Name: Ralph
Web Site: Report on horse attacks.
From: England
Date: Mon Oct 28 14:26:02 MST 2002

hello, me again. just read a disturbing news story from BBC supposedly linking attacks on Horses to Paganism. An in-depth reading shows it is pure speculation. Note that they aren't even bothering to infere Satanists (the usual "whipping boy") - they're going straight for all Pagans. Link to the story is above. I would really like to know just who added the pagan element to this story.

Name: Gertrude
Date: Wed Oct 30 02:24:45 MST 2002

Re: the Horse attacks. This is just another rewite of the same old fundie lie. British Media & fundie machine whipped this up first in 1988 The CCLF fully documented this lie/scare and has had its research posted on the web for 'years' at (url deleted) Check this out on their site links page. This is just a sub-division of the SRAM situation.

UKPAGAN is mentioning this Horse Attack story in their forums and CHU have had some 'common-sense' imput here. Surf: http: // on=viewtopic&topic=3703&start=20

Name: Tobias
Date: Thu Oct 31 09:20:54 MST 2002

The horse attack thing is a dead ringer for the SRAM. Just swop the words Animal for Child and NSPCC for RSPCA (or scots equivilent ) & you have the same hysteria that created SRAM. I remember CCLF took the RSPCA to task years ago for this fiasco. They and CHU have the means to counter such scares - so better leave it to the professianals me thinks. They have ALL the previous data to draw upon!

Name: Gertrude
Date: Sun Nov 3 11:56:47 MST 2002

Quote Septimus: "Jerusalems mental institutions are full of chritian fundies". I bet they are but you don't need to look that far for them - try the 'House of Parliament!' This lot make biased rules to suit their own monotheistic credo (which they call a 'Family' credo - oh ha ha) too - know what I mean? Like why is it in the UK that the law states that religious education should be mainly 'Christian' Biased? This is 'cos the fundies in power set out the rules to please themselves!

Sadly, Evangelists rule in Religious Education classes & you can either take your kids out of RE (risking alienation) of your child or let them attend and get possibly evangelised. Some choice eh - thanks to fundies who make the laws/rules to suit THEIR own doctrine!

Name: Seraphim
Web Site: Better than yours LITTLE man
Date: Tue Nov 5 11:41:56 MST 2002

The thing is, as an ex-witch (who realised what (deleted) I was learning) the site was only ever a joke.....much like yours is. In fact you and 'Shyster' remind me of the many reasons I gave up this fake faith. Anyway whiny boy, just to make you happy I have removed the entire website, though I do not promise I won't do something bigger and better in the future. Remember as an ex-witch ('traditional' allegedly) I know where all the weak spots are.......'Terrorist'?


Name: Seraphim
Web Site: Well it WAS the Witchfinder Army
Date: Tue Nov 5 11:36:17 MST 2002

I read your little rant about my old website. How funny it was that you drew attention to my link to the reach out trust, but not my links to SAFF and the Pagan Federation. That your 'article' was 50% fabrication 20% half researched (deleted) 15% illiterate (deleted) was quite amusing. Also Shyster is as big a liar as you are...but feel free to carry on

Name: Seraphim
Web Site: None in development
Date: Tue Nov 5 11:49:25 MST 2002

You know? I was gonna stop there cos I'd had my fun but the hell with it. You took ALL of 'Shyster's' spite and self-praise and printed it without ONCE checking my SPOOF site to see if it was true or not. You really are a worthless site full of half-truths and slander. I wouldn't mind if you'd actually SEEN my site before attacking it...but I should be used to witches I guess, anything to avoid real work or investigation. And for your reference I am not now, nor have I ever been a Christian.

But of course you, like all witches and pagans are only interested in your own persecution complexes, looking for enemies where there are none and assigning them as Christians just to fit into your narrow stereotypes. pagan fundamentalists are ever worse than Christian ones because when you are cleared of attacking them they just claim that the attack was a 'psychic' one. I look forward to your next lies (sorry articles) PAN

Name: Gertrude
Date: Wed Nov 6 15:36:52 MST 2002

Gosh, help! Pagans everywhere must be terrified of the great anti-wiccan campaigner 'Seraphim.' We must however thank him for proving EXACTLY what CHU has stated on this site about such fanatical zealots as him. Does this poor soul need serious therapy? You tell me!

Name: Sunbush
From: UK

Date: Thu Nov 7 05:11:59 MST 2002 What is this Seraphim's problem? Does he hate pagans because of the proscriptions contained in the Canons (i.e. Humane Vitaie) or because he has tried it and found it to be inapplicable to him? I would just like to know if he can answer this particular point!

Name: mike jones
From: uk
Referred By: google
Date: Fri Nov 29 14:25:35 MST 2002

it is a intersting eduacational website

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