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I picture several different people as one character, as well as the same actor (such as Burt Lancaster *drool*) for a few different characters.  So what I've done is made up a "Timeless Cast" of characters ranging from the 1950's to 2000.  Each group of cast members below is catagorized by decade, but when you flip the "Timeless" switch on, suddenly, it doesn't really matter who I put together and whether or not they are from the same era.

Before anyone says "Just wait a second, you so-called Trixie fan, Trixie Belden has BLONDE hair.  You can't cast half of your Trixie choices because they have RED hair!"  Well, I have 2 answers for that.  First of all, I've always pictured Trixie as a strawberry blonde even though the books say she has blonde hair.  The picture on the cover of the ovals always reminded me of a certain 80's actress and so, she is the one I've always pictured as a choice for Trixie.  Second answer is that there is such a thing as hair dye...

This casting page is far from finished.  I collect snapshots of these stars online as I go.

These are my choices.  There are LOTS of pictures, so give the page time to load.  :)

hee hee!

More will be added as time goes on.  :)

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