LG washing machine drum Cleaning

Over time, any washing machine gets dirty, and LG is no exception. The heating element becomes covered with deposits: mineral salts from the water, lint, detergent residue and other small debris. Plaque forms on the inner surface of the drum. If you do not wipe the rubber cuff, mould will appear on it.

Another serious enemy is bacteria, which appears because, during frequent washing, moisture does not have time to evaporate from the tank, drain pipe, pump, or drain hose. Bacteria, in turn, contribute to the appearance of an unpleasant rotten odour. This causes discomfort and degrades the quality of the wash. To prevent these problems, it is necessary to follow the operating rules and clean the washing machine promptly.

But if you own an LG washing machine, know that it has a special automatic cleaning mode. We'll talk about it now.

What is the Drum Clean mode?

The drum cleaning program on LG washing machines is similar to a regular wash at 60 degrees. But there are also features:

The duration of the mode is about 1.5 hours.

During the drum cleaning program, residual powder, lint and other small debris are washed out of the washing machine, which prevents the occurrence of unpleasant odours in the future.

Instructions on how to enable drum cleaning mode.

Automatic drum cleaning starts in the LG washing machine without any laundry or detergents. Depending on the machine model, there are three options for enabling the function:

To clean the drum in an LG washing machine as efficiently as possible, the instructions suggest using a special anti-limescale agent. It must be added directly to the drum.

After cleaning is completed, you will hear a corresponding signal, similar to the end of washing. Turn off the machine in the usual way, and open the hatch door to evaporate any remaining moisture. You can additionally wipe the rubber cuff dry with a paper towel or cloth. If necessary, disconnect the SMA from the power supply by unplugging the plug from the socket.

Detailed step-by-step instructions for the “Drum Cleaning” function can be found in the instruction manual for your LG. If you don't have a paper version, you can find it on the manufacturer's website or simply on the Internet.

Of course, you decide when and how to clean your LG washing machine. But we would advise using the cleaning mode and doing it regularly. It is not necessary to wait until the thirtieth wash is completed and the tcL error appears on the display. Do you feel that the machine is dirty and there is an unpleasant smell? Launch this feature without hesitation.

Timely cleaning of the LG washing machine drum will provide reliable protection against several unpleasant surprises:

If for some reason you cannot turn on the “Drum Cleaning” mode in your LG washing machine or it does not start correctly, you can always consult the comments to this article. If there are obvious signs of a malfunction, it is better to immediately call a technician from the LG washing machine service center to your home for a full diagnosis and, if necessary, repairs.