To have sex for the first time hits different. So it doesn't matter whether you are doing it with your partner or with a Connaught Place Escorts.

The nature of sex builds orgasm, a sense of pleasure in both males and females. First-time sex feels like something is creating an immense sense of pleasure all over the body.

Precautions you should keep in your mind while having sex with escorts Use of condoms is mandatory, whether you are doing it with CP Escorts.

I want to share my friend's experience that how she felt when she had sex with a male escort. She hired an escort for one hour and in beginning, she was nervous and bracing herself for doing some wrong stuff but the way the escort treated her made her happy from head to toe. He took permission for everything and the environment and seducing skills made her feel comfortable. The core skill of the escorts is they know how to make clients comfortable by giving relevant sexual desires. The major benefit of having sex with an escort is that he or she will help you in performing everything right as you are inexperienced.


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