Name: Tobias
Date: Mon Sep 23 05:07:12 MDT 2002

Rev. Antistoicus, How revealing that you are now running scared when faced with the truth! You are nothing more then a trouble-making Xtian activist who has failed miserably to create 'dissent' on a site that's devoted to freedom and truth. All other genuine pagan sites should be aware of the danger posed by you and your disruptive ilk. CHU & CCLF were formed to defend freedom of belief AFTER odious Xtian attacks on the New Age. You cannot face this provable truth. Go home to your Church!

Our Rev. Antistoicus has clearly displayed that there is no such thing as a 'Christian-witch'. Anyone claiming to be one is either a trouble-making fundie activist (like him) or a complete fool who is totally ignorant of the obvious differences between pantheism & monotheism. Please warn 'all' pagans/wiccans/occultists to be on guard for these aggresive & disruptive 'missionaries' as they are devoted to seeking 'Souls for Christ!' Don't let them bamboozle you!

Name: Seraphim
Web Site: The Witchfinder Army
Referred By: Was sucked in against my will
Date: Fri Oct 4 14:37:16 MDT 2002

Bow before me for I am the Anti-Gardner!

Name: Seraphim
Web Site: The Witchfinder Army
Referred By: Was sucked in against my will
Date: Fri Oct 4 14:38:53 MDT 2002

Bow before me for I am the Anti-Gardner! Well you proved to me that you pagans cannot debate, because you deleted my last guestbook entry. How pathetic. Over 100,000 of you Gardnerian grandchildren have sites attacking Christianity, yet they only have about 50 attacking you. They are not your enemy...I am

Name: Bored to tears
Date: Fri Oct 4 20:40:50 MDT 2002

The only thing that Tobias has "proved" is that he can't read. Antistoicus says that he's a Christo-Pagan in his >first posting in this book<, and then Tobias later "exposes" him as being a "church goer". A Christo-Pagan, by definition, is a polytheist who includes Jesus as one of his gods. Why wouldn't the man go to the shrine of one of his gods? As for his "running off", look at the book. He went back and forth with Tobias for days and just got tired of talking to the idiot.

Name: Copper Emeraldwolf
Date: Fri Oct 4 21:15:53 MDT 2002

Shout out to Seraphim : Think you're real funny, don't you ? All I have to say is don't you dare wander into uk.religion.pagan or uk.religion.paganism. Don't think that we won't hex you. To be able to cure is to be able to hex. You've been warned.

Date: Sat Oct 5 02:53:07 MDT 2002

Quote 'Arkhangel': "Bow before me for I am the Anti-Gardner!" Oooh - why so nasty and aggressive? Judging by the way you love to 'repeat' yourself and your CLEAR ingorance of what you are bleating on about you are nothing but an attention-seeking little ego that wants to be heard above all others. BTW, many witches couldn't give a toss about Gardner so please get you silly facts straight too before you get your hate-filled knickers in a twist again!

Date: Sat Oct 5 03:03:32 MDT 2002

Quote, 'Bored to tears.' " A Christo-Pagan, by definition, is a polytheist who includes Jesus as one of his gods." 'Hi there, ANTISTOICUS!' - just couldn't bear to stay away hey! No - a so-called Christo/pagan is either a clandestine missionary (like you) trying to evangelise pagans or a dunderhead who doesn't understand the difference between monotheism & polytheism! Self delusion is a Christo-pagan watchword!

Date: Sat Oct 5 03:38:42 MDT 2002

Our new chump SERAPHIM is nothing but a trouble-making 'born again'. Don't take my word, checkout his supportive comments on '' (guestbook) which is a pagan - hating Xtian site. Quote Seraphim: "We at the Witchfinder Army wholeheartedly support your (anti-pagan/wiccan) efforts. Smite the unholy with explanatory pamphlets and hymns played on a guitar!" Now we understand WHERE this hate-peddling spiritual storm trooper is coming from eh! He thrives of HATE- so just humour him!

Name: Gertrude
Date: Wed Oct 16 04:38:27 MDT 2002

Anyone whos seen the bumbling Witch-finder Intelligence' (don't laugh) report on their silly site which tries and fails to attack the CCLF, CHU and PF will now realise what a bunch of jerks these nutters really are. They have little or no knowledge about the state of play between the pagan groups they mention. Their own words prove this fact. This Seraphim should research his hate targets more seriously so that he doesnt make more of a prat of himself in future.

Name: Oakbreeze
Date: Sat Oct 19 20:52:54 MDT 2002

One of the things I love about Paganism is the tolerance of other faiths....but if you're going to be tolerant, you can't just tolerate people you happen to agree with. Tobias, you say Christo-Pagans are self-deluded, but you know, plenty of people consider Wicca a flaky cult that isn't a REAL religion...can't you see that you're doing the exact same thing as they are, just with a different target? Freedom of religion applies to ALL of us, be we Catholics, Pagans, Muslims, or anything else...

...Or it would, in a better world. Maybe someday we'll live in that world, but in the meantime, don't you think there's enough hate and intolerance out there? Please, don't add more fuel to the flames. Yes, there are *some* Christians - by no means all! - who hate and attack people with different beliefs, but that's no reason to become just like them. If you fight hate with hate, hate wins.

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