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Batmon: a battery monitor for Palm OS devices

Batmon is an application which shows the battery status of Palm OS devices.

main form of batmon



There are many programs which monitor the battery status of Palm OS devices. But many of them have rich functions, or they need HackMaster or DA launcher. I wanna simple one. So decided to make myself another one which meets my needs.


System requirements

PalmOS 3.0 or greater.


I tested on the following devices.

And I tested on various debug ROMs with POSE, tortured with various Gremlin Hordes.

I've got reports that Batmon also works fine with the following devices:

I'd be happy to receive your reports.

Batmon doesn't work correctly with Handspring Treo. One of the standard PalmOS API Batmon uses is broken on Treo's OS.

I've got several reports that PalmOS dot shortcut command, which is not batmon's function, won't work properly with newer Handspring's PalmOS 3.5.2H? devices (Visor Neo, Visor Pro, Visor Platinum). It seems Handspring's OS is broken.

If one issue dot shortcut command on Samsung i330 Smartphone, The weird info is shown.


If you agree with the notice and disclaimer which described later of this page, you can download Batmon from here.

MD5 ( = 4fe8710a8609ee2f4d71590899cba04d
Version: GnuPG v1.0.7 (NetBSD)


Mailing list

Mailing list for announcement of updates, new release of Batmon. To join, just send an empty message to [email protected] .






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Comments, suggestions and donations are welcome.

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