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Since  1995  till  new  in  Eilat  Israel  operated  more  than  15  casino  ships .
This  is  a  list  of  all  ships  wich  operated before 2002  .Page  dedicated  to  all 
casino  dealers  and crew   wich   used  to  work on board of this casino ships. 
Casino Royal . m/v Atlantic X . St Vincent Flag
   The ship was buid in Germany , twin engines , 3 passenger decks , 2 casino floors
   1 deck for slots . The vesel converted to casino in U.S. and operated in Key West
   Florida till 1995 wen accidentaly sink in the port . After repairs was solded to israeli
   owners wich operated the ship as Casino Atlatic X till 1996 .Bancroupted in oct 1996
    was rented in 1997 , oct.'97- aug '99 was not operated . In 1999 Casino Royal buy the
   ship and operated till 11 sept 2002 wen the ship was closed by police.( tax evation
   from TV source) .The ship is in Port of Eilat .
Casino royal pictures  
  Sun jo 1 . Panamian Flag.
  Ship  details: build at VIGO SHIPYARDS ( Spain ) , lenght 62.8 m ,beam 12.5m, draft 3.1 .
  Was one of the best casino ships in Eilat. Started in 1996 since 2000  he went only once in
bancroupcy and he stop just for dry dock.  Luxury interior , 3 casinos , slot area , sun deck,
entertainment area , swiming pool ( Sun Jo 1 dealers used to say :"cool by the pool" ).
   The ship used to be the main casino atraction in Eilat , he sailed 2-3 times per day 4 our
sail.  During the winter season in 2000 the ship owner decided to take to ship to dry dock
in Romania wer he extend the main casino (main deck ,stern side on the picture), and he took
the ship to Carribean Sea to start a new casino operation in Miami. United States Coast
Guard decided that the ship  was unable to sail in U.S. waters becose of the old design of the
ship acording to safety regulations  and the ship finaly end up in Bahamas for sale!!!

        Sun Jo 1 Website    
To wiew the catalog for the ship click here!!  for sale 6.500.000$
Golubaya Strela  , ucrainean flag
Westamarin Sea cat buid in 1990 in Norway this 4o meters waterjet propulsion catamaran
was the most modern casino ship togeter with Kramskaya Strela  sistership. Originaly start
in 1995 as casino Strela , in spring 1996 taken over by Casino Royal till winter , retourn to
Eilat in 1998 as Casino Mirage. One main casino on the lower floor and slot or dining area
on upper deck. MTU engines , cruising speed 35 knots,
Kramskaya Strela  ,ucrainean ship
Same tehnical details as Golubaya strela and same ship owner Yalta Port Ucraine ,
he was in charter in 1997 for Casino Royal for one year and back in 1999 he was
in charter for Casino Le Baron .He end badly in 2000 with unpayd wages for casino
staff and bad reputation. "Srela" type Casino Ships are a legend togeter with Sun Jo
casino ship.  At the moment are sailing as passenger ships betwen ports at black sea.
If anyone work in casino Le Baron please e mail me.
Montana 1 panamian flag
The first casino ship in Eilat in 1990( not confirmated source) he was
registred before as Gally. He heave many owners but always he keep
the name Casino Montana . Redecorated in 1997 after a fire , Caterpilar
Engines. 4 decks: casino (on pic), sun deck converted to entertainment
and dining , and 2 decks for acomodation of the crew, large gally, staff
room, office. In march 2003 durring a strong south wind storm , high
wawes , the ship drifted to the dekel beach one mile north of port of Eilat
and sink. No casualties , the 4 crew saved .
Monte Carlo  , Turkish flag
Former military patrol boat converted to private yacht in Turkey
was in Eilat in 1995-1996 . The only casino operated in jan.-apr.1996
he went off charter after casino bancroupcy. one main casino ,
sun deck, large cabins for crew , 3 engines.Luxury interior , master
suite on board. Ship retourn to Turkey in summer 1996.
John B.   Belize flag
Originaly build as private or chater yach for israeli owners
at romanian shipyard Oltenita in Romania 1n 1995 this 26
meters yacht was know as casinos : Princess,Private, Genesis.
Bad management and reputation brought the ship to
bancroupcy in 2000 since then he is in  Eilat marina .Caterpilar
engines, main deck with 5 casino tables, sun deck converted
to casino 4-5 tables or slots, 8 cabins for crew.Good
technical maintenance, romanian crew before.
Vegas Casino - M/V Aist ucrainean flag.
Passanger ship converted to casino in
1999 bancroupted in 2000. New in Eilat
Marina. 5-6 tables, slots, sun deck, staff
room (low deck).
You can Wiew
John B. and Aist
on Eilat Marina
Royal princess .
Was operated only from nov 1998 till aug 1999. rented by casino Royal .
  The ship is located new in Eilat Marina .
               ship    picture
               not  aviable
Moldova Ucrainean Ship.
Exactly the same russian design like Aist  the ship was
larger. main casino, sun deck, dinning room .
the ship oerated from 1995 till 1996 wen sunk on Tiran
Straits Egypt on the way to the home port ..After ship recovery
by egyptians , the ship was for sale on Port Suez .
             Monte Carlo
           Symphony Line
              1997- 1999
              ship picture
               not aviable
             at the moment
Monte Carlo , Panama flag
Passanger ferry converted to casino ship.127 m length .
2 casinos, large sun decks, entertainment area, bars, 3 deck
accomodation for crew over 100 dealers!!! car deck used by crew
to play sport games :). Operated from 1997 till 1998 wen
bancroupted. Saled to cover the port taxes in summer 1999.
Sorry photos not aviable at the moment.
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