a key role in bringing about the Holocaust, a point which no reputable historian would dispute? By the way, since you and Tobias (or would that be you, Tobias?) don't seem especially well-educated, let me add that the word you're probably looking for is "oppressed".

Web Site: (not mine)

Enjoy the link above, Toby. I think you need to visit it. I am not, however, "hard of thinking". I understand your argument, I am merely not persuaded by it. Here's a little math for you. There are over 1 billion Christians on this planet, some tens of millions of them in the UK alone. Let's say, for the sake of discussion, that one tenth of one per cent of them, wherever you went, were rabid anti-Pagan bigots, and the other 99.9 per cent of them were Pro-Pagan freedom fighters.

Web Site: The Northern Gnostic (not mine)

That would still leave you with over 1 million anti-Pagan Christian hatemongers on the planet, with tens of thousands of them in the UK, far more than PAN would have the space to report, even though Christian opposition to anti-Pagan hate would be overwhelming on an epic scale. Ever hear the saying "the plural of anecdote is not data"? This is where that comes from. In a large population, you can "prove" almost anything you want, just by taking a biased enough sample. That is what CHU has done.

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