Scientific name: Rhododendron forrestii
Local name:
Taungzalatt, Chokhlei
English: Rhododendron

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Rhododendrons "Chokhlei" are evergreen creeping to mounding dwarf shrub, erect, growing up 80 ft. high. They have large, paddle-shaped leaves and large, bell- or funnel-shaped flowers borne in terminal trusses. The flowers are in red sometimes white or combinations color, tubular companulate, scarlet to crimson, and fleshy.

There are several species of Rhododendron, but the species which is found in Chin Hills is R. forrestii introduced by the Scottish plant collector and explorer George Forrest during his expedition in Yunan. These species of Rhododendron are distributed from China and northern Burma up to India (Arunachal Pradesh).

No further studies have been made regarding this species. Rhododendrons are endemic in Chin Hills.


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