Coaches’ Corner  Idea Bank Form

Coach to coach -- sharing ideas that help kids



  COACHES’ CORNER is developing a database of ideas coaches and teachers across the

  USA  are using that have worked well with students.  Please use this form to share one of  

  your ideas that you think other coaches/teachers might be interested in knowing about.



If you don’t have enough space here, please write on the back or on another sheet.


1.  What is your idea?



2.  What are you trying to accomplish with this idea?




3.  What are you doing and how are you doing it?  (Please continue on the back.)





4.  How is it benefiting your students?




5.  Any drawbacks/cautions other coaches should be aware of?



6.  Any special materials or resources required?


7.  For more information, contact:

           Your Name (please print): __________________________________________________



           City, State & Zip__________________________________________________________

           School Phone_____________________ Home Phone_____________________________


8.  Please list key words you think a coach might use to search for your idea in the database.



Please e-mail your success stories to [email protected] or mail your completed form to:



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