Vegeta sleeping in space pod in Saiyan Saga
Vegeta doing the Final Flash on Recoome
Piccolo firing a Makankosappo against Raditz
Piccolo angry at Raditz
Vegeta grimacing as Krillin sings a song in Movie 8
Vegeta turning his back on Paragas
Chibi Vegeta in Freeza's ship
Vegeta looking disdainfully at Android 13 in Movie 7
mini wallpaper image of 7 Dragon Balls
Vegeta clenching a fist asserting that he is the Prince of the Saiya-jin
Piccolo powering up before the fight with Android 17
Vegeta just emerged from the Room of Spirit and Time
Super Vegeta taunts Nonperfect Cell
Dragonball Z Logo
Another DBZ Logo
Vegeta collage
the Four Galaxies
Vegeta's Gallic Gun and Final Flash
Gohan powers up and blows Garlic Jr away in Movie 1
Goku and Vegeta in their normal states
Vegeta screaming with mouth wide open as he powers up before Goku in Saiyan Saga
Super Saiyan Gogeta
Planet Namek blows up
SSJ Vegeta fires a Big Bang Attack at Android 18
SSJ Vegeta fires a Big Bang Attack at Android 18 (Part 2)
Future Trunks goes SSJ in an attempt to prevent activation of Android 16
SSJ Trunks prepares a blast
Goku's Kamehameha vs Vegeta's Gallic Gun
Gohan powers up before fighting a weakened Vegeta in Saiyan Saga
Piccolo image from PSX DBZ Legends manual
Piccolo grimacing after a failed blast at Raditz
Piccolo preparing to fire a Gekiro at Cell
Piccolo preparing to fire a Gekiro at Cell (after a rotation about the y-axis)
Piccolo resents King Kai's training methods
Chibi Vegeta appears to Goku in a dreamlike vision while he is fighting Freeza
I am Super Vegeta!
Majin Vegeta blowing himself up
Super Vegeta emerges from the rubble to save Trunks in Movie 9
Vegeta smirks evilly as he thinks about immortality on Namek
Vegeta blasts away Jeice
Vegeta deflects Zarbon's blast
Vegeta powers up before fighting Goku
Vegeta fires his Gallic Gun at Goku
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