Name: Gertrude
Date: Fri Sep 6 04:28:33 MDT 2002

The only faction who is full of hate is YOU Antistoicus. I have Xtian family members/friends who I dearly love yet I can still 'challenge' their theocratical desire to evengelise/missionise me. Can you 'not' understand this particular point or what? Your nasty attack against CHU is deplorable & it's a credit to their 'liberal-minded' attitude that they've not deleted your childish entries.

Antistoicus - "Constructive relationship with Xtians" Get real, like many others you are clearly being played like a drum by theocratical forces that are based on gospel-based 'evangelism' but cannot see it! Or alternatively YOU are a sleeping 'agent provocateur' for the Church's crusade mission to Paganism itself! Come on admit it!

Date: Sat Sep 7 04:24:58 MDT 2002

Antistoicus, You seem OBSESSED with hate. You also fail to realise that the fundies have to (by their own credo) SPREAD THE GOSPEL (i.e. target others for conversion to Christ). This is what they DO. Try reading their own book it's called the 'BIBLE.' Seems to me that you just enjoy creating trouble for the sake of it. What's your game?

Name: Tobias
Date: Sat Sep 7 04:58:15 MDT 2002

'Gertrude' is right regarding this 'Church crusader' called ANTISTOICUS. On his 'own' website it says clearly, and I quote - "I'm off the clock and like any other 'CHURCH GOER ', I get to be myself" This pseudo-pagan even states on his site - " WICCANS ARE NOT WELCOME AS GUESTS ANY MORE." Point proved - Xtian troublemaker exposed! What lengths will they go to to target pagan folk?

Maybe this (shoot-yourself-in-the-foot) 'Antistoicus' chappy could explain just how he as a 'church-going' Xtian manages to 'work' with pagans? Furthermore, how can he possibly term himself as being monotheistic and polytheistic all at the same time? He must think genuine pagans are all completely stupid to fall for such crass missionary evangelical rubbish! His ridiculous comments are ill-considered and full of errors.

Name: Clarence
From: UK
Referred By: Witchvox
Date: Mon Sep 9 21:15:55 MDT 2002

When are people going to realise that one day we will all wake up and wonder why The Burning Times has happened again and then we will look back and say "oh yes, it's because we chose to ignore what people were telling us because we were brainwashed by the idea that all religions could live happily side by side without needing to seek to convert". A dark day that will be and it's coming if we don't buck our ideas up. Christians do not, cannot and will not accept Pagans!!!!!!

Name: Climber
Date: Tue Sep 10 03:32:37 MDT 2002

Clarence is correct. So many plastic pagans are now easy targets for missionary outfits as the PAN literature proves. Numerous so-called pagans and wiccans actually permit the fundies to get a foot into the door without realising just how clever these missionaries are. Just check out PAN's 'Chelmsford Pagan Moot' link if you doubt this point. How can anyone who calls themself 'Pagan' be so thick? And don't forget - history proves that the Church always opposes that which it cannot convert!

Name: Gertrude
Date: Sat Sep 14 04:40:16 MDT 2002

By his pathetic lack of ability to defend his ridiculous diatribe Antistoicus has let the cat out of the bag and proved to the occult community that he is nothing more that a failed MISSIONARY to paganism. Not all pagans are as 'wet behind the ears' as he and his proselytising evengelical ilk seem to think. Go target some other religions - we want none of your devious tricks!

Name: Antistoicus
Web Site: The Almond Jar
From: Chicago
Referred By: Altavista
Date: Wed Sep 18 23:50:39 MDT 2002

Tobias - how absolutely brilliant of you to have revealed to the world what I had diabolically concealed on my front page - sort of. Let's read further, a little down the page. "Repeat. This is not a Wiccan group. It is amazing how many people have had trouble with that concept. We ARE a Christo-Hellenic group, now. That means that Jesus, and the angels and saints, are revered side by side with the Olympians." What did you think a Christo-Pagan was, you incredible idiot?

Incredible. These people are still at it. Quoth Gertrude - "I have Xtian friends and relatives who I love dearly, but I can still challenge their attempts to convert/evangelise me. Can't you understand this point?" On the contary, Gertrude, I understand your situation all too well. I understand that you're a paranoid nutcase who has just all but admitted that she sees Christians plotting to convert her everywhere she looks, even when she's looking at the people she pretends to care about.

Web Site: Constructing God (on the Almond Jar)

Let me correct the quote below. Gertrude : "... who I dearly love, yet I can still challenge their theocratical desire to evengalise/missionise me". That's even more paranoid than the passage I cited from memory, with some slight error. To clear this up : Gertrude, I don't hate you. I merely look down on you.

Web Site: Almond Jar's Definition of Adorational Pagan

Clearing up some more of the many distortions shared by Sally and her friends, none of whom left e-mail addresses (and isn't that interesting) ... according to Tobomas, I claim to be both monotheistic and polytheistic. Wrong. The Shrine is an "Adorational Pagan" group, see above link. Whether that makes me, and us monotheistic or polytheistic depends on your point of view, and how you choose to define the word "god". As usual, this crowd has refused to read and listen before mouthing off.

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