Name: Tobias
Date: Tue Oct 22 15:03:16 MDT 2002

Quote Antistoicus: I wouldn't be at all surprised in the "Witch hunter army" was your creation; how interesting that they never post where their IP would be publicly visible. Your 'ramblings' are totally incoherant and irrational. The silly site which you mention doesn't need to post the IP where it can be seen 'cos it's on their 'address bar.' Please think BEFORE you write!

Antistoicus, how dare you accuse me of being in league with that WA hate group when you yourself are so full of spiritual confusion. This is a VERY cheap shot and shows just how low some people will stoop when the going gets tough! The misleading 'Christ-pagan' contradiction has been fully discredited and shown to be what it really is! However, do please come back when you have come to your senses and we may be able to have a sensible chat. I still feel you are subconsciously anti-wiccan.

Editorial comment, not in the guestbook : Note that the only 'arguments' advanced by CHU/Tobias/Gertrude against Christo- Paganism have consisted of assertions backed up by nothing more than name calling and paranoia. Taken in context, what Tobias is saying is "come to your senses, Antistoicus, how can you continue to be a Christo-Pagan when I've told you that you shouldn't be one?".

Somehow, the word "megalomania" comes to mind.

Name: Carrie
From: Pa. USA
Referred By: Pagan Links
Date: Fri Oct 25 10:41:55 MDT 2002

Very informitive!

Name: Ralph
Web Site: link to Independent news story
From: England
Date: Sat Oct 26 17:25:24 MDT 2002

interesting website - its good to know that someones looking out for pagans. Thought I would let you know about a news story from the Independent - careful next time you shop at ASDA or you might just get converted!

Name: Septimus
Web Site: Shrine to Athena Promachos
From: UK
Referred By: Google search
Date: Mon Oct 28 04:25:36 MST 2002

Jerusalems mental institutions are full of chritian fundies

Name: Ralph
Web Site: Report on horse attacks.
From: England
Date: Mon Oct 28 14:26:02 MST 2002

hello, me again. just read a disturbing news story from BBC supposedly linking attacks on Horses to Paganism. An in-depth reading shows it is pure speculation. Note that they aren't even bothering to infere Satanists (the usual "whipping boy") - they're going straight for all Pagans. Link to the story is above. I would really like to know just who added the pagan element to this story.

Name: Gertrude
Date: Wed Oct 30 02:24:45 MST 2002

Re: the Horse attacks. This is just another rewite of the same old fundie lie. British Media & fundie machine whipped this up first in 1988 The CCLF fully documented this lie/scare and has had its research posted on the web for 'years' at Check this out on their site links page. This is just a sub-division of the SRAM situation.

UKPAGAN is mentioning this Horse Attack story in their forums and CHU have had some 'common-sense' imput here. Surf: http: // on=viewtopic&topic=3703&start=20

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