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CHPN has been the sole information provider for the past 20 years for La Loche, SK. We provide great music, community happenings and the best in DENE Langauge. CHPN has been run and operated by the Northern Village of La Loche and it's board of director are the Mayor & Council. We are also an affiliate radio station of MBC and also a member of the Saskatchewan Association of Aboriginal Broadcasters (SAAB)
Our programming is geared towards language and culture for all age groups in La Loche. We operate from 9:00am - 5:00pm each day. Some of the daily shows we provide are TRADIO - Radio classifieds, JOB TREK - Job postings, NEWS - both in DENE and English. The Dene Word of the day - (hina sen he lu) sela. Of course everyone's favorite is the request show done by THE BEAR in morning and Lori Twofeathers in the Afternoon. We also have other organizations do shows on a weekly basis, such as the DUCHARME radio show and The STUDENT DENE COUNCIL show every friday night at 8:00pm. We also provide play by play action at Laker playoff games and local hockey tournaments, move over Don Cherry and Ron Mclean.
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If you require more infomation regards to the daily operations of CHPN Broadcasting you can contact the station manager Teddy Clark at 822-2288. For all your requests you can call the CHPN request line at 822-2300 or even toll-free at 1-866-514-4584
e-mail [email protected] We also forgot to mention that we are the bingo capitol of the north and run T.V. and radio bingo every weekday at 6:30pm on our local CH.8 and 89.9FM. We Broadcast from the Robbie Fontaine Memorial Arena on Montgrand St. For all you native artists out there, please feel free to share your music with us. Mail it to CHPN Radio
                                       Box 610
                                       La Loche, SK

Thanks for your time, Merci Cho. Please feel free to contact our mother station
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