Name: Gertrude
Date: Wed Sep 4 02:27:01 MDT 2002

Antistoicus, (or whatever pseudonym you hide behind). It was you that entered this site full of hatred and bias against decent pagan folk that just refuse to fall for your 'evangelical' missionary plans. Isn't this the 'real' reason that you cannot stop spamming the guestbook? The Xtian 'Church' (which you seem a part of) never could stand those that opposed its spiritual monopoly!

Oh yeah - the reason I don't insert my e-mail address is so that I will not get hammered to death by New age interfaith bunnies and other religious fanatics that get their jollies from seeking converts for Jesus and clogging up websites with trendy, white-light theocratical fluff.

Name: Tobias
Date: Wed Sep 4 07:13:47 MDT 2002

Judging by the way this 'Antistoicus' dude is persistantly forcing his MISLEADING credo down the throats of all who see this site I was MORE than right to call him a "Spiritual Dictator". Furthermore, You can worship whatever or whoever you like as far as I'm concerned so long as you 'don't' keep trying to feed me your same old gospel Xtian salvationist dribble . 'If' I wanted monotheistic mind-control I would join the Salvation Army or an evangelical, happy - clappy born again outfit!

Name: Climber
From: uk
Referred By: google search engine
Date: Wed Sep 4 07:26:03 MDT 2002

Nice one CHU! Glad to see that someone had the courage and forsight to challenge the Christian missionary machine and all the manipulative herd mentality it exemplifies. Keep up the good work!

Name: Antistoicus
Date: Fri Sep 6 00:17:23 MDT 2002

Gertude, this gets better and better. Opposition to hating people because they're Christian or because they have a constructive relationship with Christians, constitutes hatred against Pagans? What's next? Am I going to hear that the ADF is anti-German, because it is critical of far right anti-semitism in Germany? Incredible. By the way, something doesn't become "SPAM" merely because you don't like it, no matter how many times you try to throw that wild accusation.

Yes, Climber. It took real courage for CHU to start this McCarthy-style witchhunt of any Pagan who wasn't sufficiently hateful toward Christians because anti-Christian rhetoric was SO scarce in the Pagan community before they showed up. I'm reminded of the old description of the United States : "the only country on earth where a 'dissident' is defined as being somebody who has the courage to fanatically support what 90 per cent of his friends are saying". I can see that's no longer true. Kudos!

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