The Third Aett

The third aett is ultimately the aett of divinity, ruled by Tyr,
the chief god of order and justice, and the Harvest Goddess 
Zisa, who is honored on September 28. In this third and final 
aett, humankind either becomes divine or descends into the 
recesses of destruction known as Ragnarok. This means that 
within every pattern lies the seeds of its successful cul-
tivation or total destruction, depending on the choices made 
and the paths taken. Evergy is always polarizing, constantly 
changing while trying to remain the same. It is out of this 
fluctuating environment that patterns are conceived, 
planned, and enacted.

 The first aett illustrates the energies of creation, while 
the second aett denotes the basic forces and polarities that 
affect physical and energetic patterns. The third aett embodies 
the gods and goddesses as divine teachers, for it is they who 
ultimately teach humans to master the energies and elements of 
Oneness. In doing so, humankind becomes divine. This birthright, 
the gaining of complete wisdom and mastery, is what Odin's quest-
and the runes-are all about.

 Following Odin's runic path, the first rune of the third aett is 
Tiwaz. The T-rune is known as the rune of Tyr, god of law, justice, 
and war, energies that comprise the masculine polarity. In contrast, 
the second rune in the third aett, Berkana, represented the Mother 
Goddess, who possessed the traits of beauty, birth, and nurturing. 
The third rune, Eihwaz, represented the Vanir and the dual polarities 
of nature. The fourth rune, Mannaz, represented the human energies 
associated with the Aesir.

 At this point the runic journey centers on the elements, beginning 
first with Laguz, the water rune, symbolizing the water of life that 
flows as pure energy. The sixth rune of the third aett is Ingwaz, the 
ancient name for the Earth God, signifying mastery over the element 
of earth, with its inherent form and structure. The next rune, Dagaz, 
which is where the word "day" comes from, relates to the element of 
fire and, as consequence, the idea of light and its connection with 
complete wisdom. The last rune of the third aett, Othala, named in 
honor of Odin, is the rune of completion and Oneness, where everything 
comes together.

 The element associated with the Othala rune, and with Odin, is air. 
In many spiritual traditions mastery over the element of air denoted 
mastery over all elements, thus making them one coherent energy that 
is aligned with your energy. This alignment or synchronization was 
characterized by the "Orlog." The underlying concept suggested that 
upon taking the runic journey and merging with its wisdom, in all its 
wonder, you could become one with Odin. Even Oneness ultimately gains 
its name from Odin, in the form of "Wooden-ness," meaning the infinite 
whole brought together as One.









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