A few good reasons why Andromeda is Marked for Death

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Voume 1, 2002

Surfers enjoy the deep waters of the Strait of South China, ancient HQ of Atlantis

SPRING, 2003

ALDEBARAN (Michael)ANTARES (Ariel, female?)
REGULES (Raphael)FOMALHAUT (Gabriel, their leader)

In 1995 a sun like ours, almost an identical twin, was discovered in Pegasus -- nearby this sun, thousands of nano-stars, divorced from this companion sun, are currently moving towards the Earth, like angry bees toward a hive.

Poseidon and Pegasus have returned.

Goodbye Andromeda ... sooooo long! Take the swarm away with you, and don't forget to turn out the lights!


Most galaxies are moving AWAY from each other in space. However, the ANDROMEDA GALAXY [aka M-31] is moving towards our Galaxy at 190 miles/second. At its center is a tiny black hole disk that has sucked out the juice and star "blood plasma" of over 30 million suns just like our own. Now ANDROMEDA (the "Bloated Goddess", in some Buddhist cults) is headed for us and our sun! Andromeda is approaching at a 77.5 degree "tilt" from our line of sight. She is askew.

Here is Galaxy M110, already cannibalized and "blown out" into a worthless supernova, by Andromeda, as she turns her hunger towards us and heads our way [our Milky Way Galaxy]!

A CLOSEUP here of M110 going supernova after all the cosmic matter has been literally SUCKED OUT of it by Andromeda's black holes

Here are the "Rat Tail" Antennae galaxies [NGC4038/39], being sucked up by a black hole space tick identical to Andromeda!

Here is a CLOSE-UP!

next feature story "Close-Up of a BREAK UP !! ------>>>>>



--- go on a LAST hot date to their "place," MacDonalds on the moon [Dactyl], and then will never be seen again after a wrenching and irreconcilable BREAK UP! [breaking up is hard to do]


THE "SOUTHERN STAR" guiding us through the SOUTHERN CROSS!!

The father of Pegasus was Poseidon, the God of the Sea.

Cassiopia hangs upside down like a bat due to Perseus's humiliating revenge against her, his own sweet mother-in-law. Cassiopia is still burning up over her daughter Andromeda's disobedience to her! No respect for motherhood!

Recent astro-archaeological evidence has affirmed that Pegasus is the White Sea Horse of the BOOK OF REVELATIONS, in addition to being the legendary hippocampus of memory [Aisling]. The pineal gland plays a nearly mystical role in this time wormhole.

Revelation 19:11-21

"I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True ... and I saw an angel standing in the sun ... he had deluded those who had received the mark of the beast [666]."

EDMUND HALLEY placed the constellation ARGO NAVIS in the sector of CANOPUS, in the southern celestial hemisphere, only as far back [i.e., recently] as 1679. Maybe Halley was under the influence of radiological intoxication from the Comet named after him, when he made this designation! Putting Jason and the Ergotnauts [argonauts] into this constellation seems deliriously miscalculated!

Let's have a look at a stellar cast!!

The NEW YORK TIMES recently displayed a photo of galaxy


with the caption,


We say RATS to that and don't give the caption any more credibility than


Perhaps it was a simple minded New York Times typographical screw up, a result of too many nitrates in their cafeteria food, or smelly ammonia residue in their Haber dried fish sticks ... what they meant to say, as poignantly as they could REVEAL was



It's okay then; we understand your proclivities to err "NYT".

Sssssoooooooooooooo Looooooooonnnnnngggggg.

Andromeda in her "neck" of the woods!! Princess of Intrigue, and "part Ethiopian"

Andromeda attending to her mother and her supper... She certainly LOVES the color red and takes after her dear father, husband of Cassiopia. What was his name? Can anyone at all remember????? Was it Tycho??

Cicero, De natura deorum, II.110, trans. of Phenomena
by Aratos
of Soli (ca. 220 B.C.):

Cassiopeia with her obscure stars,
And next to her roams a bright shape, the sad
Andromeda, shunning her mother's sight.
The belly of the Horse touches her head,
Proudly he tosses high his glittering mane;
One common star holds their twin shapes joined
And constellations linked dissolubly.

Beautiful stars of M15


Cluster M15

M15 is in PEGASUS!!

alpha carine ---

1987A and the

three Magi stars [lower right?]

Dirty Rings of 1987A .... don't worry ...

the Magi will protect us

The DOVES of Columba !! The Pleiades are 7 sisters who transformed into doves to escape being raped by conquering soldiers!

Here are the "Sisters" as portrayed in the VOYNICH MANUSCRIPT

Who is the new friend "Lady in Blue''!

the Magi will protect us


from http://www.csis.org.uk/Articles/Papers/Paper7/paper7.htm

The curious terminology in Matthew 2:9 that the star of Bethlehem 'stood over' Bethlehem will now be considered. Phrases such as 'stood over' and 'hung over' appear to be uniquely applied in ancient literature to describe a comet, and I can find no record of such phrases being used to describe any other astronomical object. The historians Dio Cassius and Josephus were broadly contemporary with the author of Matthew's gospel. Dio Cassius when describing the comet of 12 BC

(Halley's comet)

which appeared before the death of Marcus Agrippa wrote 'the star called comet stood for several days over the city [Rome]'. Josephus states 'a star, resembling a sword, stood over the city [Jerusalem]', probably referring to the comet of AD 64 mentioned by Tacitus, comets frequently being described as 'swords' in ancient literature because of their upward tails (in a direction away from the sun). Marcellinus describing a comet of AD 390 writes 'a sign appeared in the sky hanging like a column and blazing for 30 days'.

Celestial objects (including comets) appear to move across the night sky because of the rotation of the earth. In addition, comets move against the backdrop of stars. What did Dio Cassius and Josephus mean when they referred to comets 'standing over' Rome and Jerusalem, respectively?

At the time of Christ the prevailing theory of comets was due to Aristotle who had proposed that comets were sub-lunar objects located in the upper atmosphere. This theory was consistent with the Aristotelian model of comets lying below the 'heavenly spheres' containing the Sun, Moon, planets and fixed stars, and presumably it also appeared to be consistent with visual observations of bright comets which often seem to be close to the Earth. Hence a comet is probably the only astronomical object to appear to be sufficiently low lying to be capable of satisfying the descriptions in Dio Cassius, Josephus and Matthew of a star standing over a particular town or city for part of the night. In addition, the upward tail of the comet would appear to point the head of the comet towards the city. Hence we interpret Matthew's description of a star 'standing over' the place where Jesus was born as meaning that

when the Magi left Herod and headed towards Bethlehem, as he had suggested, they looked up and saw the comet in front of them, with a near vertical tail, the head of the comet appearing to stand over Bethlehem. The use of the characteristic term 'stood over' by Dio Cassius and Josephus to describe a comet

would seem to leave little doubt that when Matthew uses the term 'stood over' he is also describing a comet. Thus a comet uniquely fits the description in Matthew that the star was new, it travelled slowly through the star field from the east to the south, it went ahead of the Magi, and 'stood over' Bethlehem, the place where the child was. The identification of a comet with the star of Bethlehem goes back to Origen in the third century, and this is the earliest known theory for the star. Origen stated:

The star that was seen in the East we consider to be a new star...partaking of the nature of those celestial bodies which appear at times such as comets. . . If then at the commencement of new dynasties or on the occasion of other important events there arises a comet. . .why should it be a matter of wonder that at the birth of Him who was to introduce a new doctrine. . .a star should have arisen? In about AD 1303, Giotto painted a comet above the head of the infant Jesus in a fresco in the Arena Chapel in Padua, presumably using as a model the AD 1301 appearance of

Halley's comet.

The Three Signs in the Sky

Why should this particular comet have caused the Magi to make their journey? It is suggested that a combination of three astronomical events was involved: the

triple conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in 7 BC, the massing of three planets in 6 BC and finally the appearance of the comet

in Capricornus in 5 BC. The eighth century AD astrological world history 'On Conjunctions, Religions and Peoples' by Masha'allah was based on an earlier Babylonian theory that important religious and political changes are predicted by conjunctions of the planets Saturn and Jupiter. Thus Masha'allah used Iranian astronomical computations to claim that

the flood,

the birth of Christ and the birth of Muhammad were all predicted by conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter in the appropriate astrological circumstances. Rosenberg, following the medieval Jewish writer Abarbanal, has explained how in

Magian astrology

the planet Saturn represented the divine Father and Jupiter was his son. The constellation Pisces was astrologically associated with Israel. Thus it is suggested that the astrological message of the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Pisces in 7 BC was this: a Messiah-king will be born in Israel. The fact that the conjunction happened three times in 7 BC (in May, October and December) probably served to reinforce this message. In addition, Abarbanal in 1497 claimed that there was a

conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Pisces in 1396 BC, three years before his assumed date of the birth of Moses.

Thus it is suggested that the 7 BC triple conjunction alerted the Magi to the coming of another Moses who would deliver his people: the Messiah.

Shortly after the triple conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in 7 BC, Mars joined Jupiter and Saturn in the sky so that in February 6 BC the three planets (still in Pisces) were separated by only about eight degrees. There is a tradition that the massing of these three planets preceded the birth of Christ. In 1465 Jakob von Speyer, the Court Astronomer for Prince Frederic d'Urbino, asked Regiomontanus 'Given that the appearance of Christ is regarded as a consequence of the Grand Conjunction of the three superior planets, find the year of his birth', a question that Regiomontanus was unable to answer.

Hey look! Some


is approaching!

Some scientists claim that VEGA, the Vulture constellation, as it rises, "launches" the ARGO NAVIS ship, piloted by Canopus, (who first piloted such ships long before Jason was born). If Halley placed this great ship of the Flood Era in this star neighborhood, he must have had some vague [vega] reason! Maybe Halley wanted to explain, in addition, why only one woman, Atalanta, was also the only woman (Medea didn't count), who accompanied Jason and his 49ers in his legendary piloting of a great ship. What did Atalanta supply to the men on the journey?? Was she a nurse? Was it a medicinal beverage? Or a jolt that could make the dead awaken?

Boxed in???

You bet!! But help is coming.

Here is a diagram of Pegasus with the legs going LEFT [not going right]. That's because this view is seen from the Northern Celestial Hemisphere -- see previous illustration further above, for legs going right --- from a different angle!! Cassiopia appears like an M in Spring in the northern skies, and like a W in the Fall. Is she ever bottoms up in the southern hemisphere?? She is not truly "bipolar" in personality -- she is a real "circumpolar" (not to be confused with circumspect)

Gliese 86

Only 30 parsecs away. Near Eridani. NEVER confuse this RIVER constellation in Virgo in the southern celestial hemisphere with the stars of Gliese 876 in Aquarius, which is NOT in the Great Square of Pegasus!!!


"the end of the celestial river" which starts in the foot of Orion. Achernar is best seen from the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE, just west of the bright star CANOPUS

Carina, seen only in the southern celestial sphere, contains alpha Carinae, also known as CANOPUS, or once called the STAR OF OSIRIS. It is the second brightest star in the heavens, after Sirius, and is 35x the diameter of our sun. It also aligns closely by longitude with Sirius.

POSIDONIUS, of Alexandria, around 250 BC, used CANOPUS exhaustively in his attempt to measure a DEGREE on the EARTH'S SURFACE. Canopus is used today, de rigeur, by NASA, as a marker for setting space-flight coordinates in the ABYSS of space.

ALL NASA spacecraft carry "CANOPUS STAR TRACKER" devices for navigational rectitude in their computations.

The North Pole is used only by Santa Claus and his bearded dwarves for navigation.

Paradoxically, for its size and brilliance, Canopus is a cold binary white star.

Would travelers from there be called "Argon-nauts"?

Gliese 876

--- is a dim star only one-third the size of our sun and 15 light years away. Located in Aquarius and lies very SE away from the Great Square of Pegasus

DO NOT CONFUSE THIS star Gl-186, with Gl-86 !!


Here the cast of current players in the battle depicted in REVELATION:

51 Pegasi B (aka Peg 51), almost an identical twin of our sun
NGC 1987A [watch out!]
Eridani [hip hip horaay!]
Achernar [ditto]
16 Cygni B
Galaxy M104n [our friend]
Galaxy M87 [another friend]
Linear S4 [yet another friend]
Constellation Aquarius
Constellation Virgo
Gliese 86 [like a mother to us]
Gliese 876
bad bad galaxy M81
Monoceros [the family pet]
bad bad Andromeda [M31 is outta here!]
Reticulum [not to be confused with Rectum] & Mensa [don't let the UFO websites fake you out on this Mensa trivial pursuit of computerized "intelligence"]


HD 75289

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