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  Choral Scores Download


Choral Scores Download  is a web directory that provides A to Z listings with links to 63 of the web's top score sources. The listings show the titles in alphabetical order. Downloading a score is very easy: you just click on the score title to start the download.

The format abbeviations PDF and ENC specify the format of the original score file offered for download:

    PDF - Adobe Acrobat Reader (plug-in)
    ENC - GVOX Encore (music notation program)

In order to view and print a score file, you will need to have installed in your PC the right software that processes it, as shown above. The vast majority of the scores - 92% of them - are available in .PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) format, and 8% in .ENC (Gvox Encore) format.

Most modern PC's come with an Acrobat Reader already installed.
However, if you do not have Acrobat Reader, Download a FREE copy from the Adobe Website.

To install GVOX Encore, you can download a demo copy at Encore 4.5.5 Win Demo which is offered with the Save and Print functions disabled. However, at http://www.arci.com.br/download_free/downloads.htm you can download Encore45.exe - 2.98MB, a free copy for Windows XP, ME or 2000, which allows viewing and printing Encore scores.

Sometimes a score file is offered for download compressed in the .ZIP format. Therefore, after the download is completed, you have to unzip it to retrieve the file in the PDF or ENC original format.


To the best of our knowledge, all the files published on this site are on public domain or otherwise have obtained proper authorization from the owner to publish them. It is not our intention to violate any copyrights therefore, should you discover that any file in this site relates to copyrighted or unauthorized material, please inform us and we'll remove it at once.





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