Name: Gertrude
Date: Mon Sep 23 02:40:06 MDT 2002

Rev. Antistoicus, your spouting the usual, boring mind-twaddle yet again. Furthermore, you are still evading questions that you cannot tolerate. Xtian leaders stood by during the recent attacks on new age stores and did nothing. Xtian society stood by and did nothing. Check it on the link enclosed. this is not about hate you fool it is about 'warning' others - its called COMMON SENSE! Still, an evangelical like you must create dissent in order to spread the 'Holy Word' of your 'saviour' hey!

Rev. Antistoicus, re: Xtian-oriented campaigns against occult minorities leading to firbombing check it on Is it wrong to tell others the facts about such matters in good faith or better to pretend they never happened? Oh BTW - try reading some history books on how misleading 'Xtian' stereotypes of the Jews resulted in Hitler's misuse of power. By agreeing with the Vatican you clearly show what a 'pretender' you really are!

Rev. Anti - Isn't it about time that you realised that this very silly 'hate' thing you have about CHU, CCLF & others is nothing more than a 'mirror image' of YOURSELF? Isn't it time that you realised that your pathetic attempts to make out that one can be both Christian and pagan at the same time is nothing more that a trendy new age fudge to hoodwink others into eventually getting their bums back onto 'Church' pews? How about you joining 'Jews for Jesus' - you might have more luck there!

Back to this infantile 'hate' fixation of Antistoicus, Does he/she not realist that the CCLF & CHU (which he loves to defame) actually both started as 'human rights/defence' groups 'AFTER' serious attacks by the fundies on New Age faith systems. This point alone makes his whole diatribe meaningless/without basis. 'If' (ha ha) he really wasn't a fundie in disguise he should apologise immediately to both organisations.

Name: Antistoicus
Date: Mon Sep 23 03:56:51 MDT 2002

No, Gertrude, but once again you show your usual regard for the truth. CHU, by its own account schismed off of the Pagan Federation, which wasn't anti-Christian enough for its tastes. As for the rest of your "points", they have already been answered to the satisfaction of any rational person, and I'm not going to waste any more of my time on this "is not, is so" contest. But there is one thing that I find interesting.

With all of the mainstream Christian denominations you could have focused your hate on, I see you focusing it exclusively on Catholics, a religious minority that the UK as a long and atrocious history of mistreating. Prejudice against them is a matter of tradition. Oh, and look! You find a new religion, create a myth of persecution at the hands of those your ancestors abused, and now you can continue your ancestral bigotries and hatred, all while pretending to hold the moral high ground! Isn't that convenient! Isn't that remarkable! And that, Gertrude, is what this is really all about, and as much as you might try to go into denial about this, you're fooling nobody but yourself, and probably not even yourself, really. The rest of this discussion is yours. I've made my point, and you folks just aren't worth my time. Now, those who visit can see more easily that you're not worth theirs, either. Have fun

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